Don’t Worry, Be Mindful


Truly worrying doesn’t solve problems or make anything better. It may make you feel like you’re doing something by fretting over it, but that’s just an illusion.

So success minded people may start to worry but catch themselves and make a different choice. You can surrender your problem to your higher power 🙏, you can pray about it, write about it 📝, discuss with a trusted friend/mentor, or do nothing for now.

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How I Push the Reset Button

You are not alone but I understand it feels that way right now. Please pause and press reset on yourself. You can only do so much, you are awesome but you are not a machine, you are a human being not a human doing.

-I stop doing anything for as long as I need to, for my nervous system to calm down.
-I take a bath (I’m in one now actually 😛) and focus on something I enjoy, something positive (hence me writing this post).
-I check in with myself and ask what do I need right now without judgement? Then I honor my needs. Whether it’s food, a nap, a cry, a healthy distraction, alone time, whatever.

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The Cycle of Codependency


The term Codependent gets way overused, often shaming people for it. The TRUTH is most of us as some point in our lives exhibited codependent behaviors. AND THATS OK. The pain and suffering that comes with codependency, propels many of us (me included) in action and behavior change.

Truly society, marketing campaigns, movies, and romance novels all fuck with our brains. That awful line “you complete me,” or “I’m so much better with you than alone.” 🙄😱😱😱😱😱I bought into that BS too. It’s not healthy and takes us further away from ourselves and self-worth.

No job, no person, no place, no thing completes us or makes us better or happier. It’s a temporary illusion, that keeps the codependency cycle going. I’ll be sharing more on this subject in my IG Stories today.

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Manifest Money


The ProjectME money program “Massive Earnings,” will be a unique approach to help you remove those money 💰 blocks. One major block ☝️☝️☝️is around receiving. So many people have resistance to receiving gifts, help, love, compliments, recognition and therefor money. You may accept that money, gift or compliment but it’s followed with a massive dose of guilt and/or obligation. Which just sends an energetic message that you don’t want to really receive.

I’ll be sharing some of my personal journey around receiving and teaching you how I removed those blocks. I’ll give you a hint, low self-worth is a huge factor 🤔💜

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Learn From My Mistake!





I truly didn’t know this until about 3 years ago. I automatically answered everyone’s questions without much thought, even if I felt uncomfortable. Until one day after I complained to a friend about someone’s nosey questions, she said “you know just cuz they ask, doesn’t require you to answer them.” 😳 It never crossed my mind.

So now if I don’t want to answer someone’s question I don’t. I’m not a bitch about it, I just have a variety of ways to plead the 5th 😝

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Necessary R&R

I use to look down on those who rested or napped unless they had a hard core medical condition. Oh how wrong I was and the Universe humbled my ass. Thanks Adrenal Fatigue stage 3/4.

Now I know regular rest is a crucial part of my success recipe. The key is to rest before you are tired. Much like they tell you to drink water before your thirsty. Once your thirsty, your body is already dehydrated. Once you are tired, you are already worn out!

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You are NOT a Hot Mess

ProjectME with Tiffany Carter



Be mindful of how you refer to yourself and how you allow others to describe you. If it’s critical even though it’s comical, the Universe doesn’t know the difference.

I use to call my self a hot mess all the time and it’s one of the behaviors that kept me stuck. So I’m incredibly mindful of how I describe my self and what I allow others to call me. I use to allow people to call a hot mess as well, which multiplied that validation to the Universe.

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Simple Tricks to Boost Energy!

I’m risking sounding and looking totally cray right now, but I’m telling you it works. I struggle with fatigue from a chronic medical condition, so I’ve found little tricks that give me an energy boost. So I think of an energizing high vibration feeling, in this case, super duper excited, then I make a face and/or gestures that express it (as seen in above pic 😝👆).While I’m doing this, I vision something that would make me feel this way. So it’s a two-fer, manifesting plus an energy boost. Try it!!! Right now!!! If anything it will make you laugh!

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STOP Saying “I’m Sorry”

Instead, replace “I’m sorry” with “whoops” or “pardon me” or “excuse me” or be specific “my apologies for being late.” Versus “I’m sorry for being late (insert BS excuse).” NOOOOO “my bad” is even worse than “I’m sorry” so don’t use that one either!

Now when (not if) you actually do something that warrants an “I’m sorry,” make a short, sweet and genuine amends. You don’t need to keep repeating “I’m sorry” to the person a dozen times. When we go down that road it changes from an empowered apology, to a low self-worth I’m a bad girl or boy apology.

We reinforce low self-worth with multiple behaviors we are unaware of or even aware of all day long. This keeps us stuck. So catch yourself and pause before you blurt out that “I’m sorry.”

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I Love Money, I Value Money, I Respect Money




I love money 💰 I value money 💰 I respect money 💰 Im worthy to receive millions of dollars annually 💰I attract large sums of money into my life constantly with ease and joy 💰

A giant portion of my ProjectME program will be dedicated on guiding you to earn and attract the money you desire in your life. The deeper I get into putting together this program, the more excited 🤗 I get to share with you what I’ve learned and what i’ve proven to work.

Start today with believing you deserve great wealth and that it’s ok to want and love money. It doesn’t make you greedy, gross, selfish, sleazy, etc… it makes you smart, honest, and empowered.
Say it with me, “I LOVE MONEY AND MONEY LOVES ME!” 🤑

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