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Let’s talk about something we all have in common: abundance. We’re all born naturally abundant, no matter where we enter the world. Abundance is our birthright. Just think about a newborn baby; their innocence and the smell of new life radiate pure potential. But as we grow, we absorb so much from our environment, marketing messages, societal pressures, and biases based on race, religion, geography, and economic class.

These influences shape our beliefs about money and success, often leading to a tangled relationship with wealth. It’s a highly sensitive topic, and I’m honored to guide you on this path back to abundance. Whether you’ve faced financial challenges or are just seeking a better mindset, you can reclaim that natural state of abundance. It starts with a choice to be humble and take different actions. I’ve seen it happen for thousands, and it can happen for you too. So, let’s dive in and find that abundance waiting for you.

A 4 part series about how the Money Imprint of the household you grew up in impacts your relationship with money and success as an adult.

This theory of mine has been studied and tested with thousands of clients and students over the past 5 years. What I’ve discovered is the way people were exposed to money and success in their childhood environment fall into one of four categories that I refer to as Childhood Money Imprints:

The Feast or Famine Imprint

The Scarcity Imprint

The Anxiously Abundant Imprint

The Abundance Imprint


If you want to start diving into shifting and healing your money mindset, this is the perfect series that will blow your mind on many levels.

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