Your Scarcity Mindset Could Be From Your Childhood

It would be absolute insanity to think that how you grew up seeing money, experiencing success, material items, and careers doesn’t impact your relationship with money today as an adult. From spoken words to subtle eye rolls, the nuances of our childhood environments shape our financial mindset in ways we may not even realize. Often rooted in a scarcity mindset, this influence profoundly affects our economic behavior and outlook.

We dig into the scarcity imprint in this second installment of our series on childhood money imprints. You don’t need to listen to these in any particular order, but to truly understand where you fit among the four types, you should explore each part. This isn’t about the amount of money you had or your family’s income class; it’s about the energy and relationship to money you inherited. Let me share an example to illustrate why this is crucial. It has taken me five years to prepare this podcast series, starting here.

A 4 part series about how the Money Imprint of the household you grew up in impacts your relationship with money and success as an adult.

This theory of mine has been studied and tested with thousands of clients and students over the past 5 years. What I’ve discovered is the way people were exposed to money and success in their childhood environment fall into one of four categories that I refer to as Childhood Money Imprints:

The Feast or Famine Imprint

The Scarcity Imprint

The Anxiously Abundant Imprint

The Abundance Imprint


If you want to start diving into shifting and healing your money mindset, this is the perfect series that will blow your mind on many levels.

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