Simple Tricks to Boost Energy!

I’m risking sounding and looking totally cray right now, but I’m telling you it works. I struggle with fatigue from a chronic medical condition, so I’ve found little tricks that give me an energy boost. So I think of an energizing high vibration feeling, in this case, super duper excited, then I make a face and/or gestures that express it (as seen in above pic 😝👆).While I’m doing this, I vision something that would make me feel this way. So it’s a two-fer, manifesting plus an energy boost. Try it!!! Right now!!! If anything it will make you laugh!

STOP Saying “I’m Sorry”

Instead, replace “I’m sorry” with “whoops” or “pardon me” or “excuse me” or be specific “my apologies for being late.” Versus “I’m sorry for being late (insert BS excuse).” NOOOOO “my bad” is even worse than “I’m sorry” so don’t use that one either!

Now when (not if) you actually do something that warrants an “I’m sorry,” make a short, sweet and genuine amends. You don’t need to keep repeating “I’m sorry” to the person a dozen times. When we go down that road it changes from an empowered apology, to a low self-worth I’m a bad girl or boy apology.

We reinforce low self-worth with multiple behaviors we are unaware of or even aware of all day long. This keeps us stuck. So catch yourself and pause before you blurt out that “I’m sorry.”

The Time To Travel is NOW

Take that trip, you know the one that’s burned a hole in your heart. Just take it. You can go solo or with friend. Please don’t wait for a boyfriend/girlfriend to take those trips. There will always be more places and adventures you can do with them. So take your finger off the life pause button and go.

I did starting at a young age in my 20s. I just went anyway. Yes I secretly wanted to be there with a romantic guy, but that’s just fantasy land. I was in France, Croatia, Italy, England, Thailand, Brazil, Belize, Bali, Portugal, Greece, and many islands in between. Many were spent traveling with a friend and many I traveled solo.

Now that I have “the guy” we take trips too, but it’s much different than my magical mind set it up to be. So thrilled that I never waited to see the world. I pray you can find the strength to do the same.

I Love Money, I Value Money, I Respect Money




I love money 💰 I value money 💰 I respect money 💰 Im worthy to receive millions of dollars annually 💰I attract large sums of money into my life constantly with ease and joy 💰

A giant portion of my ProjectME program will be dedicated on guiding you to earn and attract the money you desire in your life. The deeper I get into putting together this program, the more excited 🤗 I get to share with you what I’ve learned and what i’ve proven to work.

Start today with believing you deserve great wealth and that it’s ok to want and love money. It doesn’t make you greedy, gross, selfish, sleazy, etc… it makes you smart, honest, and empowered.
Say it with me, “I LOVE MONEY AND MONEY LOVES ME!” 🤑

How I Have Rescued My Self From My Self






Secretly many of us want to rescued from our discomfort. We want to meet that perfect person who will “make us happy.” We want to find that perfect job paying a certain amount of money and then “we will be happy.”

It took me a loooong time and many boyfriends, a couple engagements, and working for many different companies to finally get that chasing something outside my self for happiness, doesn’t work. And boy was I pissed. NOW WHAT?!

After I stopped being mad and depressed that no person, place or thing was going to “make me happy” the real inner work began.

Now I can proudly say, I have rescued my self from my self. This is why I’m giving back by creating ProjectME. I want to guide you into creating your Most Exceptional life. I may not have all the answers but I sure as hell know the way and how to teach you with ease, grace, and heaping spoonful of humor. 🙏💙

The Magic of the Universe is all Around You


The magic of the universe is all around you, but you have to stop and be still to truly absorb the beauty, wonder and awe. ☀

I use to move so fast all the time, I didn’t even notice big trees in my neighborhood. I claimed, I didn’t have the time to slow down. HA! Well God made sure I did eventually. To a point where I had no choice. Not the fun way to go about learning to be still. For me, that was the only way.

I took this pic from the balcony of my hotel room in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 🇲🇽 I laid for hours in that hammock just appreciating the stillness and scenery.

Shame vs. Guilt

#1 Remember we are all human, and we all do “bad” things sometimes.

#2 These “bad” things we have done, don’t make us inherently bad or worthless.

#3 Often what we label as “bad” doesn’t deserve to fall in that category. We just keep putting stuff in that file out of familiarity and habit.

#4 Please remind yourself today, that “I am someone special. I was brought into this world because I am worthy. Humans do bad things, we aren’t suppose to be perfect. I am perfect just as I am today.”

Weekend Assignment

Instead of complaining that you can find any good guys or women to date, or that your current partner isn’t romantic and doesn’t take you out anymore, GO and date yourself.
Take yourself to that restaurant you’ve been wanting to try. Take yourself to that chic flick he refuses to see with you. Take yourself on a dream date. “Yeh Tiffany, but it won’t feel the same I want to share it with someone special.” NEWSFLASH! You are someone special. You are the most special, amazing, awesome human you will ever meet. IF, you take the time and are willing to meet yourself, date yourself, and I guarantee you will fall in love.
The funny thing is when we start treating ourselves how we wish to be treated, things will start shifting in your life. You are sending a clear message to the Universe of what you want and how you deserve to be treated.
How do I know?! Because I dated them all. Looking for love in all the wrong places. I looked far and deep, everywhere except within me. So when I started to focus on getting to know me, dating me, I started to fall in love with me for the first time in my life.
So this weekend, take yourself on a date. Go get coffee ☕ at a cute cafe. Go get lunch. Go look at Christmas lights. Go get lost in a bookstore. Dating yourself doesn’t have to cost $$$$. Although I would highly suggest you spend some money on yourself. You are damn worthy of every penny.

Find Your Magical Self-Worth,

One of the many gifts of investing the time and energy in healing yourself and finding your magical self-worth, is your biggest and deepest dreams and desires become a regular reality.

If you wonder why things don’t seem to work out for you, and you don’t get that job you wanted or struggle to find a great guy/girl, it’s because deep down you don’t feel truly worthy of having it.

As part of being your guide and mentor on the journey to creating your Most Exceptional life, it’s my duty to share the payoff of doing this inner work and exploration. In this pic 👆I’m chillin’ on the Greek 🇬🇷 Island of Santorini in the private hot tub outside my hotel room. You see travel is my other big passion next to being of service, and helping others help themselves to a place of high self-worth and self-love. If I didn’t believe I was worthy of a 15k, 5-star, first class trip, than I would never have be able to fulfill my dream of going to this magical island.

I’m here to also give you hope and help you visualize that there is another way to live and operate.

Share your biggest desire/dream below, so we can plant that seed to manifest it into reality with ease and joy.

Yes, it is all about me!

So for once, you take time for yourself, you say no without some lengthy excuse, you tend to your needs over someone else’s and you get the response “it’s all about you isn’t it!” Or one of the hundreds of versions of this shaming and shitty line. Does this sound familiar to you?
Typically, immediately proceeding this “dig” some guilt arises. “Oh well maybe I should go, I don’t want to let anyone down…I’m probably being selfish.” Well FUCK THAT, I’m here to assure you with 100% confidence that putting the focus on you and your needs is the most loving, caring and honorable thing you can do for you and others. Many in your life won’t like it, especially if they are use to you catering to their needs over your own. Either they will grow to accept it and respect it or you will need to disconnect it.
Just for today, put the focus on you. Whether that means canceling plans or taking a nap versus cooking everyone dinner for the 5th night this week, experiment and witness your reaction and those around you.
Spoiler alert! If you aren’t use to putting you first, this will most likely feel odd, strange, uncomfortable, guilt ridden, etc…. BUT that’s the first step. You can’t get to where Im at (see 👆image in post) without walking or crawling (as I did) through the uncomfortable feelings.
I promise you the short term discomfort is worth it for a lifetime of how I genuinely feel today. Unapologetically yes, it is all about me! If you have an issue with that, get on board or peace ✌ out.
👇Comment below on what thoughts/feelings come up for you even thinking about honoring you above all else.
🙏Blessed to be on this journey with you.