Do You Have A Back Up Plan?

My longtime nickname in the business world is Backup Plan Tiff.

I earned this title by always having a plan B and C, in case the shit breaks, the client barks, or someone on the team is having a bad day (me included).

This savvy strategy of mine has given me the reputation of being reliable and resourceful, even under the craziest of circumstances.

Here’s how I come up with back up plans:
1. My team and I create the ideal business plan. How we ideally want everything to go.
2. Then I present a “what if” scenario…”what if we launch this new program or product, and the server crashes or there’s a bug in the software?
3. Then we creatively come up with our action plan IF that happens.
4. Then I open the floor for the team to share their “what if’s” that are circling their minds (no matter how crazy they seem—this part always makes us laugh). We pick the next most possible mishap, and create a plan C around it.
5. We all then instantly feel a sense of relief, just knowing that we planned for the worst, but still expect and hope for the best.

You CAN Have It All!


It’s a matter of first believing you can, that it is possible for you, regardless of your current circumstances.

Some of us were taught (like I was) that “no one gets everything they want,”
“that life is unfair.” TRUTH IS, the people who raised us, just teach us what they were taught and project their circumstances onto us. This doesn’t mean it’s true, although they perceived it to be true for them.

Truth is we can have our Most Exceptional life. We can have the awesome #workfromanywhere money machine, the beautiful home, a family, peace of mind, and so on. Will this always happen on our time frame or in the exact way we want it? NO, but it is all possible if we believe it is, and step out of our own damn way.

What do you have to lose, by believing and knowing everything you desire is possible?

I came from a life of abuse to total abundance. Once I got out of my own way, the entire Universe opened up and showered its gifts upon my life. This doesn’t mean everyday is easy, but everyday is perfect in it’s own twisted way.

Are you ready to believe your Most Exceptional life is possible!?

What Are Your Thoughts Telling You?

You see, most of us get confused by believing our thoughts to be true. Our thoughts and beliefs aren’t necessary facts. It’s our insecurities, self-doubt, shit people have called us, all circling our incredibly cunning mind.

The trick to knowing when a thought is BS, is when that thought makes you feel like shit about yourself.

We were all created uniquely and exquisitely. We are all meant to be walking this Earth, or we wouldn’t be here. There is more than enough abundance for us all to enjoy.

Who are you NOT to have the best of the best?

When you have thoughts that bring down your confidence, remind yourself those are just false beliefs you picked up. Like gum on the bottom of your shoe after a long walk. Scrape that shit off, and create a new empowering thought.

Even if you don’t totally believe it right away that’s ok, some things take time to sink in. Just know, I guarantee you are much greater than you think you are, and are destined for an exceptional life.


YES! You can also work from anywhere in the world you want to.
Whether that be on the beaches of the Caribbean, the comfort of your own home, the mountains, or the south of France. It’s your beliefs that make this possible or impossible.
I get that you may not know where to start or how, but that’s where I come in. I love teaching people how to work remotely, and how to transition from employee to entrepreneur. It’s not as complicated as your mind may be telling you.
If you want to work from wherever you damn please, start today by stating that truth of yours clearly to the Universe. Say it often, write it, pray about it, dream about it, and be open to the belief that IT IS absolutely possible for you.
I’ve been doing it for 10 years now. As a hard core Virgo, I tend to be extra conservative in risk taking (blessing and a curse), and I still figured it all out. On top of that, I had to sort through an shit ton of childhood abuse, and low self-esteem. I created this #workfromanywhere life with almost no confidence, and little belief in my self. Therefor if I can, I know you can too.
If you are ready to go after your dream work life, reach out to me. Serious inquires only please.

Expand Your Mind

Travel expands your mind, and certainly tests your limits. Two of the many reasons why I love to explore this glorious planet 🌎 of ours.

Not sure if any of you can relate, but after many hours of travel, I tend to arrive at my destination exhausted and ungrateful. My mind tends to focus on all of the things I don’t like, unless I land somewhere instantly jaw dropping, with perfect weather like the Amalfi Coast of Italy 🇮🇹 or Maldives 🇲🇻.

I had to catch my self today, as I found my self waaaay outside of gratitude, given my secret expectations of the Cayman Islands 🇰🇾 didn’t perfectly line up with reality. BUT, when does that ever happen in life???!!!

To get the opportunity to travel the world is a great privilege. I’ve designed my life that way. I work for it, and I get to work from anywhere. This doesn’t guarantee that every day is sunny ☀️ with a perfect light breeze, and a sea as calm as glass. HA! When I’m at home, no two days look or feel the same, so why would I expect when I travel, that the conditions be always perfect?

My point of this small rant, is to remind my self and all of you, that we GET to be alive (for today); we get to be healthy (for today), every damn day is different….and that in of itself is glorious. Without the crap days and the average days, we wouldn’t be able to see and cherish the incredibly perfectly imperfect days. AMEN 🙏 💜.

Have Faith and Patience

“When your life starts feeling ugly, pause, adjust, and fully revamp if necessary.”

You are never stuck. You always have a choice. You get to take a different action. Think a different thought. Learn a new way.

If your life doesn’t feel great to you, then an adjustment is needed. Perhaps even a full revamp. I’ve done several full revamps of my self and my life, and countless adjustments. ALL WERE WORTH IT!

You deserve the best! The best usually doesn’t just come to you on a platter. We have to do the required inner work and aligned action, to attract the best. Otherwise, even if it comes our way, we won’t recognize it or we will sabotage it somehow.

If you are so lost and confused, that you don’t know what to do next, then pause.

Take time to write out your feelings, don’t worry how it sounds, just get them out. Afterwards, ask the Universe or the God of your understanding for clear guidance on what to do next.

Then you let it go and wait.

The answer will come, as long as you have faith and some patience 🙏💜.

Share Your Truth

I have to admit something to you guys, I’m scared, like really scared.

Behind this smile, is one anxious Tiffany. I can smile because I have faith in the Universe, and myself, that I’m on the right path. It still feels scary to put my self and my story out there for the entire world to see, hear, and read.

The “what if’s” occupy my brain. What if my story and my lessons don’t help anyone? What if people think I’m lame? What if I can’t handle the extreme success coming my way, and I crumble?

I know from experience that when we share our truth, it no longer has power over us. Keeping feelings stuffed inside, make us sick and sad. So I’m sharing my truth for me and for any of you who are feeling anxious or scared right now.

It’s normal to feel these things when we are doing something new, up leveling our lives, going after our deepest dreams. Our egos try desperately to keep us safe, by keeping everything as is, status quo.

It’s our job to thank our egos for trying to protect us, and remind ourselves that we are safe, supported, and secure. This is why it is crucial, when you are changing things up in your life, to be highly selective to whom who chose to spent time with, and to only surround yourself with people, places, and things that feel loving and uplifting.

I already feel calmer and at ease, by sharing my vulnerable truth with all of you 🙏💜. Please share your truth with someone today, or at least write your truth in your journal. I promise you will feel lighter afterwards.

Love always,


This is Your Blessing, Your Awakening

”Often times our lives have to come crashing down, for us to wake the FUCK up.”
Guys, I can’t even tell you how true this is for me and literally everyone I’ve worked with over the years.
It’s nearly impossible to see when your life feels like it’s falling apart. I’m here to tell you, your life is now finally coming together.
I went from a life of self-destruction, chaos, pain, drama, in which I had no idea how to escape. I thought it was the cards I was dealt from the Universe.
Then the powers at be showed me their true plan for me, by making everything I was unhealthily attached to get ripped away of me. OMFG talk about intense pain, fear, anxiety, depression!!!!
As I let those low-vibe people, places, and things go…new, fresh, high-vibe, healthy, awesome, people, places, things, and opportunities walked into my life.
I share more of my story on ProjectME the Podcast (launching June 13th). In the meantime, I want for any of you who is going through the shit storm right now, to know this is your BIGGEST blessing in disguise.
Share this post, with someone you know who’s life is spinning right now. Although I didn’t always believe people who told me, “this is your blessing, your awakening,” at the time, it did plant a seed of hope that I desperately needed.
Remember, we don’t awaken into our best selves through joy, it happens once we emerge out of the deep pain 🙏💜.

Check Your Ego

Ever wonder why some people seem to achieve success so damn easily and quickly? Yup…me too!

The thing is, unless we know the person really well, we have ZERO idea of what it really took to create a multi-million dollar business, to meet and marry the great guy/girl, to publish a best seller, to have thousands of loyal and engaged followers, or to have that bangin’ body.

When I have low-mood days like today, my ego can lead the charge, and have me wondering why I can’t be more like _____ or have it easy like ______. I have to catch my self before it spins me into a crap mindset. I know I’m not alone here, right?!

If you think about it, we all are someone and have the life that someone else is dreaming of, and currently manifesting. Even if you just lost your job, but have a great family and a roof over your head, someone else is praying for that life. That would be up leveling for them.

I am a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, with a beautiful home, support system, and loving animals. Yet if I don’t keep my ego in check, I can start to feel sorry for my self as I’m reaching for the next level.

When we find ourselves reaching so much that we forget where our feet are planted, it’s time to ground ourselves in gratitude.

What 3 things you are grateful for today in your beautiful, and sometimes messy lives?

Do Your Spending Habits Match Your Desires?

OK so we invest thousands of dollars per year on our looks. Everything from skin care, to hair, to brows, to makeup, to clothes, to nails and beyond. YET when an opportunity is presented to people to up level their lives, their business, their mindset, resistance comes up.

I mean WTF!!!!!!

It happens to me, too. I’m talking to all of us right now, including myself. In my first company, my public relations/social media business, I have a lot of clients in the skin care world. It’s a fact that people who make less than 50k per year spend more on skin/beauty products and services than the wealthy. This proves that people will find the cash, to pay for what’s important and a priority to them.

Wouldn’t creating our Most Exceptional life be our #1 priority?! Yet most of our spending habits and actions, don’t match our deepest desires.

In starting my second company @projectme_with_tiffany, I have struggled with clicking that “pay” button, even though I know from my 10 years as an entrepreneur, that you must invest in your business for it to come to life and thrive. I mean, I have concrete proof that it’s a necessary strategy. Yet, it’s a no-brainer for me to plop down $500 for Botox.

Next time a limiting thought 💭 comes up that you don’t have enough money to invest in starting or up leveling your business, look and see how you can reallocate your spending from other areas in your life. You can have the funds to invest and still get weird about it, like I do. If this is you, ask yourself, “why am I resisting bringing my life and business to the next level?” “What am I afraid will or won’t happen if I invest this money?”

Get real with your fears and resistance, and ask, “is this true?” 99.9% of the time, the shit our minds create is a big fat lie.

Then guys…click the “pay” button anyway. If you have done your research, and feel strongly called to hire the coach/mentor, buy the course, attend the event, sign-up and show up as your glorious, passionate, driven for greatness selves.