Note to Self






Do something today to make yourself proud. Don’t tell anyone about it, just do it for you. Maybe it’s that you practice self-care and get your nails done 💅 or go to yoga 🧘‍♀️. Or map out your goals for this quarter 📈. Or perhaps you finally allow yourself to just do nothing and rest your gorgeous soul 💜

Low Self-Worth can be Paralyzing


This image perfectly visualizes how low self-worth can paralyze us. It’s a domino effect.

1. The low self-worth already exists inside you from childhood or from a toxic relationship, whether you are aware of it or in denial about it (more on that in my class).


2. Your self-talk is nasty, mean, and abusive as a result.


3. You attract in your life what you think you deserve, so then enters asshole boyfriends/girlfriends/spouses, bosses, shitty friends, and situations. You can’t figure out why does this keep happening to me?!!!!!


4. Here’s where I hopefully come in….someone finally cares enough and is brave enough (yes requires bravery as you can be defensive and mean when someone points the finger at you) to tell you the truth in a compassionate way that you can hear and absorb it.

5. The truth is my love, that you are the common denominator in everything listed in #3. If you remember anything from math class, a repeated part of a problem is the key to solving it. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to solve (I mean hello advanced trigonometry), but now you know where to look, the root. This is the key  to creating the life you have always wanted and deserve. 💜, Tiffany.

My Favorite F Word



Those of you who know me realize my favorite F word is Fuck, but a close second is Forgiveness. I gotta say it’s easier to fuck than forgive. But seriously, forgiving yourself and others will lift a mountain of stress off of you. The catch is that it isn’t always easy to do. Then again is anything easy that has a huge payoff?

How I Push the Reset Button

You are not alone but I understand it feels that way right now. Please pause and press reset on yourself. You can only do so much, you are awesome but you are not a machine, you are a human being not a human doing.

-I stop doing anything for as long as I need to, for my nervous system to calm down.
-I take a bath (I’m in one now actually 😛) and focus on something I enjoy, something positive (hence me writing this post).
-I check in with myself and ask what do I need right now without judgement? Then I honor my needs. Whether it’s food, a nap, a cry, a healthy distraction, alone time, whatever.

Enjoy Your Coffee From Anywhere in the World






One of my favorite things in life is enjoying my morning coffee all over the world. From cafes in Paris to the streets of Portugal to the cliffs of the Greek Islands.

I set clear intentions of where I want to travel to next, by day dreaming about it, cutting out pictures for my vision board, pinning things on Pinterest (@programprojectme), feeling what it will be like when I’m there and knowing I’ll be there soon.

Soooo…. where in the world do you want to enjoy your morning coffee next?

The Cycle of Codependency


The term Codependent gets way overused, often shaming people for it. The TRUTH is most of us as some point in our lives exhibited codependent behaviors. AND THATS OK. The pain and suffering that comes with codependency, propels many of us (me included) in action and behavior change.

Truly society, marketing campaigns, movies, and romance novels all fuck with our brains. That awful line “you complete me,” or “I’m so much better with you than alone.” 🙄😱😱😱😱😱I bought into that BS too. It’s not healthy and takes us further away from ourselves and self-worth.

No job, no person, no place, no thing completes us or makes us better or happier. It’s a temporary illusion, that keeps the codependency cycle going. I’ll be sharing more on this subject in my IG Stories today.

Stop Fixing, Start Breathing

I couldn’t agree more with @nakedwithanxiety. Read more below👇so necessary 💜

At the start of every new year, we’re bombarded with messages encouraging us to “fix” every aspect of our lives. And that is overwhelming AF.

Take a deep breath before you settle into sleep tonight + visualize yourself exhaling the pressure to “do everything at once.” You are only ONE human being + it’s unfair to expect yourself to be able to do everything. Readjust your standards to a more realistic setting whenever necessary.

And remember that you’re not a problem to be solved or fixed 👊🏼💖.

Respect Your Money


This mirrors one of my money 💰 lessons I teach in my ProjectME Program: You can get rich a dollar at a time, or you can go broke a dollar at a time.

Respect every dollar, every penny you come across. If not, you will start losing money here and there.

New Mindset, New Results!



One of the core strategies of my ProjectME Program is creating a new mindset. Once you follow those steps to creating a new healthy mindset, new results will follow immediately.

Most of us aren’t aware what beliefs we have simmering below the surface, so those must be unveiled first. People (including me) are always surprised at what they uncover.

Manifest Money


The ProjectME money program “Massive Earnings,” will be a unique approach to help you remove those money 💰 blocks. One major block ☝️☝️☝️is around receiving. So many people have resistance to receiving gifts, help, love, compliments, recognition and therefor money. You may accept that money, gift or compliment but it’s followed with a massive dose of guilt and/or obligation. Which just sends an energetic message that you don’t want to really receive.

I’ll be sharing some of my personal journey around receiving and teaching you how I removed those blocks. I’ll give you a hint, low self-worth is a huge factor 🤔💜