Take The Veil Off

The most stunning people, places, and things in life are UNFILTERED. 🌅 This is a glorious #unfiltered photo I took of the Malibu sunrise, en route to the airport.

As much as we all prefer filtered photos of ourselves, water to appear bluer, skin to appear smoother, our content to perfectly match our brand colors, and our cellulite to soften…truly the most vulnerable, raw, and authentic version of ourselves, and our surroundings is what allows us to build deeper connections to others and the Universe.

As you grow your business, remember people want to hire those they like, trust, and respect. It’s makes it difficult for people to develop a relationship with you (especially online), if your Instagram feed is always perfect, if your messages are always guarded, if the photos of you are always glamorous and filtered.

My loves, take the veil off sometimes and allow people to meet you, the real you, the incredibly imperfect you, and all of the basic unglamorous shit you do 90% of the time.

This builds trust with your current clients and potential customers. Plus when you share your truth, it helps others feel less alone, less lame and inadequate, and therefor more connected. That by itself is worth being vulnerable, at least for me.

💜, Tiffany

Shake Off The Funk

Do you ever wake up feeling grouchy?

Maybe you slept like crap, drank one too many glasses of wine 🍷, or you’re just feeling off and you don’t you why. Regardless of the reason, this feeling sucks. Since I wake up feeling grouchy more than I’d like to admit, I want to share some things I do to help shake off the funk.

First, I acknowledge, accept, and honor how I’m feeling. If I know why I’m feeling like a Polly Pissy Pants, then I address that specific issue. If I’m likely dehydrated, then I hydrate. If I slept like crap, maybe some extra coffee and protein.

Second, if I don’t know why (which is often the case), I ask my self, “Tiffany what is it you need right now to feel loved and nurtured?” Usually the answer for me is to go slow, patience, rest, a hug, or alone time. So I honor those needs and give them to myself without judgement (that’s the hard part for me).
Third, I take happy action as I call it. I do things that will shift my energy. Go to a yoga class, walk my dog (who is usually grouchy in morning-see pic 🤣), listen to fun happy music, listen to an inspiring or funny podcast, call a friend for a good laugh, or go out and grab a coffee versus staying in my kitchen with my grouchy self and dog.
SOMETIMES I need to do all of the above to up level my mood 🙃😊.

SOMETIMES none of the above works, and although that’s annoying it’s ok. I remind my self that I’m only human. A human pumped full of complicated hormones and emotions. If everyday was happy and great, we would stop appreciating those fantastic days and feelings.

We need to experience contrast in our lives to experience our full range of emotions. Since we know what a crap day feels like, it allows us to be grateful for the fantastic days.

If all else fails, just look at Molly’s grumpy pants face. It’s guaranteed to make you laugh 😆. Share this post with a friend who needs a lift. Just knowing they aren’t alone, will lift their spirits.

Fridays As An Employee Vs. Entrepreneur

What my Friday’s looked like when I was an employee, versus now, as an entrepreneur.
When I was neck-deep in the corporate world as an employee, I counted the hours until Friday at 5pm. It felt like I could breathe again at that time, and be free to be me. I felt like an inmate (not that I would know) who was released for the weekend. Truly I was a prisoner. A self-imposed prisoner.

When we don’t follow our dreams and our passions, and just stay at a job or at a career for the money (my case), or for our parents, society, or out of fear, we lock our true spirit behind bars. Bars that only WE hold the key to.

Now Friday’s are like any other day to me. I set my own schedule; I manage my own time; I design my own life. I’m just as happy about a Friday as I am a Monday or a Wednesday. There is no dread, and there is no day of salvation (formally Friday’s at 5).

This freedom is possible for you too. Regardless if you have a fancy degree, whether you are 26 or 66, financial and mental freedom IS POSSIBLE.

If you want to #workfromanywhere and take the control back over your life, email or DM me. I select a handful of women every month to join my marketing team. I personally mentor each person in creating a plan to achieve your money and business goals. FOR FREE! Grab those keys and break yourself free.

CRAVE Your Dreams!

Do you CRAVE your dreams…your destiny? I fucking do!!!

One of my biggest passions is world 🌎 travel. I love observing and learning about different cultures, and how people do #allthethings from different places on our beautiful planet.

Craving our desires is incredibly important to manifesting them into reality, but without taking clear guided action, this trip to the Greek Islands would have never happened (for example).

Stick with me here…. I knew where I wanted to go for my birthday last year; I did my @pinterest travel research and inspiration board; I did some initial flight and hotel research to get a gauge on pricing.

Still that’s not enough to make my dream birthday trip come to life. I called @americanair to book our flights and there were no seats left. I was upset, but I didn’t give up. I knew this trip was going to happen, in a 5-Star, first class way, without having to buy it at a premium cost (FYI 15k per ticket-no joke).

I kept calling the Airlines and researching, all while visioning my fiancé and I exploring Barcelona 🇪🇸 and then Greece 🇬🇷 together.

One day, I woke up about 6 weeks prior to my b-day, and I was guided by the Universe to call @americanair one more time. As soon as the agent came on the line and spoke, I knew he was my travel guardian angel to make this trip happen. AND HE DID. It took 1.5 hours on the phone, coupled with his extensive experience and creativity (plus lots of patience), to book our upgraded seats (using miles).

Did I lose hope a few times? YES Did I get frustrated? YES. But, I NEVER gave up on my dream.

My loves, achieving your wildest dreams isn’t always going to be a cake walk. This is how God, the Universe, your Higher Power tests how badly we really want it. We are only given things for our greatest good and our greatest desires…nothing in between.



Wealth Building Tips From Tiff

One of the first major wealth building tips I share with my clients, is to ask questions, even if you think they are stupid or that you “should” know the answer.

I got over the fear of asking stupid questions, or looking stupid for not knowing, when I was a TV news reporter. In order to report the facts accurately for viewers, I couldn’t fake knowing something, I had to present the facts.

It was hard as hell at first, but after awhile it became second nature to ask even the most simple questions to people that may or may not have thought I was dumb. You see I didn’t have time to care, since my focus was on the news story (and my insane deadlines) not on my own ego.

To get good at anything, we have to ask lots of questions…money, wealth, and business are no different. Focus on the fact you are asking to achieve your end goal, this helps take some of the fear away.

We only know what we know; there are no “shoulds” when it comes to knowledge or skill set. We each have different strengths, this way we can learn from one another. Some of us learned about making and saving money from our parents, so there’s foundational knowledge. Some of us learned a poverty mentality from our parents, so starting with the basics is necessary.

Is the fear of not asking and staying “comfortable,” worth not learning how to reach your money goals?

Doing Nothing Is Doing Something

You are a human being not a human doing. I used to have this backwards, and assessed my day and my worth based on how much I accomplished. Sound familiar????

This is soooo common, especially among women who have big dreams and goals they want to accomplish (like yesterday). Plus we have added responsibilities and pressures that get piled on, if we allow them to, like cooking for the family, grocery shopping, being a taxi-Mom, managing schedules, plus all of the beauty things we girls do to stay looking great.

Instead of judging our day by how much we got done. How about reviewing our day by how we feel? To expect ourselves to be high performers everyday is unrealistic, and will lead to burn out and even sickness (I was the lucky winner of both).

Remember doing nothing IS DOING SOMETHING. In fact, something extremely important…self-care, recharging, dreaming, unplugging, listening, and just being still are all important practices to achieving and maintaining success.

I had to learn this the hard way, so that I could teach all of you a better, easier, healthier, and more enjoyable way to achieve your wildest dreams. You are great whether you did 100 things or 1.

💜, Tiffany

Say Goodbye To Toxic People



When we have toxic people in our lives, it drains our energy (hence why they call them “energy vampires”), our vitality, our creativity, our drive, and often times our bank accounts.

You can’t reach financial success easily, when you have people weighing you down. Trust me, I lived this way most of my life. I made a lot of money, but I also lost 75% of it because of toxic people. I was making money the hard way, the exhausting way, filled with resentment, fear, and anxiety.

To help you attract your high-vibe tribe of people, I highly recommend you read @loriharder’s new best seller #atribecalledbliss. SHE NAILS IT! No I’m not being paid to promote her book.

Chose today that you deserve to ONLY have genuine, supportive, and empowering people in your life. I promise you, it will be one of the best decisions of your life!

💜, Tiffany

From Employee to Entrepreneur

It was 10 years ago that I decided to stop being an employee and become an entrepreneur.

WOW was I scared, more like terrified, but I knew I had to do it. Climbing the corporate ladder was sucking my soul dry. Did I just up and quit my high-paying job? Ummmmm no, I’m waaaay too much of a Virgo to do that! Plus, I believe transitioning into entrepreneurship is far more financially practical and less scary.

The first 2 years of running my own business were rough. Many hiccups, lessons to learn, and looooong hours at my computer. Even after months of working 16-hour days, I was so much happier and felt truly empowered.

All of those lessons, tips, hacks, solutions, and strategies I’ve crafted and refined over the last 10 years can now be used to teach all of you. I want to show you how to make money with ease. How you can be financially independent and wealthy without such a struggle.

I learned all of those uncomfortable and sometimes incredibly painful lessons, so that you don’t have to. I didn’t have a business/money mentor or a coach (it wasn’t really a “thing” back then)…aside from reading personal development books. Much of what I learned was by doing, trying, experimenting, failing, succeeding, on repeat.

My goal is to be the mentor I wish I had, by providing massive value through education, empowering stories, and proven strategies. I want as many women as possible to make money on their own terms, and doing what they love 🙏💜.

Reprogramming My Beliefs Around Money

TRUTH. I was taught in childhood that to earn great money, you had to “give an arm and a leg.” I was raised by a single Mom, who was also an entrepreneur with a successful nationally-known company. At least a few times a week she would look at me and say, “you know Tiffany all of this doesn’t come easily; I kill my self everyday for it.”

By “all of this” she was referring to all of the nice things that money can buy. We lived in a giant home with two gourmet kitchens, an Olympic size pool, had a cleaning lady, and so on.

So to me my mom’s truth became my own. I wanted that financial success like she created, therefore I knew I had to “kill myself” to get it and keep it. GUESS WHAT?! I almost did. Whereas I had several peers who made more money than me and it seemed so easy for them. All I kept thinking was, “what am I doing wrong? Why is this so hard for me and not everyone else?”

It wasn’t until about 3 years, that I learned how to reprogram beliefs I took in as facts from childhood. Within 30 days of reprogramming my beliefs around money, everything shifted. I worked less than half the amount of hours, and made exactly the same money!!!!! Now I make even more money, while working less. All I did was shift my beliefs around money, success, and wealth.


Keep Friday “Vibes” Going All Week Long

A trick I use to keep Friday type “vibes” going all week long 😎:

One of my biggest motivators behind making BIG money, is my love for luxury world 🌍 travel.

So anytime I feel my mood, my motivation level, my drive going downhill, I do a few things.

1. I scroll through my thousands of travel photos and videos, reminiscing over the memories and adventures. This instantly elevates my mood and energy.
2. I hop on @pinterest (you can find me at ProjectME with Tiffany) and start planning my next trip. So it’s like planning and manifesting all in one exercise. Plus it puts me in the energy of taking clear action, which also elevates my spirits.
3. I share some of my photos/videos with friends, my fiancé, and all of you. It’s my way of spreading inspiration, plus I love sharing my secret travel tips, that I’ve crafted over decades of world travel ( over 1 million miles flown 😮).

I did all 3 this morning. This video I’m sharing is from my trip to the stunning Greek Island of Santorini. You can actually walk (more like hike) from one end to the other. Everywhere you look is a picture perfect postcard.

This is a volcanic island, and it’s dry like the desert 🌵. Plus side is you won’t get rained out, down side is, you will get dehydrated quickly. Also, learn to say a couple things in Greek, the locals loooooove it as their language is hard AF to learn, so they know you put in major effort to learn it, or have good Greek friends (like me!).