Create the WEALTH and WORTH You Desire!

“YOU, are the Most Exceptional project of your entire life!” How well is that project being cared for?

Where on your priority list does this Most Exceptional project sit? If it’s not in the # 1 spot, it’s waaaaay to low.

The rest of your life will only be as good, as fulfilling, and as together, as you are. Not your kids, not your career, not your car, not your clean home, or your significant other.

It all starts with us. If we are a mess, then likely our lives are a mess. If we are unhappy, everyone in our lives is being affected by it whether they voice it or not. If we put ourselves last and ignore our self-care, eventually there will be nothing left for us to give, to the point where many people end up dead.

I created ProjectME with Tiffany Carter as a platform, a brand, a podcast, and a community to help as many people as possible create the WEALTH and WORTH (self-worth) they desire and deserve.

Showing you how to put you first, your desires first, your wellbeing first, through enlightening courses and lessons, empowering messages, and engaging with you 24/7 through my social channels, my podcast, and website.

It is ALL ABOUT YOU! What’s one thing you are going to do to honor yourself on this Sunday?

Don’t Sabotage Your Success

Want to know the BIGGEST way most people sabotage their success?

In one word….EXPECTATIONS. Here’s how:
So we work towards a goal, let’s say its to bring in an additional 5k a month (insert whatever number resonates with your current money goals). So that’s 60k for the year.

We do everything in our power to reach this goal, the digital marketing, the customer nurturing, the admin work, our own money mindset work, manifesting practices, hire extra help, #allthethings

Now let’s say we are half way through the year, and we asses our progress. We have made 18k at the 6 month mark. NOW WE ARE PISSED 😡. WE ARE FRUSTRATED, SCARED, DISCOURAGED, AND FEELING DEFEATED.

Why? We made 18k so that’s 3k a month, and there’s still 6 more months to go. BECAUSE, we had EXPECTATIONS that at the very least by the 6 month mark we would be much closer to our 5k/month goal.

Now we have taken a huge 💩 shit on our amazing progress. Our focus is now on defeat, fear, disappointment, and that remaining 12k that we didn’t make.

Now our energy is low, our vibe is negative, our mindset is in the trash…therefor our actions and behaviors follow. We start blowing off tasks, procrastinating, coming across low vibe to our customers (even if we think we are faking it ok)…THEN after another month, we only bring in an additional 1k. Cue the line “SEE I KNEW THIS WASNT GOING THE WAY I WANTED.”

Here’s the ProjectME way, the millionaire mindset way of thinking 🤔:
– at 6 months we are at 18k at 3k/month. This is great, our efforts and strategy are working. We are more than halfway to our goal 5k a month. Let’s get the team together (or if it’s a solo goal, yourself together) and further refine our strategy to crush this additional 60k of revenue for the year.


We set these secret silent expectations on how we want and feel things should go, and when they don’t it spins us waaaaaay off course into “broke ass” land.

It’s good to have hopes and educated predictions (Like the stock market), but to EXPECT something you don’t have 100% control over (which is almost nothing) is a success sabotaging behavior.

Self-Worth Healing

This is the exact spot where my true healing began of my severely damaged self-worth.
I love to visit this spot on the Pacific Ocean several times a year, to remind my self how far I’ve come, and to soak in the special energy of this place.
What we don’t heal, will always be revealed.
We can ignore past hurts, traumas, and tragedies; we can try to cover them up with food, relationships, work, alcohol, shopping, being constantly busy; we can deny that any of it even exists or bothers us. TRUTH IS, none of it will just disappear. It’s there for us to deal with it, or it will consume us directly or indirectly.
Money won’t make these wounds any better either, I tried that for a long time. So have countless public figures, who have ended their lives. Success is irrelevant without inner peace.
“The only way around the pain, is to go through it.” (ACOA)
Once I did that deep inner work, my wealth, worth, and health skyrocketed 🚀 in amazing ways.

Self Worth and Net Worth

LOW SELF-WORTH creates LOW NET-WORTH…here’s how:
What would happen if you built a house on a weak foundation in an effort to cut costs and save time? There would be countless problems, it wouldn’t pass necessary inspections, to fix it after the fact would cost thousands of dollars, and this would delay being able to move in or sell it dramatically!
Humans are no different, just more complicated and stubborn 😛.
Very few people enter adulthood with an amazing sense of self-worth. Some of us were bullied in school, some of us were abused (me), some of us felt they were the black sheep of the family, and some of us got wounded deeply in adulthood (also me). This shit erodes our self-worth, our self-esteem.
Therefore, we don’t go for the career we really want, we don’t ask for the money we deserve, we do too much for others and not enough for ourselves, we spend our money carelessly, because deep down we don’t feel worthy of success, financial freedom, or abundance.
I go more in depth with topics like this one in my new podcast launching tomorrow 6/20, ProjectME with Tiffany Carter.
If you want to learn how to get out of your own way, make a shit ton of money, and get injected with inspiration, along with some laughs. Be sure to subscribe.
Take a few minutes just for you, while your driving to work, running errands, exercising, cooking, all the things, SUBSCRIBE and LISTEN. It’s free, it’s fun, and filled with fantastic info.

Behind The Vision

I came up with the vision and name ProjectME when I was recovering from spine surgery. The first time in my life when I actually slowed down, and was forced to nurture my self.

Truly the most important, special, magnificent project of our lives and in our lives, is US….OURSELVES….ME!

So many of us put ourselves last and focus on work (my former addiction), exercise, kids, spouses, finding a spouse, shopping, cleaning, emotional eating, and on and on. When in fact it needs to be US FIRST (ME first), and the world second.

I always thought it was selfish to look out for my own needs, desires, and dreams ahead of others. It wasn’t until I literally had a full fledge nervous breakdown, that the fog started to clear.

I ended up as directed by a therapist, into a support group basically for individuals who put people, places, and things ahead of their own self-care.

It was in this group when I heard a leader say, “ there’s a reason why on an airplane they instruct you to put your oxygen mask on first before you help others, including your own children.” Because if you pass out by helping others first, you will become a burden to the entire plane; it’s actually selfish not selfless.

HOLY FUCK! After flying a million miles (literally), this never crossed my mind. In fact, I knew at that time if those masks came down, I would break the Airlines’ clear rules, and help others first anyway. SOOOOO selfish of me.

If this at all sounds like you, please I beg you to listen and suscribe to ProjectME the podcast with Tiffany Carter.

On the show we discuss all things relating to wealth and worth (self-worth). I bring on guests who are relatable and inspiring AF.

Important Lesson in Entrepreneurship

One of the important lessons in entrepreneurship and business my Father taught me ☝️.
He was a man of few words (this is ironic given he was a successful salesman). This quiet personality stood out from the pack of fast talking, gabbing salespeople.
I interviewed him for a school paper, when he shared the above quote with me. He taught me that very few people have resilience, and most people give up after being told NO or not getting what they want right away. He said if you stick in there and keep showing up, eventually you are the last one standing.
My Father (AKA Papa Bear) did not fit the mold of a entrepreneur. He wasn’t charismatic or charming, and bought his sport coats from @sears. He was a true introvert, with a love for reading history books, listening to jazz and bluegrass, and cooking authentic worldly cuisine. YET, he was incredibly successful in business.
His own uniqueness was refreshing to people. Particularly the Asian culture. They loved doing business with an American who was soft spoken, a good listener, who showed up early, and had a deep respect for their food and customs.
I share this story for any of you who feel you don’t fit the standard mold of a entrepreneur, or of someone in your particular industry. THIS IS ACTUALLY YOUR BEST ASSET.
Some people don’t feel they can have a business around health and wellness because they don’t have perfect abs and maybe wear a size 12. NOT TRUE. There are clients out there who would relate to you more because of this uniqueness.
This is why on my new podcast, ProjectME with Tiffany Carter, that I bring on guests from all stages in business development, from all walks of life, and income. We can learn great things from uber successful people, but we can learn more practical and relatable things from people working towards their next goal.
My Father was the exact opposite of a salesman/entrepreneur, and became the highest volume importer/exporter of mid-level gift items (ie watches, engraved pen sets) in the US.
SHARE this story and inspire someone today 🙏.

Keep It Simple

One of the first writing rules I learned in journalism was KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid.

Meaning, keep your message simple, straightforward, and clear enough for a 10 year-old to comprehend.

Choose your words carefully; don’t use spelling-bee level words to sound smart or fancy, this blocks people from hearing your story, your message.

Most people get stuck at my “write so a 10 year old can comprehend it” line. Well did you know that all network TV news is written for a 3rd grade reading and comprehension level? YUP! Not because viewers are stupid, because simple sells and drives engagement.

Why do you think one of the top selling newspapers in the world is @usatoday ? Extensive market research shows that people love the colorful easy to read charts and graphs, plus the clear cut to the chase writing style.

When communicating your message for your business, and especially your sales pages, don’t overcomplicate it, use the KISS model. Watch your engagement increase.

We all have short attention spans now, with Info coming at us in 30 different ways…SIMPLE and STRAIGHTFORWARD stands out from the crowd.

Plus, people who use lots of fancy big words all the time are annoying 🤣.

Work From Anywhere!

Why work in an office, when you can #workfromanywhere 🌍?!

I’ve been living and succeeding in this freedom lifestyle for 17 years now!!!! I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Where is your dream location to work from? An exotic beach, peaceful mountains, a jungle, a high-vibe cafe in Paris…GUESS WHAT?!

All the above are totally possible for you. Yes! I’ve shown hundreds of women how to transition out of cubicle office life and into a work from wherever you damn please lifestyle.

You can do this all without a fancy degree (unless you’re a traveling medical professional) or special certifications. What you do need is training, guidance, personal mentorship, and most importantly the strong desire and drive to transform your life.

Message me or email me (in profile @projectme_with_tiffany) if you want to learn how to earn money from anywhere in the world. From at home with your family to the aqua blue beaches of the Caribbean.

Be sure to include why you want this, and your initial financial goals/requirements.

Wealth Tip With Tiff!

Somehow our society has made making money complicated as hell…when in fact it’s rather straightforward after you weed through all the nonsense.
On this WEALTH TIP with Tiff, my goal is to alter your belief around making money. To believe it can be simple and straightforward, with proper guidance.
To believe it’s difficult, hard, complicated, tricky….to make money is a MAJOR limiting belief, AAAAAND it’s a lie! Don’t blame yourself for having this belief, society, our education system, many marketers, and financial institutions want you to believe it’s complicated, so you will hire them to do it for you.
One of my top 3 goals of ProjectME with Tiffany, is to take the mystery out of making BIG money.
You can start your money-generating journey today, by believing that making great money is simple and achievable. Believing anything else, is keeping you stuck.
Second action you can take today, is to unfollow and stop listening to anyone who makes you feel like making money or staring a business is complicated. It may not be their intention, but their communication style just isn’t clear enough for you. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT for not “getting it” or “grasping it,” those particular people, books, podcasts aren’t the right teachers or mentors for you.
Third action you can take today is message me with any money questions. I read and reply to each one, and love helping you. It’s my honor to do so!

Press Pause

One of the most important actions I take on a daily basis, is pausing.

Choosing to take no action is an action itself. It’s actually more difficult for me and many others, than doing something.

Like when you get an crazy email from a client, or a hater comments on your latest post…the first instinct is usually to fire off some response…or to call 5 people and ask what you should say back or do.

That used to be me. Then I would obsess and spin about whatever all damn day, sometimes all week. Robbing me of my serenity, sleep, and productivity.

All of this self-imposed crazy making stopped once I was taught the art of pausing. The action of doing nothing. This is a tough one for those of us who are go-getters with high-achieving personalities. However, I’m telling you once you practice it, your life will change for the better.

When something or someone rattles your cage, take a deep breathe and press pause. Walk away from the laptop, shut the phone off, excuse yourself to the bathroom, whatever you need to do to remove the temptation to react, and remain in a paused state.

We can’t think clearly when we are reacting. So we owe it to ourselves, and even maybe the other person/people, to take time to do nothing, until our reactive emotional state settles down.

If I badly need to get my feelings out (usually anger) around this thing or person, I break out my journal and word vomit it all out. If I’m face to face in a situation, I’ll excuse my self to the ladies room, open the notes app on my phone and type out my anger, hurt, or shame.

Remember, just because someone wants you to respond to them quickly, doesn’t mean you have to. They are in a reactive state too, so it won’t go well by ripping off a reply.

Are you willing to try pausing?