STOP Living for the Weekend!

You know what makes me so damn sad 😞? The countless amount of times I hear people say and write things like, “TGIF,” “Finally Friday,” and the worst, “I live for weekends.” Millions of people are spending 72% of their week, waiting for 28% of it to begin. Therefore, suffering and surviving through most of their lives. THIS IS NOT HOW WE ARE MEANT TO BE ON THIS EARTH.

How about a mindset shift exercise? Why do you so look forward to Friday night? Is it because you hate your job, your commute, school, or are overwhelmed and doing so much that you’ve created the weekends as your only “break?” Whatever it is, get honest with yourself and write it down.

What would your life need to look and feel like for you to look at everyday of the week as though it’s the weekend? Now, for you sarcastic people out there, don’t demean this exercise by saying, “a billion dollars,” or “win the lotto.” You can, and that mentality explains why you hate 72% of your life. An authentic non-defensive answer would be something like, “For me to look at everyday like I do the weekend, I would have a career I love working from home; I would make X amount of money each month doing it, allowing me (and my family) to go on limitless fun outings and vacations.”

Please go into detail, the more the better. Then I want you to go back and rewrite your description in the present tense (as though this is your life right now), preferably in your fav colors and on paper that you can hang somewhere (printer paper or construction paper).

Next step, as you go through your weekend, cut out images (from magazines or print from online) that reflect your above description. Glue or tape those images all around your description. Put this daily life vision board somewhere so you see it many times a day.

This exercise isn’t just about manifesting your Most Exceptional life, it’s also to remind you that it is very achievable, realistic, and possible for you. Even if you don’t 💯 believe that right now, I believe it for you. Extra points if you post your life board and tag me @projectme_with_tiffany💜🙏. Love, Tiffany

Becoming Yourself

To become your best self, you have to walk away from all that doesn’t serve your greatest good. This process for me was gut-wrenching, painful, liberating, scary, freeing, sad, and intensely empowering.

It had to be done if I wanted to achieve greatness in mind, body, soul, and life! I believe we all truly know deep down who and what we need to detach from, we create resistance around it because taking that action is terrifying. We make excuses for people, “well they aren’t that bad;” we make excuses for a life sucking job or client, “but they pay well.” Bottom line is, if you experience negative feelings from being around that person, place, or thing, it’s highly likely that you need to detach.

Wealth Tips with Tiff: With Great Wealth Comes Great Responsibility

I believe with great wealth comes great responsibility. Not only is it important to share wealth in its physical form (money), but to share the wealth of knowledge I’ve absorbed on my journey to success. Every Wednesday, I’ll be sharing nuggets of wisdom with all of you. Everything from money making tips, to money saving techniques, to my BIG money “no no’s.”

1. Make your money work for you. Take 20% of whatever is in your bank account and put it work. Dedicate that money to a financial investment account (ie. Stock portfolio); put that money towards personal development ( courses, classes, masterminds, mentors, massages). Both of these avenues will add to your wealth, whether you are investing in stocks or yourself. The key here is to dedicate a set amount each quarter, whatever fits best with your life. For me, I follow the 20% rule.

2. Affiliate and/or residual income. Take an inventory of what products and brands you buy regularly. Then research how you can help get those purchases paid for through the company’s affiliate marketing program or create residual income. Not all companies do this, but I assure you there are companies that sell the same stuff that you buy, that do. For example, I’m into health and fitness. So I buy and use high grade superfood vitamins, protein shakes, green drinks, and bars regularly. I researched and decided to partner with @isagenix as they have a great program to get your products paid for each month. So whether you are an @amazon addict or are obsessed with skincare @dermstore, you can get your purchases paid for with little effort. For me this adds up to $350 a month! You would be surprised how quickly green drinks and vitamins add up.

So if you want help in setting this up, DM me. I’m happy to show you exactly how I set up my system to pay for my health habit.

Wishing you all great wealth.

Monday Motivation

Monday’s can bring up a lot of negative thoughts and emotion for people who aren’t living the life they want and deserve.

There is dread for the week ahead, frustration for what still is, envy for where others seem to be, and a sense of feeling stuck in the muck of it all. I know, I feel you. I’ve been there and I had felt all of those feelings for years. I understand you. You are not alone. You are just a bit off course and need some help finding your way back.

We were not put on this earth to have a crap life. Are there crap parts of everyone’s life? hell yes! Overall life is designed to be beautiful, exciting, peaceful, abundant, scary, and exceptional. When we get stuck in the muck, those beliefs go out the window, which end up keeping us frozen in place.

No you may not be where you want to be, but you have come so far. Just maybe not on the exact timeline you prefer. Nothing is ever on our time, that’s an illusion of control. Everything is on Universal time. Everything is happening at the perfect time, whether we see it and understand it, or not.

B R E A T H E…You are ok. Part of the path to greatness requires getting lost. You won’t be lost forever. 💜, Tiffany

How I Lost 3/4 of my Net Worth in 3 Months, and Earned it ALL Back Again Plus Some

Perfect day to share a bit more of my story, how I lost 3/4 of my net worth in 3 months, and earned it all back again, PLUS MORE!

You see. I used to be an overly trusting person with very few boundaries. I thought if someone I trusted referred me to someone, then that person must be trustworthy as well (even if I never met them before!). Or if I knew someone or worked with someone for many years, I put that person in a “trust for life” category, since they hadn’t ever screwed me over in X many years.

I got hired at 20 years old by NBC as a television news reporter (before I even graduated college, and yes I still got my degree.). After several years in the TV news business, I was burned out and needed to make some real money. I got into the pharmaceutical sales world and became quite successful at it. By 25, I was already making 6-figures. So I saved, invested, saved some more, and followed the wealth strategies I teach all of you.

I was worth 7-figures before I was 30. CUE THE DRAMATIC 🎶… In Sept, I was a millionaire and by the new year, I was knocked back to where I was 5 years prior. It took my breath away. I thought I was on the right track and entering the next big level. Was I broke, no, because my protocol for building wealth has protections in place to prevent street living. Imagine 75% of everything you ever worked for starting at age 13 (yes my mom made me work at 13 😳), was gone practically overnight and there wasn’t a damn thing you could do about it. Whether that’s $1000, $10,000, or $1,000,000, it’s not pretty.

The “how” of this story is at the beginning of this post. I didn’t have good or even basic boundaries and I put blind trust in someone, meaning I didn’t do my own due diligence on the person, their skills, reputation, etc… I trusted them because I trusted the person who referred me to him. Well often in life our biggest lessons are expensive and painful AF.

After a month of wallowing in self-pity, I was determined to make that money back and much more. I knew I couldn’t create the wealth and freedom I desired from working in corporate pharmaceuticals. Although the pay was great, the cost was also great! The pressure was so high, I was always getting sick; sexual harassment was the norm, and by that I mean multiple times a week #metoo; if I wanted to keep climbing the corporate ladder, that price would go even higher.

So in spite of being terrified to leave what I knew, my gut told me it was time. I started my own company, my rules, my vision, my goals, on my timeline. Within 3 years, I made all of the $ back I lost, and more importantly I gained a sense of pride and empowerment that I lost in that corporate jungle.

It’s Not About Ideas. It’s About Making Ideas Happen!

How many of you are like me 🙋‍♀️and come up with some great ideas in the shower? Or while sharing a bottle of vino 🍷 with friends? It’s so inspiring and exciting to come up with creative ideas, and conversely it’s a big buzz kill to realize you never followed thru on any of them.

Don’t get me wrong brainstorming is a part of the creative entrepreneurial process. However, none of those cool ideas matter if there is no action or plan behind them. It’s fun to come up with solutions and kick-ass marketing strategies, in fact it’s one my fav parts of running a business. Putting those ideas into action is when 99.9% of people get stuck. You want to know why?!!! BECAUSE THAT’S WHERE THE WORK COMES IN.

Maybe you don’t know where to even begin to make your vision a reality, so here comes extreme overwhelm and then paralysis. Maybe some false beliefs start chatter in your head to sabotage your dream, “oh that will be too expensive and I don’t have extra money, so why bother right now.” Que paralysis yet again.

I totally get it. I’ve been there many times. The good news is I obviously figured out a great way to move ideas into action without paralysis, so I can teach you my methods. In the next 2 months we will be launching several ProjectME courses. One will be on how to smoothly take your dreams from ideas into implementation.

In the meantime, write those crazy, kooky, brilliant, off the wall ideas down or record them on your phone. Our ego will often have us forget things that our scary or seem out of reach for us. That’s why when you have a BIG IDEA in the shower on Wednesday (so BIG you know you will never forget it), by the time Friday hits, that idea is totally gone or really foggy. To prevent your ego from stealing your dreams, document that shiz. That could be your multi-million dollar idea 💰 💡.

Wealth Tips with Tiff


Typicality I share my wealth tips on Wednesday Wealth Tips with Tiff, my higher self is screaming at me to share these with you today. So here we go!

Gaining wealth consistency is not a one lane highway. To have wealth that continues to grow requires interstates, highways, freeways, and even toll roads. It’s important to not put all of your eggs in one basket. Meaning all of your income generating shouldn’t just come from your primary job. There’s only one of you (if there’s more than one of you I’m jealous), and only about 8-12 work hours in a day that you can execute. So if you stick with your job being your primary source of income, then you will only increase your wealth when and if you get a raise or a bonus check. NOT A WEALTH GENERATING POA (plan of action).

Since there is only one of you, to accelerate your financial growth, you will need to create a passive income interstate, a residual income road, and a savings strategy. It may sound overwhelming, so I suggest baby steps.
Start with one interstate, one road, and a simple savings startedgy. Here’s a simple example of what my money roadmap looked like initially 👇:

Primary Income came from my Marketing/PR/Social Media firm. My passive income (meaning how I made money when I wasn’t actively engaged-while I slept) came from investing in mutual bods (though a financial adviser) and stocks. My residual income (money you earn long after your initial effort) came from network marketing high end skin care products. So skin care systems I sold to people who regularly refilled their order monthly or quarterly, without me having to “re-sell” them the products. Not all network marketing companies pay the same, so it’s crucial to partner with a brand you love that compensates you well for suggesting it to others. I’ll have an entire podcast dedicated to this subject.

Savings Strategy: this deserves its own paragraph. Saving money = making money. You can gain great wealth by saving overtime. In fact the ROI (return on investment) with saving money is often higher than most other investments like real estate, stocks, and bonds. I’ll do a dedicated IG live to “Saving Strategy.” Be on the lookout for it today.

3 Steps Towards Developing and Understanding Yourself

To up level our lives, it requires us to take a deep inventory of ourselves; our behaviors, beliefs, habits, character assets, charter challenges, and our actions. This by the way isn’t easy or comfortable, but it is necessary and well worth it.

You can certainly try to reach your next set of goals without doing the inner work, but I guarantee you won’t be happy with the result. I know this because I actively tried to avoid that work for many years, and I couldn’t figure out why I felt stuck and nothing was working. Although I was working my ass off and I was taking massive action and risk, I was a mess, unhappy, and unfulfilled.

When I finally got sick and tired of banging into the same rock wall, I surrendered and asked for help, to dive deeply inside. Doing personal development work each and everyday has taken me from surviving to thriving. I’m a better boss, a better negotiator, a better problem solver, a better friend, fiancé, and an overall better me.

You see if we don’t take the time and actions to learn how we get in our own way, then we can’t get of our own way to grow and achieve bigger, grander, amazing things. WE deserve the best in life and WE are worth doing the work to be our best selves.

Here are some action steps you can take today to get the process going:
1. Suscribe to some personal development podcasts that resonate with you ( mine will be launching here in 2 weeks, ProjectME the Podcast with Tiffany Carter). Just search “personal development podcasts.”

2. Buy a @tonyrobbins book 📖 or listen to books on @audible_com if you prefer. Other great authors I love are @melrobbinslive@iammelwells @brenebrown @jensincero@thechampagnediet @loriharder@louise_hay_affirmations.

3. Write 📝. If you don’t have a cute journal it’s ok. Use what you got, write in your notes app on your phone 📱 during lunch. Whatever writing ritual you create and stick with is what will serve you best. Free write on your biggest fears, insecurities, dreams, feelings and so on. The authors I listed above will prompt with you with questions to write about.

Taking action in developing and understanding yourself is one of the greatest acts of self-love.

The Reason Why I Avoided Starting ProjectME for SOOO Long

You guys may think I’m CRAZY, but I have to share my truth. I avoided starting ProjectME because of the personal branding necessary to have professional photoshoots. MY LORD was I terrified. This shot was towards the end of the day so I was a bit more comfortable, but still not allowing my self to enjoy it. I was too caught up in being worried that I look puffy or have rolls. I’m in recovery for exercise addiction, so having my picture taken is clearly still a huge trigger for me.

I knew I had to think bigger and remember I’m building this brand to empower and educate women to be financially free and independently wealthy. If people are focused on my body versus my message and teachings, then they have deeper issues to resolve.

I kept saying all during the shoot that I’m so comfortable in video and audio, but the still photography makes me feel so vulnerable and exposed. AAAAAAAH I can scream now recalling how I felt that day.

The lesson here is I didn’t allow borderline crippling anxiety to squash my vision. It took me months to do it, BUT I DID IT! I did it anyway and so can you. Whatever is stopping you from going after your dreams, there is really no way around it, you just have to do it anyway. Plus I hired a kick-ass empowered female team to support me through my vulnerable moments, and help me get out of that damn head of mine.

Thank you to my kick-ass photographer and successful entrepreneur Randi @bossbabephotography, my on-site glam Joanna from @cheektocheekartistry, my dynamic hair duo @alizalauren (color master) and @brittneyhodgins_hair(extensions guru). You ladies helped me get through one of my biggest fears, I’m so so grateful 🙏💜.

“TIFFANY, how do you do it?”

“How did you create a successful business and kept it growing for 10 years?!”

SIMPLE ANSWER: not alone. Yes when you first start, if you have no capital to invest or no investors, there are a ton of things you will need to do solo to manage expenses. As soon as you can please hire help, or hire an intern (or 3).

When I first launched my marketing/social media firm 10 years ago, I contracted one tech guy and brought on one intern (from my alma mater, @emersoncollege). As I grew, I brought in more people, paid for more of their time, and outsourced as much as possible. This way I could focus on what I do best (strategy, client relationships, contracts, and motivating my team).

There is no special badge you get for being a martyr and doing it alone, nor is there a bigger check waiting for you. In fact, if you don’t scale your business, you will lose it or sabotage its growth.

The creative energy from working with a diverse team is incredible. Some of my company’s biggest success stories weren’t my idea, and I’m perfectly ok with it.

If you don’t have the funds to hire people right now, bring an intern on board, schedule a meet up with other local entrepreneurs to brainstorm ideas for one another’s businesses, or recruit your Aunt Judy who is board as hell anyway (no I’m not kidding).

Don’t do it alone. You don’t need to nor are you meant to. Just make sure everyone you bring on paid or unpaid signs an agreement and a NDA (non-disclosure agreement). Yes even Aunt Judy has to sign ✍️ NO EXCEPTIONS.