Celebrate One Another

I have an upsetting story to tell you. In order to help change things, I need you to hear it.

During my Uber ride from the city to Chicago O’hare airport, I learned something that truly shocked and horrified me.

My female driver is an American immigrant, she’s lived in Chicago for 20 years, and after being unsatisfied with her long-time job and short income, she took matters into her own hands and decided to become the best damn Uber driver the city has experienced.

She’s figured out the science of Uber driving, the perfect hours to work, time of day, short cuts, and which rides to take and which to refuse. To the point where she is making a minimum of $1500 per week, after expenses!

Of course I was intrigued. Anyone I meet or hear about who is mastering their industry, I have to learn more about them.

I asked her several questions in our 40 minute ride from how did she develop her strategy to what does she do when people are mean. Then she said something that stunned me silent.

“Miss Tiffany, the most problems come from my female customers, I would rather drive men all day everyday than women.”

Whaaaaaat why?! “Most of the women are mean and even downright nasty to me.” She then went on to share several stories to emphasize her point.

First of all no one should be rude to a driver who is nice and doing her damn best. As we all know that’s not realistic in life, some people are just miserable and rude. What got me all fired up is to hear out of thousands and thousands of rides, that her one wish would be to only drive men, since the women are usually rude or mean.

LADIES!!!! Come on. Here one of our own is busting her ass everyday, and not depending on a man or the government for money. Let’s rise up and celebrate one another, show respect, and put our own mood and stress aside.

Healing & Recovery

Vulnerability alert! Visiting my hometown is always bittersweet.

I left Chicago a loooong time ago. It wasn’t a difficult choice to leave, as so many of my traumatic memories from being abused and sexually assaulted as a child, teen, and young adult, happened in this Windy City.

I naively thought that I could move away from my memories and triggers. HA!

For years and years, every time I visited Chicago (usually several times a year), I would walk down certain streets and cry, drive by my childhood home and have a panic attack. There was never a sense of calm or feeling “at home” in this city.

Fast forward to today, and a shit ton of personal development work later, I finally feel a sense of peace and serenity in Chicago.

Perhaps this is why the stars perfectly aligned for me to attend @tonyrobbins UPW in my home city. Just so I could have this experience.

Healing and recovery is possible, if you keep at it with all you’ve got.

It’s incredible how everything looks and feels so different, as my perspective, beliefs, attachments, and thoughts around my hometown have changed. CHEERS 🥂 Chicago.

Did you guys relate to this story at all?

What Are Your Core Values?

Do you know what your core values are, or what that even means?

It’s ok and perfectly normal if you don’t. Back when I was an employee in the pharmaceutical industry, I would get asked often during interviews and reviews, “Tiffany, tell me your core values.” 😳 I had some cookie-cutter BS answer, as I didn’t really get what they meant or why it was actually important to my success.

It wasn’t until my third year of running my business that a mentor of mine saw I was on the hot mess express, and sat me down to ask my dreaded question. This time, I spoke up (with a lot of frustration), “why does everyone ask me this? WTF are core values anyway, some corporate lingo?”

My mentor (who has an 8-figure biz now) told me they are my intentions, boundaries, and operating guidelines, that are at the core of your being and your business. Without them, it’s like driving across a foreign country with no GPS or even a compass.

Well fuck, now “core values” sound critically important!!!

Here are mine:
-Integrity -Financial security and responsibility
-Personal development and growth
-Being of service -Compassion for self and others
-Being aligned with God (Universe)

Success tip: If you’re creating your core values for the first time, keep them simple and straightforward.

Listen When The Universe Speaks

I have something really embarrassing and kinda silly to share with you 🙈.

See the beautiful @waterfordcrystal dolphin 🐬 glass I’m holding ever so delicately?

My mom gave me these maaaaany years ago as a congratulations gift for landing my first paid on-air TV news reporting job @nbcnews. She knows I have a love for dolphins 🐬 (obsession back then-almost even got the popular hip tattoo 😬), and my drink of choice in my 20s was white wine.

So emotionally these glasses are extremely sentimental to me. Once she explained the quality, luxury, and cost of this crystal…I quickly put them all back into their fancy boxes and hid them in my closet.

You are probably wondering, “ok so where’s the embarrassing and silly part of the story?”

It took me 5 years to actually display these glasses, and 17 plus years to dare pour wine and drink from one of them!!!! This photo from last night, is the first time I used these gorgeous pieces of art.

I’ve been at a financial place in my life for 15 years, where I could buy these glasses and even fancier ones, over and over again. So it wasn’t about how much they were worth, it was about my own worth. So what changed last night….

I read a post from one of my fav writers @thechampagnediet and the Universe said in a ‘crystal’ 😜 clear voice, “Tiffany go pour some @santamargheritawines Pinot Grigio into your beloved dolphin glasses, IT’S TIME and long overdue.”

I know to always listen when the Universe speaks…so I did. Maaaan did it feel good to sip from my special glasses, overlooking my beautiful backyard and pool, that I own, that I earned, that I manifested, that I helped make happen. CHEERS 🥂!

Tell me, what are you “afraid” of using? Is it your only designer purse? Is it your fav lipstick color that has been discontinued? Is it your new luxury car? Is it your favorite jacket?
You deserve to use it, enjoy it, feel special, and fancy AF. If you break it, stain it, or wear it out, then guess what? You get to experience something new and exciting.

Live Your Most Exceptional life

Imagine having the freedom to work from wherever you want on any given day…from the South of France to a Cafe in Tulum to poolside in your own beautiful backyard.

Guess what? This is totally doable! You can create this freedom for yourself starting today, by taking one aligned action after another. Just as I did 10 years ago.

Don’t know where to even begin? Then ask me questions or ask someone else who is currently living and thriving in that #workfromanywhere lifestyle.

You have one beautiful life, and we spend most of it working. Do you want to spend it at a desk or a cubicle on a set strict schedule? It’s your choice babe.

Get honest about what you want and then take action. You deserve to live your Most Exceptional life!

Keep Your Eye On The Prize

One of the most common ways we sabotage our goals is by wanting to do everything, so much so, it takes our eyes off the prize.

Most goal driven people are passionate and excited about lots of things. They have great ideas, and lots of them all the time (especially in the shower 🤣).

All of that is great and what makes us have the drive to be business owners, risk takers, hustlers, and badass boss babes. However, without laser focus on our niche, our speciality service, product line, and customer base, WE HAVE NO BUSINESS.

We when look in too many different directions, we lose our focus, and then nothing gets done reeeeaaaaally well. Worse yet, we end up serving fewer if any people, and eeeeeven worse we don’t make massive cash!!!

Take some time this weekend to regroup and refocus. Write down the answers to these 3 questions:
1. What is my zone of genius? The thing that is my gift and I know I’m exceptional at.
2. How do I want to make money off from this Exceptional service or product?
3. Who is my ideal customer? The type of person who needs, craves, and desires what I have to offer. Write down their approx age, gender, style, personality, likes/dislikes, current income, comfort level with investing in themselves.

Tell me what distracts you from reaching your goals. Yes I really want to know. Otherwise how can I help you?!

Share Your Gift

If you are one of the lucky ones, then you owe it to yourself and the world to share your gift, your purpose, your pleasure.

The catch to being blessed by knowing your purpose on this Earth, your calling, is that if you don’t embrace it and follow it with everything you got, your soul will feel empty or tortured or both.

Take it from me, I’ve known my purpose clearly for 10 years now, and I only truly went all in just months ago with ProjectME with Tiffany Carter. My soul, my body, my mind, was being tortured for 10 years, because I was terrified of putting my purpose into aligned hard core action.

Thoughts came up like, “what if I’m wrong and it isn’t my purpose to teach and show people how to make massive money doing something they love?” “What if I fail at my God given purpose, then what?

Pain has an amazing way of propelling us into taking action. I wasn’t willing to suffer any longer. The suffering became more scary than the fear of just going for it.

As soon and I went all in, my health drastically improved, my mood lifted, and I even lost 10 pounds!

We when resist our God given purpose, we will experience immense pain. The flip side is when we embrace our God given purpose, we experience immense pleasure and abundance.

Trying vs. Going For It

Last time I checked “trying” doesn’t make you a millionaire, or any money for that matter.

Imagine me “trying” to open this door 🚪…what would that look like? A struggle, messing with the knob, the latch, forcing it with my strength, swearing when it doesn’t open.

Now imaging me “going for it” and knowing and trusting this door will open for me. BINGO! The image in your mind, is me confidently walking up to the door, gently twisting the knob and walking through it. OR better yet, the damn door was already open a crack, and all I had to do was gently push it open with my index finger.

Simple analogy, but I looooove simple. I love teaching you guys complex shit, confusing stuff, and and crazy good biz strategies the simple and easy way. FUCK HARD. I did things the hard way for most of my life, and let me tell you, it’s not necessary and it doesn’t help you reach your goals any faster.

What are you “trying” to do in your life, in your business right now, versus just “going for it?” Knowing the how will appear, if you already don’t know how. The how will appear in the form of a person popping into your mind who can help you, a digital how-to course in your in box, a free webinar in your news feed, or an idea 💡 while you are taking a shower.

I’ll even be your “how-to” today! I created a FREE guide, explaining how I created financial freedom and success for my self. How I generate and maintain 7-figures. Much of it while I’m sleeping.

Just visit my NEW fun and Info packed website at www.projectmewithtiffany.com and the first thing you will see is my face and the button for the FREE ProjectME Money Guide 💰💰💰💰. Let me know if you have any questions that come up after reading it.


How to Start A Business With Little to No Money


How to start a business with little to no money. YUP, you read that correctly. It is totally achievable.

I know this for a fact, because I did it with my first business 10 years ago, TLC Enterprises, LLC. which is now the parent company that owns and manages ProjectME with Tiffany Carter.

Having no money or even being in debt, is no excuse to hold off on building your dream business. Especially in 2018, where there are hundreds of free platforms, courses, and website templates to choose from.

Every single type of business needs a digital presence as part of their business model. I don’t care if your dream is to coach tennis, design custom cars, own a craft store, or underwater basket weaving, every type of business must have a digital footprint.

So you are working a 9-5 that you hate or is boring AF, well WTF are you doing after 5pm and on weekends? Regardless if you have kids, a needy spouse, or a loco family, you can carve out even 45 minutes a day if you really want to.

Learn exactly how I started my first company with investing NO 💰💰, on my new podcast episode (see next photo). I literally tell you exactly what I did. Link to ProjectME with Tiffany Carter is in my profile @projectme_with_tiffany.

Leave me a comment on here, and tell me if it inspired you to take action.


Remember to Slow Down and Enjoy

Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are. – @mariannewilliamson

A funny thing happens when I slow down and take time to absorb how great my life is, and acknowledge all of the blessings surrounding me and within me. I end up feeling more joyful, happy, and grateful.

Conversely, when I get so caught up in work, tasking, errands, people, places, and things, my inner joy starts to fade.

I’m committing today and to all of you, to take at least 2 moments of pause every day, to acknowledge and absorb all of the happiness, abundance, joy, and blessings in my life.

I would love for you guys to join me in this daily high vibe activity, give me a 💜 emoji in your fav color if you’re committing to do this with me.

How can we expect life to give us more, if we don’t consistently appreciate and love what we have already been given?