Share Your Gift

If you are one of the lucky ones, then you owe it to yourself and the world to share your gift, your purpose, your pleasure.

The catch to being blessed by knowing your purpose on this Earth, your calling, is that if you don’t embrace it and follow it with everything you got, your soul will feel empty or tortured or both.

Take it from me, I’ve known my purpose clearly for 10 years now, and I only truly went all in just months ago with ProjectME with Tiffany Carter. My soul, my body, my mind, was being tortured for 10 years, because I was terrified of putting my purpose into aligned hard core action.

Thoughts came up like, “what if I’m wrong and it isn’t my purpose to teach and show people how to make massive money doing something they love?” “What if I fail at my God given purpose, then what?

Pain has an amazing way of propelling us into taking action. I wasn’t willing to suffer any longer. The suffering became more scary than the fear of just going for it.

As soon and I went all in, my health drastically improved, my mood lifted, and I even lost 10 pounds!

We when resist our God given purpose, we will experience immense pain. The flip side is when we embrace our God given purpose, we experience immense pleasure and abundance.

Trying vs. Going For It

Last time I checked “trying” doesn’t make you a millionaire, or any money for that matter.

Imagine me “trying” to open this door 🚪…what would that look like? A struggle, messing with the knob, the latch, forcing it with my strength, swearing when it doesn’t open.

Now imaging me “going for it” and knowing and trusting this door will open for me. BINGO! The image in your mind, is me confidently walking up to the door, gently twisting the knob and walking through it. OR better yet, the damn door was already open a crack, and all I had to do was gently push it open with my index finger.

Simple analogy, but I looooove simple. I love teaching you guys complex shit, confusing stuff, and and crazy good biz strategies the simple and easy way. FUCK HARD. I did things the hard way for most of my life, and let me tell you, it’s not necessary and it doesn’t help you reach your goals any faster.

What are you “trying” to do in your life, in your business right now, versus just “going for it?” Knowing the how will appear, if you already don’t know how. The how will appear in the form of a person popping into your mind who can help you, a digital how-to course in your in box, a free webinar in your news feed, or an idea 💡 while you are taking a shower.

I’ll even be your “how-to” today! I created a FREE guide, explaining how I created financial freedom and success for my self. How I generate and maintain 7-figures. Much of it while I’m sleeping.

Just visit my NEW fun and Info packed website at and the first thing you will see is my face and the button for the FREE ProjectME Money Guide 💰💰💰💰. Let me know if you have any questions that come up after reading it.


How to Start A Business With Little to No Money


How to start a business with little to no money. YUP, you read that correctly. It is totally achievable.

I know this for a fact, because I did it with my first business 10 years ago, TLC Enterprises, LLC. which is now the parent company that owns and manages ProjectME with Tiffany Carter.

Having no money or even being in debt, is no excuse to hold off on building your dream business. Especially in 2018, where there are hundreds of free platforms, courses, and website templates to choose from.

Every single type of business needs a digital presence as part of their business model. I don’t care if your dream is to coach tennis, design custom cars, own a craft store, or underwater basket weaving, every type of business must have a digital footprint.

So you are working a 9-5 that you hate or is boring AF, well WTF are you doing after 5pm and on weekends? Regardless if you have kids, a needy spouse, or a loco family, you can carve out even 45 minutes a day if you really want to.

Learn exactly how I started my first company with investing NO 💰💰, on my new podcast episode (see next photo). I literally tell you exactly what I did. Link to ProjectME with Tiffany Carter is in my profile @projectme_with_tiffany.

Leave me a comment on here, and tell me if it inspired you to take action.


Remember to Slow Down and Enjoy

Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are. – @mariannewilliamson

A funny thing happens when I slow down and take time to absorb how great my life is, and acknowledge all of the blessings surrounding me and within me. I end up feeling more joyful, happy, and grateful.

Conversely, when I get so caught up in work, tasking, errands, people, places, and things, my inner joy starts to fade.

I’m committing today and to all of you, to take at least 2 moments of pause every day, to acknowledge and absorb all of the happiness, abundance, joy, and blessings in my life.

I would love for you guys to join me in this daily high vibe activity, give me a 💜 emoji in your fav color if you’re committing to do this with me.

How can we expect life to give us more, if we don’t consistently appreciate and love what we have already been given?

The Hardest Thing About Entrepreneurship

I’ve gotta share with you, the hardest thing about entrepreneurship. UGH!

Yes I know everyone loves to do show and tell around the amazing parts of owning your own business, but I wouldn’t be serving your fully if I just showed you the glam and avoided the “oh daaaaaamn.”

When you start a biz or are launching new service or product, there isn’t usually instant gratification. In fact, it can seem like you made a huge mistake. THIS IS NORMAL. Not fun at all, but normal.

ProjectME is my second company. I’ve been an entrepreneur for 10 years. I kinda know what I’m doing, and still no instant success, gratification, or cash.

I’m building this brand from the ground up, like many of you desire to do or are currently doing. The difference is, I have a 10 year track record of mistakes, success, BIG wins, little wins, BIG losses, and gratefully a 7-figure business (that I own) that’s financially investing in ProjectME.

What money can’t buy is the vary thing that is required to build a successful brand, and that’s PATIENCE. Even with the funds to launch my new company, I will end up quitting if I don’t remain patient.

Just know, you didn’t fuck up, your dreams are meant to manifest, you just need to surrender to Mother Patience. It’s hard as hell somedays, especially when your passionate about teaching others and changing lives.

It will happen, if you stick in there day after day and remain consistent.

Most people give up when they aren’t raking in the cash after 6 months or a year. DON’T give up on your dream, on yourself, or on all of the people your business will serve.

Slow and steady is better than a quick hit.

Don’t Get In Your Own Way

“If you know a belief is destructive, then why are you obeying it?”

This is said with love to all of you reading this…I’m sharing this with you, to show you how sneaky and cunning our limiting beliefs can be.

If you are scrolling through social or the web, or listening to a podcast (hopefully mine 😉) and you start thinking things like, “I’ll never be as successful as ______.” “How did they create a 6 or 7 figure business, they must be really smart, I wish I was that talented.” “OMG _____ has 50k followers and they just started their business 2 years ago, I’ve been in here 5 years and I only have a couple thousand, what’s wrong with me?”

Do any of the above sound familiar? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

You know these thoughts are negative, counter productive, and if someone else spoke to you that way, it would be considered verbal and emotional abuse!!!!! YET, many of those beliefs end up being “obeyed.”

Once we say these shitty things to ourselves, if we don’t quickly reframe that thought or belief, we end up acting as if it’s a fact.

We end up feeling defeated, deflated, and therefor engage in destructive behavior like giving up on our dreams, procrastinating (AKA avoiding action), not signing up for that course or class, putting that personal development book back on the shelf, and so on.

My beautiful, powerful souls, YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES to be successful. It’s within you, or you wouldn’t be walking around on this planet.

You just get in your own way….we all do at times. A success mindset or a money mindset, is to catch yourself when those thoughts come up, and reframe them before they turn into beliefs.

I am here to help guide you. Share your limiting belief below (or DM me), and I will reframe it for you.

I had and have several incredibly patient mentors/coaches who do this for me when I’m stuck.

Please allow me to do this for you 🙏💜, Tiffany.

The Magic of Travel

One of the main reasons why I feel everyone should travel the world 🌎.

As I longed on my day bed at the @whotels in Bali, Indonesia 🇮🇩, I sit up to sip my cocktail and I witness this huge, glorious, musical procession down the beach 🏝.

Of course I got up closer to figure out what this beautiful golden figure (zoom in on photo) being carried by humans on the hot sand was all about.

I asked staff ignorantly, “is this a parade?”

He replied with an understanding smile, “No miss this is our celebration of life, we do this whenever someone dies.”

My eyes welled up, thinking we have it all wrong in so many cultures, where we morn the dead, instead of celebrate them.

I would have never witnessed such a glorious and moving sight, if I just stayed in my familiar surroundings of the US 🇺🇸.

I would have never learned such a beautiful tradition in such an impactful way, one that you can’t get from reading it in a book, or hearing someone else tell this story.

Go do something different today. Get out of the familiar. Get out of your routine. Plan a trip. Engage with people from other cultures.

I promise this will expand your mind, your creativity, your business, your everything.

If we always are looking at the same things, how could we possibly think differently?

Learn From Your Mistakes

⭐️”My greatest lessons came from my biggest mistakes.”⭐️

None of them were fun at the time, but they each served a major purpose.

One of those, is now I can share those mistakes with you, which will save you time, money (lots of money), legal drama, and sleepless nights. I want to give you the knowledge, the wisdom, the support that I wish I had during my entrepreneurial journey and career.

Whether you are a business owner, want to start a business, or are in a corporate job, the tips on this episode of ProjectME with Tiffany Carter, the Podcast, will apply!

One of my biggest keys to success is my ability to listen and learn from other successful people. Wouldn’t you rather learn the easy way, then the hard way?

You CAN Work From Anywhere!

Do you scroll through Instagram wondering how people travel the world 🌎, living that #workfromanywhere lifestyle? I’ll tell you.

They first made the decision, they are going after their dream life 1000%.

They believed it was possible for them to achieve it, which requires them to believe in themselves.

THEN….they take aligned action every single day with laser focus.

I know this because I created this life for my self, and now I teach others how to do the same. It is possible for you. Regardless if you have kids, animals, a mortgage, a medical condition, or a fancy degree.

If you want to achieve something, ask someone who already has it, for their guidance. Even at this point in my career, I ask for guidance, assistance, and input every single week. AAAAAAND I even pay for it!

I’ve learned that if I want to go to the next level, one of the fastest ways is to ask for help from someone who’s already at my dream destination.

Reach out to me if you want to achieve the #laptoplifestyle and work from wherever the hell you want, from your couch to the Greek Islands.

Love What You Do, Love Your Life

You know those annoying people who say if you love what you do for a living, you will love your life? IT’S FUCKING TRUE!
I literary have been “working” for 6 hours straight without wanting or needing to take a break.
You can have this same feeling. The catch is you have to be willing to learn a new way, to face your fears and do it anyway, and believe you deserve to love what you do and make a great money while doing it.
I wasn’t always this way. In fact, most of my life was spent on grinding away, being exhausted, dreading Monday’s, and wishing and praying it could be different. I just didn’t know another way. I didn’t believe one really existed.
It took me hitting a nasty rock bottom physically and emotionally to gain the clarity I have been searching for my entire life.
I know you can have this feeling too. Even if you don’t believe it right now, I will believe it for you.
To get an injection of inspiration suscribe to my podcast, ProjectME with Tiffany Carter. I promise you will start to see things in a new way. Wishing you great wealth, health, and worth always. 💜, Tiffany