Social media is arguably one of the most powerful sales generators in existence these days, but if you’re not using it right your business won’t reap the benefits.

Creating content for social media can feel like a loaded task, but with the promise (yes, promise!) of increased brand awareness, lead generation, and a wider-cast net to boost your reach, your efforts will be well worth it.

When it comes to creating content, though, are you taking advantage of all of the features your preferred platform has to offer? If your ideal client is one of the 300million daily users on Instagram and you’re not showing up on Instagram stories, consider this a PSA to get camera-ready.

Here are FIVE reasons why you should be using Instagram Stories to grow your business:

Build Trust

Is there anything that makes actors look more human than seeing behind the scenes footage and blooper reels? The same goes for you! Showing your audience a behind-the-scenes look at your life provides them with a level of authenticity that isn’t always readily apparent on Instagram feed posts.

Lift the curtain on your business, and your life! Using Instagram Stories in this way helps you to build trust with your audience and potential clients as they’ll feel more personally connected to you, and in turn, your business.

Build Brand Awareness and Boost Your Reach

Did you know that you can use (up to 10) hashtags, tag (up to 10) users, and add a location tag to your Instagram Story posts? When you do this, you will show up not only on your follower’s Story feed, but you’ll also show up within the story of every hashtag that you use, and the location tag, too.

Tagging users can help increase your chance of having them re-post your content, putting you in front of their entire audience, too. They say it takes at least SEVEN views for someone to remember you. By using these techniques, and showing up in multiple places at once, you’re increasing your reach and helping to build brand awareness with multiple audiences.

Improve Your Engagement

Features on Instagram stories—like polls, ask a question boxes, multiple choice quizzes, etc.—allow your audience to engage with your stories in fun and creative ways!

The more interaction you can create on Instagram Stories with your audience, the higher you’ll appear on their Instagram Story line up (meaning they’ll see your profile’s IG Story bubble more frequently!).

Lead Generation

Using a Call To Action in your Instagram posts is one of the greatest ways to generate leads. Don’t forget to use them in your stories, too!

Encourage people to DM you! Sending a message is made easier in Instagram stories due to the message bubble right at the bottom of each post (make sure you have this feature turned on!). So, be sure to ask your audience to DM you often! It’s a great way to start one-on-one conversations with potential clients, and create and cultivate a strong relationship.

Showcase Your Special Sauce

Don’t be afraid to share some of your most unique and enticing content!

If you’re a business coach, share some of your best business tips here to give your audience a small taste of what they can expect from you if you work together. If you’re a graphic designer, post some ultra-shareable content to your stories! If you’re a photography maven, share screenshot worthy images for folks to use as their iPhone wallpaper, and encourage them to buy prints they love!

Your special sauce is what sets you apart from everyone else, it’s important to share it with your audience however and whenever possible to keep them coming back for more!

Instagram Stories are easy to use, fun to create, and incredibly beneficial for your business! Instagram shared that 1 in every 5 organic stories gets a direct message—that’s one potential lead you could be missing out on if you’re not showing up on stories!

Need help coming up with content for Instagram stories…or need guidance on how to close a sale once you’ve got a potential client in your DMs? Reach out to me today, I want to help!