Did you know that you can make money from your Instagram Stories and that the amount of cash you can make from them is directly related to the engagement and views you receive?

If that’s not motivation to start putting more effort into your IG Stories, then I don’t know what is!

According to Hootsuite, the average person spends at least 30 minutes of their day on IG (though, I’d still argue it’s probably much more than that!) — so your goal should be to steal their attention within those 30 minutes by creating highly engaging IG Stories!

If you’re not sure how to increase your views and engagement on IG Stories, I’m going to teach you what to do!

Share high-value content on IG Stories, not just your feed

We’re all so hyper-focused on creating a perfectly curated feed that we’re losing sight of the fact that there are other ways to share our best content! Start sharing that high-value content on IG Stories, too!

Here’s an extra trip: Share that high-value content in your first few story slides.

If you’re taking too much time to get to the point or get to the good stuff, you’re going to lose your audience’s attention and they’ll swipe away from your stories.

Be careful not to over-share, remember: quality over quantity

There is such a thing as showing up too much and sharing too much. While IG Stories is a place to have fun, don’t pop on every minute of every day just to say “Hi guys!”

You’ll start losing the interest of followers who initially thought you had something of value to say, and there’s the chance people will mute you or unfollow you altogether because their feed started to feel inundated with your IG Story bubble popping up every 5 seconds.

YES, it’s great to show up a lot for your audience, but remember these wise words: quality over quantity. It’s better to show up a little less with something valuable to share than to show up every 5 seconds with useless content.

Don’t forget to add hashtags

IG Stories allows you to add 10 hashtags to every single story slide — so you should be adding 10 hashtags to every single story slide! This increases your story’s reach and views!

Make sure your hashtags are relevant to what you’re talking about/sharing! Don’t just throw up a random #itsfriday hashtag, please.

Pro tip: If you don’t want all of those hashtags showing up on your story you can shrink the text down until it’s no longer visible!

Use a location sticker on every IG Story

Just like using hashtags, using a location sticker will also increase your story’s reach and views. And, again, you can shrink this down so it’s not visible on your story, too!

Pro tip: Don’t use big cities! Use smaller suburbs.

Use IG Stories’ fun engagement features at least 2x per day

Start using the fun engagement features that IG Stories offers — like quizzes, polls, question boxes, etc.

This a great way to get to know your audience better, AND when your engagement numbers increase your stories’ priority on their feeds will improve, too! It’s a win, win!

Be your most authentic self

IG Stories is a great space to be yourself and show your personality! You can deviate from your feed content and have a little more fun with IG Stories and talk to your audience as you’d talk to your bestie!

Being your most authentic self on IG Stories is also a great way to increase that like, know, trust factor with your audience!

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