The biggest differentiator between those who are successful and those who are not is mindset.

What’s unfortunate is that despite this being a FACT, few people are taught about the importance of mindset because it’s viewed as a “woo woo” topic — too “out there,” and too “abstract.”

In reality, though, your mindset is nothing more than the way you think about things, and the last time I checked, thinking isn’t “woo woo” or “abstract.”

Let’s normalize the importance of mindset work for success in business, shall we?

If your mindset isn’t a priority, and something you work on every single day, not only will you likely not achieve the massive success you desire, if you do your chances of keeping it are slim to none.

So, how can you get started doing mindset work?

Talk to your money.

When you receive money or spend money, thank it like you’d thank a friend!

It may sound like a strange practice, but I’m a firm believer that the energy you emit is the energy you attract, and an energy of gratitude around money is essential to call more of it into your life!

Honor, cherish, spend time with, talk to, and respect money as you would a close friend.

Know you are worthy of the wealth you desire.

You need to believe and feel that you are worthy and deserving of making great money, simply for being YOU!

Not for being some extreme version of yourself, that is impossible to keep up, simply for being you exactly as you are — good days, bad days, high vibe days, and low vibe days.

You are worthy of the success you desire because you are willing to be yourself authentically, every single day.

Practice abundance affirmations daily.

Affirmations and mantras are something I believe in deeply. Self-talk is an essential part of mindset work, and if your self-talk is positive and uplifting, your mindset will begin to shift into an abundant way of thinking.

Here are a few abundance affirmations to try:
It is my birthright to make great money.
I am open and ready to receive the abundance the Universe has in store for me.
I attract opportunities to receive money naturally.

If your mind can believe it, YOU can achieve it — and working with affirmations is one of the greatest ways to start expanding your mind’s belief of what is possible! Start saying these out loud to yourself every day!

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