While keeping current clients happy will, of course, require effort and work on your part, it takes far less to keep a current client than it does to spend your time and energy going out day after day trying to acquire new ones.

FACT: It costs you around 70% less time, money, and energy converting an existing client to buy, versus a new client.

That is precisely why you want to create loyal, repeat clients! The less energy you have to expel drawing in clients = the more energy you have to put into growing and evolving your business and keeping your current clients happy!

Today I’m sharing the five essential keys to keeping your current clients happy, and loyal to you and your biz!

Show Empathy

Empathy is essential. Your potential and current clients want to know that you understand their struggles—and that because of this deep knowledge you know *exactly* how to make their lives better and easier. Don’t just show them how you (your service/offering) can do this—PROVE it!

Steadily Build a Relationship

In addition to building trust with your clients, you want to build a real, genuine relationship! Building that relationship is what leads to loyal clients—which leads to consistent and reoccurring income! PLUS, their positive experience with you = great word of mouth/reviews for your biz.

Stay Engaged

Engage, engage, engage. Respond to messages. Create conversations in comments. Interact with THEIR content. Having constant communication with your clients is key to building a lasting relationship.

Engaging with your clients, and going out of your way to show them love, also helps to prove that you’re not just interested in them for what they can offer to you and your biz—it shows that you’re genuinely interested in them as a person, and the value they bring to your life on a personal level.

Say Thank You

Gratitude goes a loooong way. Say thank you on the phone, in person, in an e-mail, a DM, or in a letter. Be generous with your clients and they will come back!

Send Out Positive Energy

Energy is everything. It’s true what they say—the energy you emit is the energy you will attract. When you’re sending out encouraging, positive energy, your clients will feel that and reverberate it back to you!

Even if you’re having an off day, having these little reminders in your back pocket can help you turn a return client on the edge, into a happy and loyal client on your side.

If you’re struggling to bring clients in, and keep them, it’s time to take a look at—and probably change—your strategy. Consider booking an intensive strategy session with me! A 90-minute Intensive Strategy Session with me offers an opportunity for us to refine and define your biz plan and goals together.