If you struggle with creating videos, you’re not alone.

It’s one of the most-asked questions I receive, and with good reason. I often hear, “I know it’s important to do, but how do I do it? I’m so awkward!”

Showing up, face turned to the camera, talking to yourself (even if it’s for your audience, we all know that’s how it feels!), can be an unnerving and uncomfortable experience.

My audience often turns to me as a source of inspiration and education on this topic because, for years before I started ProjectME, I was a video journalist. My experience in the industry led to my becoming very comfortable on video — and it’s helped me develop valuable tips to share to help anyone get comfortable with it.

We’ve got IGTV, YouTube, IG/FB Live, IG Reels, Tik Tok…you get it—video is clearly important, but more importantly, it’s where the cash is at when it comes to social media content.

I want to help get in on this engagement-boosting, profit-making content, so today I’m sharing four tips to help you overcome your fear of showing up on video!

Plan ahead, but don’t be scripted

Before you even hit that record button, have a talking point!

Have an idea of what you want to say before you start talking instead of just randomly hitting record and hoping you think of something good.

Think about what your ideal client would want to hear about, and start creating talking points around that. I love to write talking points on a post-it and stick them on the side of my phone (or computer, depending on where I’m recording from) to stay focused on the subject, but not strictly scripted.

Know your hook, and share it first

One of the WORST habits you can get into on video is saying things like, “Hi guys!” “Happy Tuesday!” “Morning fam!”

Sure, it’s nice to greet your audience, BUT you’ve only got 5 seconds to get their attention and keep it — instead, open with the subject of your video! This shows them you’ve got something valuable to share from the get-go.

Here’s an example: If your video is all about how to combat chronic procrastination you could say, “Sick of never getting through your to-do lists? I have 3 awesome tips to help you stop procrastinating and start being productive!”

Focus on the topic — not your face

Another bad habit? Playing with your hair, pointing out the food in your teeth, drawing attention to and constantly touching the zit on your chin. Not only does it take attention away from your point, but it’s also hurting your credibility and presence on video.

Focus more on who you are helping rather than how you look

If you’ve got something important, and valuable, to say, odds are that no one is going to notice your day 3 dry shampoo hair, or the zit brewing on your face, instead, they are going to be focused on what you’re sharing because it’s helpful to them.

Be yourself, and roll with the “bloopers”

It’s 100% OK if you fumble over your words or you stammer before spitting out what you want to say. Your audience doesn’t care HOW you show up so long as you SHOW UP and be 100% yourself, not a filtered, “perfect” version of yourself. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
People want real. They want to see you for you — your personality, your quirks, your attitude, your true mood, etc. They want to hear what you have to say and what you have to teach!

Is video the one thing missing from your content strategy? If you’re ready to cash in on this profit-making content, but need a little more guidance before getting started, I’m here to help! Set up a 90-minute call with me today. This is also a great opportunity to run your video past a professional eye before sharing it with your audience!