Every single one of my clients comes to me, at one point or another, with the SAME exact complaint.

They hate selling.

They say: selling feels inauthentic, selling makes them feel annoying to others, selling makes them break out in a sweat, or worse, a rash. Their resistance to selling is REAL, and if you feel the same exact way about this unavoidable practice, know that you are not alone.

Regardless of your reservations about selling, you undoubtedly know that it’s an absolute necessity in order to achieve the business growth you dream of.

So, how can you create a sales strategy that feels good to you and delivers results? Today I’m sharing five impactful ways to promote your business that are ideal for those of you who struggle with “traditional” selling.

Create A Website That Converts

Your website should be capable of doing a lot of the speaking for you. It should represent your business in such a way that within one visit, potential clients can have a clear understanding of exactly what it is you offer.

In addition to being informative, your website should ALWAYS be up to date—old offerings, outdated blogs, and content that has become irrelevant as your offerings have evolved should all be removed ASAP!

Because your website represents YOU, it should also aesthetically speak your language. Brand colors, fonts, and images should all be consistent, relevant, and cohesive. This may seem like “fluff” elements of creating a website, but it helps to improve brand recognition while also driving home what your clients can expect from you at every level.

*Note: SEO Isn’t everyone’s forte, but it is a valuable asset for your website. Your site should be SEO-friendly so that when potential clients are searching within your industry/niche, the search engine will populate YOUR business at the top of its search results.

Ask For Reviews And Testimonials

Your past, and current, clients can actually be hugely beneficial to your business’ sales strategy—and this is something so many business owners often overlook.

Asking for a review or testimonial is not asking a lot! In general, it should take no more than 5-minutes of time to complete. Leaving reviews/testimonials is one of the greatest ways your clients can support your business, and they are a great asset to leverage when looking to bring in new clients.

Still, feeling a little uncomfortable asking for a review? Offer a little incentive! A gift card to Starbucks, a free session with you, or a high-value freebie that is only accessible to clients who leave reviews!

Offer A High-Value Freebie

For potential clients who aren’t ready to invest just yet, offering high-value freebies can be a great way to get them acquainted with your business, and what you have to offer.

I place a lot of emphasis on making these high-value because you want your ideal client to think ‘If this is what I get for free, imagine what I’ll get when I pay for this service!?’

Offering a high-value freebie is a great way to build trust with potential clients. People can feel a bit apprehensive about investing in a new product or service if they’re not entirely sure it will work for them or solve a problem in their life. Your freebie gives them the unique opportunity to try something new, risk-free, to see if it’s a fit for them.

Send Out A Monthly Newsletter

Similar to offering a freebie, sending out a monthly newsletter is a great way to help potential clients build trust with you. They’ll begin to gain a better understanding of what it is you have to offer and come to see that you can reliably deliver time and time again.

In addition to building that trust factor, which is an essential element to converting potential clients into paying clients, a monthly newsletter ensures that you’re always staying on subscribers’ minds!

*This is also a great place to highlight testimonials and reviews from current/past clients!

Create Consistent, High-Value Content

Consistency really is key. You want your clients to be able to rely on you and trust you, and showing up consistently in a valuable way is truly the way to do that.

People are inherently busy, it’s a simple truth that doesn’t seem necessary to share, BUT if you can get those busy people to care about the content you’re sharing and constantly come to engage with it, learn from it, and share it…then you’re undoubtedly capable of converting those people into paying customers!

If you’re not sure what ‘high-value’ content actually means, it is content that is useful in some way—it teaches your potential client something that will simplify their lives, it solves a problem that your potential client struggles with regularly, or it simply entertains them, the most high-value content does ALL THREE at once.

Create that kind of content consistently, and you’ll surely see a return on your time investment.

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