Whether you’re trying to acquire new clients or hold onto existing ones, you need to have a solid sales strategy in place.

Your strategy has to be rooted in authenticity, empathy, and a genuine desire to help people in order to increase those conversion rates—it cannot be rooted in desperation for paying clients.

And that is where small business owners, and online businesses, often struggle… walking the fine line between wanting to bring in new clients to grow their business, and not coming from a place a scarcity.

What do I mean by selling from a place of ‘scarcity’? I’m talking about those little white lies we tell to make our business sound more appealing. Things like ‘Selling out fast!’ or ‘Only one spot left!’ You’ve all seen businesses use these phrases, and guess what, 99.99% of consumers see right through them!

Honesty and integrity should be of the utmost importance to you because it sure is to your high-value clients.

Mistakes like this (and those listed below!) can be detrimental to your business’ conversion rates—and your ability to gain new clients and hold onto existing ones.

Undervaluing Video Content

Being able to showcase visually and verbally who you are, what your business is all about, and why your services are going to change people’s lives is a game-changing sales tool… and video is how you accomplish exactly that!

95% of consumers have reported that they retain information much better coming from a video versus ANY OTHER form! (Hubspot) If your customers are retaining information from video, you want to give them video!

Here’s another stat—72% of customers prefer video when learning about a product, service, or person before they choose to buy. If YOU aren’t providing that video content, there’s a good chance those potential clients will go somewhere else, to someone else, who will give them the content they’re looking for to help them feel more secure when making a purchase.

Undervaluing Yourself, Too

You might think that pricing your products low would encourage more people to buy, but it can actually have the exact opposite effect.

Underpricing your service/offering/product is possibly one of the worst things you can do for your business! When you undercharge for something, it can actually cause people to question the authenticity and quality.

This doesn’t mean you should start overcharging, though. If you out-price your market and your ideal clients, you will end up making less money, and turn off your potential clients.

There’s a very clear strategy to pricing: Determine your prices based on a combination of FOUR key elements—your level of expertise + the market demand for what you’re offering + your level of experience + the market value of the service/product you’re selling.

Change Your Perspective

Empathy for your customers should be at the center of everything you do. The content you create. The language you use when selling. AND your product/service itself!

Oftentimes business owners get caught up in thinking about themselves—what they can get from their clients, what they need to sell in order to grow, etc. What you absolutely must do is change your perspective and take yourself out of the equation.

Focus more on what you can provide to your clients vs. what you can get from them.

Know the Right Platforms to Show Up On 

Social media is one of the most powerful tools for businesses, but if you’re not maximizing your efforts by showing up on the right platforms, you’re sure to miss out on the benefits.

PLUS, if you’re trying to show up everywhere and cater to everyone, you’re going to put yourself on the fast track to burn out, wasting valuable energy that would be much better utilized with more focused action.

Ask yourself these four questions with your ideal client in mind, and then begin to create your digital footprint based on those answers.

  1. Who are the people within your target market?
  2. Where are these people most active online?
  3. What platforms are they searching on the most?
  4. What niche social media sites are right for them?

When you focus your efforts on the *right* platforms, you’ll inevitably reach the *right* people!

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