Oftentimes people feel that mindset work is too “woo-woo” and has no place in the business world. I could not disagree more with that sentiment.

You cannot achieve great wealth if you do not believe and behave as though you’re fully worthy and capable of it. Without a healthy and positive money mindset, you’re likely to struggle with financial decisions and find it more challenging to achieve your monetary goals.

Creating and maintaining a positive, abundant money mindset is one of the number one things I teach my clients—it’s one of the most important elements of achieving the success you desire.

I want to teach you all how to implement an abundance mindset to take any negative beliefs and money mind-blocks out of your way once and for all! There are three *KEY* ways to take yourself myself from a negative, scarcity mindset to an abundant money mindset.

First, see money as your friend. Think about how you treat your friends—you’re grateful for them and you express that feeling in many ways. You love spending time with your friends (I bet you miss them now more than ever!!!), so start loving spending time with money $$$!

Get close to it, embrace it, enjoy it like a close friend!  Not sure what that looks like? Say things like this each time money is coming in, or money is going out (like when you are paying bills and taxes!) “Thank you for taking care of me,” “Thank you for having my back,” “I appreciate you,” just as you would say to a close friend.

Second, you need to feel worthy and deserving of making BIG money just for being you—exactly as you are. Not for being overly productive, or having multiple degrees, or being a morning person, or working 12 hours per day. You deserve it simply for being YOU. Know and believe that it is your birthright to make big money in this life!

Third, start looking at money as a game. I know this tip might sound a little strange, but think of it more as learning to create a winning strategy. As you get better at the game of making money, you’ll get better at it in the same way that you’d become better a game the more you practice and strategize.

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