Establishing a brand from scratch is no easy feat. To build brand recognition there are a number of things you need to do—from showing up consistently, to targeting your ideal client and creating an attractive and cohesive voice and aesthetic.

Your brand colors, whether you realize it or not, are playing a huge role in your success.

The right colors = more attraction. The wrong colors? Well, that’s a pretty obvious result—rejection, indifference, disinterest.

Brand colors account for EIGHTY percent of brand recognition! Meaning they’re doing far more than just creating a pretty visual element to your content and marketing collateral.

So how do you choose your brand colors?

First, understand the psychology behind the colors you might want to use before implementing them into your marketing/content strategy.

Each and every color evokes a different response in people. When you see red you might think of danger, but when your best friend sees it, she thinks of love.

Individual reactions are going to vary, but getting a general knowledge of the true psychology behind each color will help you to determine which aligns best with your ideal client.

Here’s a brief breakdown:
Red = Energy, excitement, love
Orange = Confidence, fun, warmth
Yellow = Optimistic, uplifting, joy, friendly
Green = Natural, growth, hopeful, lucky
Blue = Trust, loyalty, peace, tranquility
Purple = Wealth, royalty, luxury, ambition

Second, remember that choosing colors is about your clients, NOT about you.

Pink might be your favorite color, but is that what’s going to attract your ideal clients? Is that a color that will resonate with them, and entice them to continue to come back to your brand?

Simple fact: Your favorite color should not be your brand’s color. UNLESS you’re very fortunate that your favorite color aligns perfectly with your brand and ideal client. (It’s a rarity, but it happens!)

Third, your brand colors, and the characteristics they’re known for, should be in alignment with what your brand offers.

For example, my primary brand colors are purple and gold. The psychology behind these are wealth, abundance, luxury, compassion, wisdom—and that is what I want my ideal clients to come to me for.

This is why you’ll find these colors throughout my collateral—my website, my social media content, my paid products, even my outfits/accessories when I show up on video!

If your offering is natural beauty products, or you’re a vegan chef, colors in the green or yellow family are going to be especially attractive to your ideal client based on what they represent.

Then, when you’re ready to choose your brand colors ask yourself:

What are the desired feelings of your ideal client?
What does your ideal client want more of in their life?
What are their ‘if only’ statements that they’re trying to fulfill?

As you begin to identify these things about your ideal client, you can then determine which colors best match the answers you’ve come up with.

If you’re struggling to answer these questions and pinpoint who your ideal client really is, let me help you strategize and determine who you’re truly trying to reach with your brand/business. Book a 90-minute call with me today, and together we’ll determine who your ideal client is, and find the right brand colors to attract them.