If you’re not offering your clients something of service without a fee attached to it, you’re missing out on an incredible opportunity for your business.

There’s a great hesitation around freebies—maybe you don’t want to give away your valuable service/product for free, o you’re afraid your efforts won’t convert into paying clients, and while these hesitations are valid, they’re not necessarily true.

In fact, it’s the exact opposite! Providing a free offering to your clients, or potential clients is one of the greatest ways to create a buying habit and convert those on the fence to make a purchase or invest in your services!

Here are FIVE reasons why you should consider a free offering to benefit your business—and convert clients!

It’s a great way to build trust with potential clients. People can feel a bit apprehensive about investing in a new product or service if they’re not entirely sure it will work for them or solve a problem in their life.

When you offer a piece of that product/service to them for free, it gives them an opportunity to try without the risk, and with no strings attached.

In seeing the quality of the offering you’re giving out for free, potential clients will begin to view you/your business in a positive light. They’ll begin to trust the product/service you stand behind, which is hugely important not only for your business but for the relationship you are building with your potential clients.

Happy potential clients will convert to paying clients. Will some potential clients take your freebie and never return? Maybe. Will many potential clients return wanting more? Yes.

After they’ve had a taste test of what you’ve got to offer for free, people are much more likely to invest their money in something they know is high quality, and works for them.

This offers a great opportunity to get feedback on a larger scale. All business owners should be looking for feedback to ensure their product is a. meeting the client’s expectations and needs, and b. easy to integrate into their lives. No one and I mean NO ONE wants to complicate their lives further, so keeping things simple and easy for your clients is always going to be key.

Send those who signed up for your freebie a QUICK survey to provide feedback. Consider offering a discount code for your current product/service as an incentive.

If you’re a new business and looking to build brand awareness, freebies can help generate a sustainable buzz. As a new business, it can be a bit more challenging to get clients in the door. Offering them an unbeatable high-value offer (aka, something great that’s also free!), is a highly effective way to garner interest and buzz in your product/service.

The goal is for these potential clients to try your offering, have a positive experience, and come back for more—better still, to tell their community about you, too. Creating a positive association around your business is key to repeat paying clients, and attracting new clients, too!

Are you struggling to create a freebie that’s the right fit for your business? I’m here to help! Let’s work together and create a high-value freebie that will help you grow your client list and, ultimately, your business! Reach out to me today with any questions you may have!