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ProjectME Passive Income Posse

Educating and Empowering Entrepreneurs to Create Their Most Exceptional Lives!

$$$ Are you in a constant state of analysis paralysis? Anxious and maybe even feeling depressed by the way things are in your business?

$$$ Overwhelmed by all the noise and direction coming from online business “gurus”?

$$$ Needing guidance from a true expert who can show you how to clarify and simplify your business?

$$$ Feeling a lack of direction?  Lack of inspiration? Lack of passion in achieving your TRUEST dreams?

$$$ Fearful you may never be able to push past your current income level without adding more to your already full plate?

$$$ Sick of doing the same things (you don’t even feel confident in), and receiving the same results?

I hear your “YES’s” through this screen… I get it, I was once in that same spot except I couldn’t find anywhere to turn for the guidance and support I so desperately needed and craved.

So I promised myself and my higher power that I would create exactly this someday for other entrepreneurs, people who know they are meant for more and are willing to do what it takes to bring their vision into existence.



My name is Tiffany Carter and I’m a self-made multi-millionaire who started out as a newscaster making $17,000 a year. I loved it, but I knew I was meant for something more and that in order to make more of an impact, I need to make more money but I kept hitting a ceiling.

I couldn’t get past the six-figure mark no matter how hard I worked, how many hours I put in, I read 500 different books, spent tons of money on different seminars; just couldn’t crack the code.

I designed ProjectME with Tiffany in order to help people create their best lives, to empower you to find the exact life you want, make the money you want, the travel you want, feel the way you want to feel. The difference between someone being successful, having the life that they want, versus someone feeling stuck; it all comes down to self-worth. Low self-worth equals low net worth. You might get wealthy, but I guarantee you will lose it. That’s why 70% of the people who win the lotto go bankrupt.

This is my deep passion. It’s something that I’m sure you guys have not experienced before, and I look forward to teaching all of you more and meeting you soon!

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What is the ProjectME Passive Income Posse?

My exclusive group, the ProjectME Passive Income Posse, is where I directly teach you how to create passive income streams into your life/business plus how to make the most $$$$$$ with those streams. Weekly live training from me, plus access to me via the group.

We keep the posse small so we can provide personalized coaching and guidance to build your business and income $$$.

Application requirements are:

1. Open and willing to learn from women who are at where you want to be

2. Trust the process (everything I teach and the timing is by design)

3. Happy to invest $150 to start and $100/month.

Weekly live trainings by me PLUS special guest experts too!

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“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” -Warren Buffet

There’s only one of you!

Here’s the thing: If you have to be actively involved in order to make money, you’re only going to make so much. Okay? There’s only one of you.

In order to achieve true financial freedom, which I know you guys want for yourselves, you need to have multiple streams of passive income. This is where you’re making money without you having to be directly involved. So you don’t have to be dependent on any job, on any person, on one-on-one clients in order to make money.

So what I’ve done is created an exclusive group, the ProjectME Passive Income Posse. This is where I teach you in live, weekly trainings exactly how to create multiple streams of passive income, and how to ignite them so you can make some serious cash for yourself.

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Please note the ProjectME Passive Income Posse is an exclusive monthly membership. To cancel your membership, please email team@projectmewithtiffany.com.

So proud of you for taking action towards your most exceptional life! Remember, in order to achieve new massive results, new action is required.

$$$ Tiffany

Still Have Questions?

We are happy to answer them for you, email us at info@projectmewitbtiffany.com or you can ask Tiffany directly by DMing her on Instagram @projectme_with_tiffany