Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are. – @mariannewilliamson

A funny thing happens when I slow down and take time to absorb how great my life is, and acknowledge all of the blessings surrounding me and within me. I end up feeling more joyful, happy, and grateful.

Conversely, when I get so caught up in work, tasking, errands, people, places, and things, my inner joy starts to fade.

I’m committing today and to all of you, to take at least 2 moments of pause every day, to acknowledge and absorb all of the happiness, abundance, joy, and blessings in my life.

I would love for you guys to join me in this daily high vibe activity, give me a ? emoji in your fav color if you’re committing to do this with me.

How can we expect life to give us more, if we don’t consistently appreciate and love what we have already been given?