Reprogramming My Beliefs Around Money

TRUTH. I was taught in childhood that to earn great money, you had to “give an arm and a leg.” I was raised by a single Mom, who was also an entrepreneur with a successful nationally-known company. At least a few times a week she would look at me and say, “you know Tiffany all of this doesn’t come easily; I kill my self everyday for it.”

By “all of this” she was referring to all of the nice things that money can buy. We lived in a giant home with two gourmet kitchens, an Olympic size pool, had a cleaning lady, and so on.

So to me my mom’s truth became my own. I wanted that financial success like she created, therefore I knew I had to “kill myself” to get it and keep it. GUESS WHAT?! I almost did. Whereas I had several peers who made more money than me and it seemed so easy for them. All I kept thinking was, “what am I doing wrong? Why is this so hard for me and not everyone else?”

It wasn’t until about 3 years, that I learned how to reprogram beliefs I took in as facts from childhood. Within 30 days of reprogramming my beliefs around money, everything shifted. I worked less than half the amount of hours, and made exactly the same money!!!!! Now I make even more money, while working less. All I did was shift my beliefs around money, success, and wealth.


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Keep Friday “Vibes” Going All Week Long

A trick I use to keep Friday type “vibes” going all week long 😎:

One of my biggest motivators behind making BIG money, is my love for luxury world 🌍 travel.

So anytime I feel my mood, my motivation level, my drive going downhill, I do a few things.

1. I scroll through my thousands of travel photos and videos, reminiscing over the memories and adventures. This instantly elevates my mood and energy.
2. I hop on @pinterest (you can find me at ProjectME with Tiffany) and start planning my next trip. So it’s like planning and manifesting all in one exercise. Plus it puts me in the energy of taking clear action, which also elevates my spirits.
3. I share some of my photos/videos with friends, my fiancé, and all of you. It’s my way of spreading inspiration, plus I love sharing my secret travel tips, that I’ve crafted over decades of world travel ( over 1 million miles flown 😮).

I did all 3 this morning. This video I’m sharing is from my trip to the stunning Greek Island of Santorini. You can actually walk (more like hike) from one end to the other. Everywhere you look is a picture perfect postcard.

This is a volcanic island, and it’s dry like the desert 🌵. Plus side is you won’t get rained out, down side is, you will get dehydrated quickly. Also, learn to say a couple things in Greek, the locals loooooove it as their language is hard AF to learn, so they know you put in major effort to learn it, or have good Greek friends (like me!).

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You Deserve The Best of The Best

“The best things in life are free. The second best things, are very expensive.”
– Coco Chanel

It breaks my 💜 when I hear a woman’s resistance to buying, admiring, manifesting, and enjoying luxury items and experiences.

This resistance comes from a lack of self-worth coupled with false beliefs that were learned in childhood or from someone significant in our lives. People telling you that “you are high maintenance” or “all you care about is money,” when you express your desires for nice things and experiences, can really mess with your head. I get it. A significant ex-boyfriend of mine really hated my love and appreciation for luxury. He put me down constantly for it. After awhile I started to believe him.

After working with a therapist and a great mentor, I learned he was just projecting his own lack of self-worth, insecurities, and money noise onto me.

Someone who’s self-worth is high, will encourage you to treat yourself, and will love that you are manifesting your dreams for first class travel, a @chanelofficial bag, your dream home, @louboutinworld 👠, or a weekly massage. Someone who is threatened by your vision and desires (cuz of their own shit) will put you down, try to instill fear in you around $$$, and even insult your character.

Those are people you need to disconnect from in order to thrive. You deserve the best of the best. Even if you can’t yet afford it, you can still manifest it. Put it on your vision board, follow luxury accounts on IG, go try on that pair of shoes, plan that trip on paper, so WHEN you have the funds, you are ready to pull the trigger.

Do something several times every week that is luxurious. A beautiful bubble bath with candles, mani/pedi, pour a glass of champagne 🥂 and sit in the sun and read, treat yourself to a fancy lunch… When self-defeating thoughts come up like “you really should be doing chores,” or “I shouldn’t be spending money on this,” remind yourself that to create a luxurious life, you must be comfortable with luxury. You must welcome it and relish in it. Otherwise you will subconsciously continue to push everything luxurious away.

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Acting “As If”

To be successful and wealthy, you must walk the walk, and talk the talk. Whether you are just starting your business, or are wanting to transition to a new career, or are 10-years into your entrepreneur life (like me!)….you still need to act “as if.”

Take action and carry yourself “as if” you are worth millions, as if you are the go-to expert in your field. I’m NOT suggesting for you to be fake. I’m saying present yourself at the level you wish to reach.

For example, when I was a TV journalist, I had to get that story within a few hours. I had to get the right people to talk to me on a tight deadline. I was only 20 years old. So green. When I approached people via phone or in person for an interview, I acted “as if” I was a well-seasoned journalist with decades of credibility. Not cocky (as that’s BS inauthentic energy) but confident.

I dressed the part, looked the part, showed up on time, and kept a calm cool demeanor, although I was nervous as hell on the inside.

So even if you don’t feel you are the cat’s pajamas 😹, which you are, act “as if” you have arrived.

This does a couple of things:

1. It puts people at ease, if you aren’t confident and collected, you will appear untrustworthy.
2. This acting as if, gives you a confidence boost. Psychologically, your mind and mood will believe what you feed it (good or bad).
3. Embodying what we desire in mind, body and spirit will ignite the manifestation process. You won’t likely become a leading expert, by sitting on your couch dreaming about your goals.

BTW, @projectme_with_tiffany is my second company. My true baby. So I’m practicing my own advice. I’m acting “as if” I’m the go-to expert and keynote speaker on educating and empowering women to be financially free, independent, and fierce.

Am I there yet? No, I just started my journey. However, I have clear proof that asking “as if” works. I would be crazy not to follow a proven concept.

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Are You Listening To Your Clients?

A former asshole boss of mine pointed out a HUGE mistake, that was preventing me from meeting my sales goals.

Of course he didn’t spare my feelings by presenting it delicately. I’m thrilled he didn’t, as I may not have heard him so clearly.

After a ride-along (something sales managers do in the pharmaceutical industry), my boss turned to me in the parking lot and said, “when all you do is talk, there is no way you are learning anything about your customer….plus it’s overwhelming and annoying.” 😳😳😳.

My lord, I felt so deflated, embarrassed, and stupid. I immediately understood his point, I just needed some time to soothe my broken ego.

It’s funny because as a TV journalist, I did little talking as my job was to ask questions and get the subject to talk. When I changed careers in to sales, for some reason I thought I was to do most of the talking. So I went back into my reporter mode, and the results were amazing.

My customers (all well-known doctors), became my friends, confided in me, shared their frustrations and needs. All because I shut the hell up, and allowed them the space to share. Plus I felt less exhausted as the end of the day. Doing all the taking, all the time is draining AF.

After my boss word-smacked me, I exceeded every sales goal to this very day.

Start asking your potential customers and current clients open ended questions. Not yes and no questions. Ask them: “how can I best meet your needs?” “What resources and materials do you value the most?” “What problem in your life, would you be thrilled to have solved?”

Then shut the hell up and allow them to answer. Even if there’s a looooong pause (these use to be so painful for me).

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Manifesting With Vision Boards

MAJOR proof that manifesting really does work! To be clear, my method of manifesting that I learned from the best teachers.

My primary vision board (on the left), is where I put #allthethings that I want to bring into my life quickly and easily. I updated this board approx 6 months prior to meeting my now fiancé, 1.5 years after I created this board, (he never saw this until recently when I hung these up at our new home) Mike proposed to me on the beaches of Turks and Caicos with a stunning ring 💍 in a little blue @tiffanyandco box. Yes, the ring is from there too, not just the box 😝.

Also, I made enough excess cash in my business to buy all of the rest of the items on my board and then some. My point in sharing this part of the story is to remind you that manifesting isn’t always literal. Also, I didn’t put a time frame on meeting my Mr. Right; I trusted the Universe’s timing and the “how.”

The board on the right right is focused on how I would feel having everything on the first vision board. 2 years after I updated this “feelings” board, we found a house that matched the exact vibe I manifested. I knew it the second I walked in the front door. On top of that, living with him is extremely chill, TRANQUIL, and relaxing. Something extremely vital to my soul and success.

Be sure to place your vision boards or board, somewhere high-vibe that you see many times per day. Each day I walked by mine, I would send a quick blessing to them, often showing a slight nod or a wink 😉. Symbolizing that I trusted and knew the Universe was working its magic to deliver all of this to me and then some.

Now it’s time to update my boards.@manifestationbabe has an interesting technique, to keep some things on your board that already manifested into your life. Reminding you that this works. I’m going to incorporate this suggestion 🙏.

We aren’t in control of the how or the timing. Just have faith that a power greater than you is creating your vision. Most often it shows up even better than what I manifested.

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Envision A Life You Love

What would your life feel and look like, if you were doing what you love and making great money from it?

It feels freeing, exhilarating, fun, dreamy, empowering, and scary too. When we finally get what we prayed for, asked for, worked for, and manifested, it can seem too good to be true. Doubts can creep in like, “how long can this really last for?” “I made thousands for a couple of months, but will I continue to?”

These doubts are normal. It’s our own egos way of trying to protect us and keep us safe. To our ego, doing something different is risky and therefore potentially dangerous, even when the results are awesome. How many of you have lost weight or got more fit, only to doubt how long you will really keep it off? Even though you feel better than ever, it’s new to your ego, therefore it’s on guard to protect you.

Don’t tell that ego driver voice to STFU! That doesn’t work (I’ve tried that many times). Gently and lovingly, thank that voice for its concern and wanting to protect you. Let it know, this is a good change and that you are safe, secure, and supported.

At first, you will need to comfort the ego numerous times a day (much like a sensitive overtired toddler), over time the voice will go from a scream to a whisper, to nothing at all on that subject (the ego will move onto something new you’re doing…annoying but true).

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Change Is Necessary For Growth

We so often want to feel and look differently. We want to have more money, more fun, a better job, a different career, a better partner…BUT what have you done differently to get a different outcome?

“Tiffany I started eating better this week;” “I signed up for your ProjectME mentorship;” “I started saving money two months ago.” I hear these painful statements all week long. Taking new action and changing your ways is exactly what must happen to get a different result. However, so is long-term consistency.

Just because you ate healthy all week or even all month, won’t reverse diabetes or even change your dress size. Nor will saying money for a few months get you out of debt. These changes in behavior and habits need to be long-term, lifetime changes, to reap the results.

There are a lot of “get results fast” 💩 marketing campaigns out there, targeting the millions of people who want to undo years of self-limiting behaviors/habits in 30 days. THEY DON’T WORK. They just make people who sell it, a shit-ton of money, while leaving you defeated.

If you want massive results, then massive change is required. You can build up to that, versus shocking your system and your life. I would rather see you taking small steps every day towards new self-empowering behavior; this has a much higher chance of you sticking with it and reaching your goals.

Patience my loves. Transformation takes time + consistency. It’s totally worth it!

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Wednesday Wisdom: Procrastination

We have something important to discuss on Wednesday Wisdom with Tiff. Something that is a dirty little secret most entrepreneurs and successful people don’t discuss, as there’s a sense of shame around this behavior.

The behavior I’m referring to is PROCRASTINATION.

✋ Hi I’m Tiffany and I struggle with procrastination. There I said it!

I work with and I’m friends with many 6 and 7 figure earners, who are top in their field, who struggle with procrastinating. It wasn’t until I became vulnerable and shared my personal struggle with them, that they opened up and shared their own issues with procrastinating. So first off, just know you are not alone, and this behavior can be managed.

The 3 P’s: Perfection, Procrastination, Paralysis.

WHY do so many of us do this stressful behavior? Experts say it boils down to perfectionism. We want to do everything right and perfect; when there’s a lot of tasks to do, that becomes overwhelming AF. This cues the Paralysis. Also shows up as “writers’ block,” “brain fog,” “mentally exhausted,” “spaced out.” I used all of these terms, until I recently learned what they are code for. We get so overwhelmed, that we basically freeze.

I’m dedicating a ProjectME podcast (launching soon) to this topic, as we need to bring procrastination out of the dark. I believe the negative stigma around the behavior creates shame, which only keeps us in Paralysis.

So just for today, know that you are not alone; you are not lazy or incompetent or whatever crap thing you tell yourself when you’re frustrated with this tricky behavior. Often times “good is good enough,” for many tasks. Trying to accomplish everything at 1000% is totally unrealistic, and it doesn’t work.

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Wealth Building Basics

Let’s take the mystery out of achieving wealth. This purple piggy bank is the perfect visual to illustrate my wealth-building basics.

You can’t achieve great wealth, if you leave out making, saving, spending, donating, and investing money. Unless you receive a giant inheritance. In which case, I’ve witnessed people blow through hundreds of thousands of dollars, as they lacked wealth building and maintaining knowledge, and/or a wealth mindset.

Whatever it is you make 40k/year, 100k or millions, the same wealth-building strategy apples.
$ – Save first, even if all you can save is $100 a week.
$ – Spend second. Spend on your rent, mortgage, diapers, food, etc….
$ – Donate third. Now if you are really up against it, donate by throwing in some change into a tip jar. The point here is to practice consistency giving back. As money is a currency, it’s also an energetic exchange. The more you give, the more it trains your mind that there is an abundance of wealth available to you at all times. $ – Invest. As your savings account reaches a certain set point. Let’s say three months living expenses (for example), anything above that amount rolls into an investment account. Investing also means investing in growing your career, starting a business, your personal development. It doesn’t just mean a stocks and bonds portfolio. Investing is assessing what will give you the best return on your money, with a level of risk that still allows you to sleep at night.
$ – Obviously everyone’s life, goals, bills, health, etc looks different. So wealth building IS NOT a one-size fits all; in terms of what percentage you should save, spend, donate, and invest. To avoid participating in these 4 categories will pretty much guarantee you WILL NOT get wealthy or even financially free.
$ – Baby steps are good. That’s better than no action at all.

💜 Wishing you wealth, health, and worth, always.


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