You were born to be real, not to be perfect!

Somewhere along the way, many of us developed the false belief that we have to be perfect, that we aren’t good enough just as we are. It’s a belief that kept me trapped for most of my life. I kept overachieving, dieting, exercising, doing, to the point of exhaustion, trying to achieve the unachievable, PERFECTION.

Of course I never achieved it and I nearly killed my self trying (that’s not an exaggeration…you will hear more of my insane story once my podcast launches). Now I’ve accepted that I’m a human being, not a human doing, and all I can do is my best. Accepting our humanness is to accept our quirks, our flaws, our physical limitations, our bodies while shining a big beautiful light on all the gifts we have to offer the world.

I’m I “perfect” at doing this acceptance thing every day? HELL NO. But I’m 1000000 times better, happier, calmer than I use to be. Truly that’s all I can ask for is progress, not perfection. 💜, Tiffany

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Girl Boss Magic


When I dreamed up ProjectME 10 years ago (yup took me 10 years to start this company), I knew I had a special gift to share with women all over the world. That gift is to empower, encourage, and educate women to be financially free and independent, to feel worthy of the BEST and get it!

Women no longer need to depend on men to financially support them and their family, or to buy the latest Prada bag or a trip to Paris, we can do it ourselves if we want to. We can do and have it all if we want to. WE WILL DO THIS TOGETHER!

Start today by encouraging, supporting, and believing in yourself and all of the incredible women around you. Instead of feeling jealous, envious, or intimated by the Women you admire, embrace them, talk to them, ask them questions, ask for their advice. The truly empowered women will be honored to support you.

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Late Night Writing Session

Late evening writing 💻 session last night has me a bit groggy this morning. As most entrepreneurs and side-hustlers know, you gotta work it when you can and when you’re inspired. • When I speak to large sales teams, my line is “when you are on a roll, keep rollin’!” We are human after all and not everyday or week do we feel on point, energized, and motivated. So it’s important that when we are at our best to keep it rollin’, this way you have so much high quality “work” in the bank that when you have that off day or week, you are still ahead of the pack.

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Working on my Confidence in Cancun

Not feeling my most confident self in this pic, but I decided to post it anyway as I’m working on being feeling great in my skin regardless of how I think I look (this opinion can change 15x per day). The point of this photo was to capture the fun and beautiful moment in Cancun, not for a glamour shot. Especially after walking in the blazing sun for 90 minutes. It feels good to get over my self, even if it’s for one post 😝

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My Generous, Wonderful Fiancé

I’m constantly fascinated by people. This human here 👆(my fiancé) amazes me. He grew up poor in The Valley (like oh my god) of LA, and was raised by a father who came from a place of lack and scarcity. Many people I know who were raised this way have a “broke-ass” mentality as I call it. Meaning they are cheap, operate out of fear, and believe there is never enough money. Mike on the other hand is abundantly generous with everyone. Generous with his money, his time, acts of service, and patience (with me 😉). We are staying at an all-inclusive resort, where they state that tips are included as well. While most people would say, “cool” Mike says, “I bet these hard working people are being paid minimum wage.” He proceed to tip each and every person who serves us generously, every day. He does this without waiting for a gracias or looking to be noticed. Now that’s what I call the definition of generosity. 💜💜💜🙏

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You’re Allowed to have Shitty Days

My lord is this a MUST READ from @metalmarvels. In today’s world of social media, it appears that most people’s lives, businesses, relationships, etc. are 💯 perfect. Truth is, the more “perfect” it looks, the more it’s a front. Nothing is perfect. No one is perfect. No ones life is perfect. It’s absofuckinlutely ok to have bad days. Better yet, it’s ok to broadcast bad days because it’s real. For me, yesterday someone shared a video in our group of this 98 year old man who said “holy shit!” and more expletives when he found out how old he was. It reminded me so much of my grandma who passed this past April. It’s made me miss her so much more than normal. I’ve been crying randomly since I saw it. But guess what? It’s all ok. It’s a part of life. We are allowed to be a mess sometimes. We are allowed to not be ok. I’ll say it again. WE ARE ALLOWED TO NOT BE OK. 🖤

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The Key to Success


I looked successful on out the outside, rocking a career that I didn’t enjoy. On the inside. It was slowly sucking my soul and my health into a dark hole. I finally learned (the hard way) that just because you are good at something and making a lot of money doing it, doesn’t make you successful.

Doing what you love, serving others, and making a shit load of 💰💰💰with a giant smile on the inside and outside is great success.

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When to Say No to Pay


Yes it’s money 💰 and we all love more money; yes it’s flattering to our ego; BUT there is always a cost to accepting a money making opportunity that can be much more expensive than the pay.

Before you accept take some time to answer these questions:

1. Do you like these people?

2. Do you believe in this project/product/company/person?

3. Is this work aligned with your passion and greatest good?

4. Does it even sound fun or interesting to you?

5. Is the financial offering fair and reasonable for your level of expertise and work load?

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My Favorite F Word



Those of you who know me realize my favorite F word is Fuck, but a close second is Forgiveness. I gotta say it’s easier to fuck than forgive. But seriously, forgiving yourself and others will lift a mountain of stress off of you. The catch is that it isn’t always easy to do. Then again is anything easy that has a huge payoff?

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New Mindset, New Results!



One of the core strategies of my ProjectME Program is creating a new mindset. Once you follow those steps to creating a new healthy mindset, new results will follow immediately.

Most of us aren’t aware what beliefs we have simmering below the surface, so those must be unveiled first. People (including me) are always surprised at what they uncover.

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