This is Your Blessing, Your Awakening

”Often times our lives have to come crashing down, for us to wake the FUCK up.”
Guys, I can’t even tell you how true this is for me and literally everyone I’ve worked with over the years.
It’s nearly impossible to see when your life feels like it’s falling apart. I’m here to tell you, your life is now finally coming together.
I went from a life of self-destruction, chaos, pain, drama, in which I had no idea how to escape. I thought it was the cards I was dealt from the Universe.
Then the powers at be showed me their true plan for me, by making everything I was unhealthily attached to get ripped away of me. OMFG talk about intense pain, fear, anxiety, depression!!!!
As I let those low-vibe people, places, and things go…new, fresh, high-vibe, healthy, awesome, people, places, things, and opportunities walked into my life.
I share more of my story on ProjectME the Podcast (launching June 13th). In the meantime, I want for any of you who is going through the shit storm right now, to know this is your BIGGEST blessing in disguise.
Share this post, with someone you know who’s life is spinning right now. Although I didn’t always believe people who told me, “this is your blessing, your awakening,” at the time, it did plant a seed of hope that I desperately needed.
Remember, we don’t awaken into our best selves through joy, it happens once we emerge out of the deep pain 🙏💜.

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Check Your Ego

Ever wonder why some people seem to achieve success so damn easily and quickly? Yup…me too!

The thing is, unless we know the person really well, we have ZERO idea of what it really took to create a multi-million dollar business, to meet and marry the great guy/girl, to publish a best seller, to have thousands of loyal and engaged followers, or to have that bangin’ body.

When I have low-mood days like today, my ego can lead the charge, and have me wondering why I can’t be more like _____ or have it easy like ______. I have to catch my self before it spins me into a crap mindset. I know I’m not alone here, right?!

If you think about it, we all are someone and have the life that someone else is dreaming of, and currently manifesting. Even if you just lost your job, but have a great family and a roof over your head, someone else is praying for that life. That would be up leveling for them.

I am a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, with a beautiful home, support system, and loving animals. Yet if I don’t keep my ego in check, I can start to feel sorry for my self as I’m reaching for the next level.

When we find ourselves reaching so much that we forget where our feet are planted, it’s time to ground ourselves in gratitude.

What 3 things you are grateful for today in your beautiful, and sometimes messy lives?

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Do Your Spending Habits Match Your Desires?

OK so we invest thousands of dollars per year on our looks. Everything from skin care, to hair, to brows, to makeup, to clothes, to nails and beyond. YET when an opportunity is presented to people to up level their lives, their business, their mindset, resistance comes up.

I mean WTF!!!!!!

It happens to me, too. I’m talking to all of us right now, including myself. In my first company, my public relations/social media business, I have a lot of clients in the skin care world. It’s a fact that people who make less than 50k per year spend more on skin/beauty products and services than the wealthy. This proves that people will find the cash, to pay for what’s important and a priority to them.

Wouldn’t creating our Most Exceptional life be our #1 priority?! Yet most of our spending habits and actions, don’t match our deepest desires.

In starting my second company @projectme_with_tiffany, I have struggled with clicking that “pay” button, even though I know from my 10 years as an entrepreneur, that you must invest in your business for it to come to life and thrive. I mean, I have concrete proof that it’s a necessary strategy. Yet, it’s a no-brainer for me to plop down $500 for Botox.

Next time a limiting thought 💭 comes up that you don’t have enough money to invest in starting or up leveling your business, look and see how you can reallocate your spending from other areas in your life. You can have the funds to invest and still get weird about it, like I do. If this is you, ask yourself, “why am I resisting bringing my life and business to the next level?” “What am I afraid will or won’t happen if I invest this money?”

Get real with your fears and resistance, and ask, “is this true?” 99.9% of the time, the shit our minds create is a big fat lie.

Then guys…click the “pay” button anyway. If you have done your research, and feel strongly called to hire the coach/mentor, buy the course, attend the event, sign-up and show up as your glorious, passionate, driven for greatness selves.

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Design and Manifest your Most Exceptional Life

Surround yourself with the people, places, and things you want to attract into your life.

Whatever and whomever we are consistently exposed to, we become.

If you want to up level your life, your bank account, and your mood, you must immerse yourself in experiences and things that match this new and much improved level.

Even if you aren’t making 6 or 7 figures YET, you can still experience what it will feel like and look like when you do.

You can take $10, go to a beautiful resort, hotel, or restaurant with a spectacular view, and sit for an hour or two having a coffee…Experience what it feels like to have a more luxurious life. OR….

If you’re further along on the wealth path, go charter that boat you want to buy someday…go to the multi-million dollar open houses with stunning ocean views (like I’m doing today), and picture yourself living in that home.

Designing and manifesting your Most Exceptional life is so fun! What are you going to do this week that’s NEXT LEVEL? 👇👇👇👇.

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The Power Of NO, and YES

Two words ✌️ that changed my life, once I got real damn honest with myself and others.

My personal favorite: the word NO. As a recovering people pleaser, I rarely said no. Even when something sounded horrible to me. I even tasted foods I didn’t want to, in order to “not offend” the chef or the client.

When I was working as an employee in corporate America, they looooooved me because I never said no to extra work, weekend conferences, business dinners, spreadsheets, special projects, you name it. So yes I got recognized for my lack of no’s…awards, promotions, praise, money, trips, but the entire time I was saying yes to them, I was saying a giant FUCK YOU to my self, my needs, and my desires.

Second favorite word is YES! Now when I say yes, I mean it. It’s not out of people pleasing so you will like me or hire me. It’s because I really want to do the thing, eat the food, visit the place, watch your cat.

When I say YES to something or someone now, it is a big fat YES to my self. Instead of it being a fuck you, it’s an “I honor you.”

Taking a fun mini-vacay this holiday weekend, and it feels extra good because I said YES to it and meant it. There’s no anxiety in going, as I will use my “yes’ and no’s’ “ to honor my self instead of fucking my self.

What have you said YES to recently, that was truly a NO in disguise?
*****PS You ALWAYS have the right to change your mind. You can change your answer to honor yourself at any time.

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The Best Way To Level UP

Which one do you want to be, smart or wise?

In my ten year entrepreneurial journey, I learned the best and easiest way to up level my business, is to learn from the mistakes that others have made before me.

We all make mistakes in business and in life, it’s a matter of what we do after making those mistakes that sets us apart. Do we brush it off or blame someone else, only to repeat that same mistake? Or do we assess how the mistake happened, and what we can do going forward to prevent it?

To create or grow your business at a faster pace, in a BIG way, requires a greater investment. Hiring a business coach who has already done and succeeded in business, who can show you great strategies and tips. Imagine how much time, energy, and money you can save by just avoiding one key business or marketing mistake!!!!

I love asking people about the biggest business mistakes they have made. I also respect when people ask me the same question. Mistakes are great lessons, whether we made them or someone else.

I prefer learn from those who are further down the road than me. As I like to make money the easy way 🤑.

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When Manifestations Come Too Life

Little did I know at this moment, I was one day away from having a huge portion of my manifestations, my dreams, my visions, all come to life!


@turksandcaicos_official was something I manifested, so I was aware that I was experiencing one of my more simple manifestations. Clearly I was loving it! Which BTW, shows the Universe that we are grateful for receiving what we ask for and therefor we are making it clear that we are open to receive more.


What I didn’t know, is that my manifestations from 1.5 years prior….were all about to happen.


Mike my boyfriend took me to Turks for my birthday…what I didn’t know is that he was going to propose to me on the beach 🏝, at night, with a little blue box from @tiffanyandco, on my birthday, and with the exact style ring I wanted. ALL of these things were on my vision board (which he never saw), and were a clear part of my manifestations. INCREDIBLE!!! I KNOW


There are a couple lessons in this story for you. 1. Manifesting really does work, if you are guided with the right practices and mindset. 2. Letting go of the time frame and trusting divine timing is key. 3. Being grateful along the way, versus cranky and bitter that “it” hasn’t happened yet, will allow the manifestations to come through.


What are you currently manifesting? If you want guidance or are felling stuck in the process, reach out to me 😊. I want this so badly for all of you, so I’m eager and thrilled to help.

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This tip should take a 1000 pound weight off from your shoulders.

I used to think the busier I was working, the more money I would make. I ran with this belief for most of my life. I also ran my self and my health into the ground, trying to achieve my financial and life goals.

When my mind, body, and spirit were broken to the point of surrender. I found my way to a personal development group. In this group, doing the haaaard inner work, I learned that my beliefs around success and money were false. 😳 Basically, I had it all wrong. More work, more grinding, more hustling, more hours DOES NOT equal more cash or more success. WHAAAAAAT?!!!!

I learned that I was hiding, avoiding, and distracting my self with being busy. Some people shop, some gamble, some compulsively clean….I chose work as my way to avoid feeling my feelings and getting right with my self.

It’s been about 3 years focusing on being productive versus busy, and I’m achieving all of my financial and life goals with greater ease, balance, and joy. I feared I would lose everything I worked for by taking my foot off the gas, but the truth is I gained everything by slowing down and hyper-focusing my efforts.

Take a deep breath…ease your foot off the gas…regroup, refocus, and refine your priorities, and forget everything else. The stuff you can’t forget, either delegate it or schedule it for a later date.

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No One Is Immune To Set-Backs

The shit that happens when you are building an empire, can be so frustrating that I just start laughing in disbelief.

ProjectME with Tiffany is my second company, and my most passionate endeavor. It’s an accumulation of my knowledge, strategies, tips, experiences, mistakes, and successes all packaged into one business. Despite having built and leading a 7-figure company, that doesn’t allow me to avoid the drama of up leveling my business and life.

I had some crazy shit happen today, that has never happened in my looooong career (and I’ve had a lot of stuff happen). At first I was furious, like “how dare they…how rude…how unprofessional,” then after a couple hours, I started laughing. WTF where did I get the idea that just because of my length of time and success in business, that I Tiffany, will now be immune to setbacks, unprofessional people, and pure craziness?

We don’t pay our dues to the point where business is now smooth sailing. In fact, as we up level, the shit that happens gets bigger and crazier. When we play it small, the issues that arise are small in relation. When we step out of our comfort zone to create BIG things, BIG issues will surface. I just needed to remind my self of one of my own lessons today.

So whatever stage you are at in building your empire, remember, there will be shit days, challenges, set backs, and crazy people. BUT, there will be more kick-ass days, big wins, awesome clients, and huge checks. You can’t have one without the other….even @oprah and @tonyrobbins experience all of the above. It’s just part of what we signed up for as dream makers.

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It all starts with WORTH. Nooooo not net-worth, but SELF-WORTH. If you don’t feel worthy or deserving of making. BIG money, then you won’t. All of the manifesting exercises, strategies, and vision boards won’t increase your bank account, if you truly don’t believe it is possible for you, and that you are worthy of great success.

Even if there’s a twinge of resistance, which often shows up as fear, anxiety, stress, or depression….this will block you from reaching your goals.

So I want you to made an adjustment when communicating with the Universe, God, your Higher Power. State what you want in the present tense as though you have it now or are attracting it now, and include clear statements about self-worth (see the manta I created for you in the photo).

Always include in your journaling, your prayers, meditation, and vision boarding, “I” statements around being worthy, deserving, and accepting of whatever it is you want to manifest.

I like to also add statements around feeling safe. “It’s safe for me to make millions of dollars quickly.” “It’s safe for me to be wealthier than anyone in my family.” Many money mindset blocks are buried deep, and they are typically attached to our families.

I would LOOOOVE to read your revised mantras. Post them in comments. Remember the more you say, think, and write your manifestations, the more powerful and clear of a message you send to the Universe, to help you create them.

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