Self-Worth Healing

This is the exact spot where my true healing began of my severely damaged self-worth.
I love to visit this spot on the Pacific Ocean several times a year, to remind my self how far I’ve come, and to soak in the special energy of this place.
What we don’t heal, will always be revealed.
We can ignore past hurts, traumas, and tragedies; we can try to cover them up with food, relationships, work, alcohol, shopping, being constantly busy; we can deny that any of it even exists or bothers us. TRUTH IS, none of it will just disappear. It’s there for us to deal with it, or it will consume us directly or indirectly.
Money won’t make these wounds any better either, I tried that for a long time. So have countless public figures, who have ended their lives. Success is irrelevant without inner peace.
“The only way around the pain, is to go through it.” (ACOA)
Once I did that deep inner work, my wealth, worth, and health skyrocketed 🚀 in amazing ways.

Self Worth and Net Worth

LOW SELF-WORTH creates LOW NET-WORTH…here’s how:
What would happen if you built a house on a weak foundation in an effort to cut costs and save time? There would be countless problems, it wouldn’t pass necessary inspections, to fix it after the fact would cost thousands of dollars, and this would delay being able to move in or sell it dramatically!
Humans are no different, just more complicated and stubborn 😛.
Very few people enter adulthood with an amazing sense of self-worth. Some of us were bullied in school, some of us were abused (me), some of us felt they were the black sheep of the family, and some of us got wounded deeply in adulthood (also me). This shit erodes our self-worth, our self-esteem.
Therefore, we don’t go for the career we really want, we don’t ask for the money we deserve, we do too much for others and not enough for ourselves, we spend our money carelessly, because deep down we don’t feel worthy of success, financial freedom, or abundance.
I go more in depth with topics like this one in my new podcast launching tomorrow 6/20, ProjectME with Tiffany Carter.
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Work From Anywhere!

Why work in an office, when you can #workfromanywhere 🌍?!

I’ve been living and succeeding in this freedom lifestyle for 17 years now!!!! I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Where is your dream location to work from? An exotic beach, peaceful mountains, a jungle, a high-vibe cafe in Paris…GUESS WHAT?!

All the above are totally possible for you. Yes! I’ve shown hundreds of women how to transition out of cubicle office life and into a work from wherever you damn please lifestyle.

You can do this all without a fancy degree (unless you’re a traveling medical professional) or special certifications. What you do need is training, guidance, personal mentorship, and most importantly the strong desire and drive to transform your life.

Message me or email me (in profile @projectme_with_tiffany) if you want to learn how to earn money from anywhere in the world. From at home with your family to the aqua blue beaches of the Caribbean.

Be sure to include why you want this, and your initial financial goals/requirements.

Press Pause

One of the most important actions I take on a daily basis, is pausing.

Choosing to take no action is an action itself. It’s actually more difficult for me and many others, than doing something.

Like when you get an crazy email from a client, or a hater comments on your latest post…the first instinct is usually to fire off some response…or to call 5 people and ask what you should say back or do.

That used to be me. Then I would obsess and spin about whatever all damn day, sometimes all week. Robbing me of my serenity, sleep, and productivity.

All of this self-imposed crazy making stopped once I was taught the art of pausing. The action of doing nothing. This is a tough one for those of us who are go-getters with high-achieving personalities. However, I’m telling you once you practice it, your life will change for the better.

When something or someone rattles your cage, take a deep breathe and press pause. Walk away from the laptop, shut the phone off, excuse yourself to the bathroom, whatever you need to do to remove the temptation to react, and remain in a paused state.

We can’t think clearly when we are reacting. So we owe it to ourselves, and even maybe the other person/people, to take time to do nothing, until our reactive emotional state settles down.

If I badly need to get my feelings out (usually anger) around this thing or person, I break out my journal and word vomit it all out. If I’m face to face in a situation, I’ll excuse my self to the ladies room, open the notes app on my phone and type out my anger, hurt, or shame.

Remember, just because someone wants you to respond to them quickly, doesn’t mean you have to. They are in a reactive state too, so it won’t go well by ripping off a reply.

Are you willing to try pausing?

Money Manifesting Mantra

I earn money easily and consistently. I am worthy of all the wealth I acquire.

Crucial manifesting tip: when you create money generating mantras, meditations, and vision boards, you MUST include and practice that you are WORTHY of this abundance. That you are WORTHY of making a shit ton of money and whatever else you desire, with ease.

When I first started practicing manifestation principles 12 years ago, I was focused on manifesting things, money, travel, parking spaces….no work at all on my self-worth.

So guess what happened?! I didn’t get all the things, the money, the success, but I lost 3/4 of my entire financial worth in 3 months.

I even held on to everything I manifested for several years. The more I up leveled, the more my buried lack of worthiness crept in. In the same year that I made 7 figures for my first time (before the age of 30), I lost almost all of it before that year was over! Truly because deep down I didn’t feel worthy of this abundance, especially any abundance with great ease and joy.

So for the last 3.5 years, I switched my focused from just manifesting financial worth, to manifesting great self-worth. THIS MY FRIENDS WAS MY MISSING PUZZLE PIECE.

Now that I have rebuilt my self-worth (with techniques I will for sure teach all of you), I am weaving back in all of my financial, business, and luxury desires.

Without an incredible sense of self-worth, success can’t be sustained or maintained.

Self-worth is the foundation for great net-worth.

Top Tips For Managing Work on Vacation

Top tips for managing your company while on vacay, so you can actually play and rest.

> Pick a set window of time everyday or every two to check in with work stuff. Allow your team and/or clients know you have time slots set aside for any urgent needs. Be sure to emphasize URGENT.

> Use your vacay lounge chair time to write content for your social channels and website. Only if you truly enjoy doing this! If you need a break from content creation all together, pre-write all of your content and put into an auto-posting program like @hootsuite.

> Add a full day onto your “out of office,” so when you return home, you have a full no-pressure day to catch up and enter back into work mode slowly.

> Remind yourself everything can wait a week or even two, unless it’s an interview with @oprah or something! Yes your biz is important and so are your clients, but without you taking time to fully rest, recharge, and play, you will burnout and be good for no one.

Do You Have A Back Up Plan?

My longtime nickname in the business world is Backup Plan Tiff.

I earned this title by always having a plan B and C, in case the shit breaks, the client barks, or someone on the team is having a bad day (me included).

This savvy strategy of mine has given me the reputation of being reliable and resourceful, even under the craziest of circumstances.

Here’s how I come up with back up plans:
1. My team and I create the ideal business plan. How we ideally want everything to go.
2. Then I present a “what if” scenario…”what if we launch this new program or product, and the server crashes or there’s a bug in the software?
3. Then we creatively come up with our action plan IF that happens.
4. Then I open the floor for the team to share their “what if’s” that are circling their minds (no matter how crazy they seem—this part always makes us laugh). We pick the next most possible mishap, and create a plan C around it.
5. We all then instantly feel a sense of relief, just knowing that we planned for the worst, but still expect and hope for the best.

You CAN Have It All!


It’s a matter of first believing you can, that it is possible for you, regardless of your current circumstances.

Some of us were taught (like I was) that “no one gets everything they want,”
“that life is unfair.” TRUTH IS, the people who raised us, just teach us what they were taught and project their circumstances onto us. This doesn’t mean it’s true, although they perceived it to be true for them.

Truth is we can have our Most Exceptional life. We can have the awesome #workfromanywhere money machine, the beautiful home, a family, peace of mind, and so on. Will this always happen on our time frame or in the exact way we want it? NO, but it is all possible if we believe it is, and step out of our own damn way.

What do you have to lose, by believing and knowing everything you desire is possible?

I came from a life of abuse to total abundance. Once I got out of my own way, the entire Universe opened up and showered its gifts upon my life. This doesn’t mean everyday is easy, but everyday is perfect in it’s own twisted way.

Are you ready to believe your Most Exceptional life is possible!?

What Are Your Thoughts Telling You?

You see, most of us get confused by believing our thoughts to be true. Our thoughts and beliefs aren’t necessary facts. It’s our insecurities, self-doubt, shit people have called us, all circling our incredibly cunning mind.

The trick to knowing when a thought is BS, is when that thought makes you feel like shit about yourself.

We were all created uniquely and exquisitely. We are all meant to be walking this Earth, or we wouldn’t be here. There is more than enough abundance for us all to enjoy.

Who are you NOT to have the best of the best?

When you have thoughts that bring down your confidence, remind yourself those are just false beliefs you picked up. Like gum on the bottom of your shoe after a long walk. Scrape that shit off, and create a new empowering thought.

Even if you don’t totally believe it right away that’s ok, some things take time to sink in. Just know, I guarantee you are much greater than you think you are, and are destined for an exceptional life.


YES! You can also work from anywhere in the world you want to.
Whether that be on the beaches of the Caribbean, the comfort of your own home, the mountains, or the south of France. It’s your beliefs that make this possible or impossible.
I get that you may not know where to start or how, but that’s where I come in. I love teaching people how to work remotely, and how to transition from employee to entrepreneur. It’s not as complicated as your mind may be telling you.
If you want to work from wherever you damn please, start today by stating that truth of yours clearly to the Universe. Say it often, write it, pray about it, dream about it, and be open to the belief that IT IS absolutely possible for you.
I’ve been doing it for 10 years now. As a hard core Virgo, I tend to be extra conservative in risk taking (blessing and a curse), and I still figured it all out. On top of that, I had to sort through an shit ton of childhood abuse, and low self-esteem. I created this #workfromanywhere life with almost no confidence, and little belief in my self. Therefor if I can, I know you can too.
If you are ready to go after your dream work life, reach out to me. Serious inquires only please.