I have an upsetting story to tell you. In order to help change things, I need you to hear it.

During my Uber ride from the city to Chicago O’hare airport, I learned something that truly shocked and horrified me.

My female driver is an American immigrant, she’s lived in Chicago for 20 years, and after being unsatisfied with her long-time job and short income, she took matters into her own hands and decided to become the best damn Uber driver the city has experienced.

She’s figured out the science of Uber driving, the perfect hours to work, time of day, short cuts, and which rides to take and which to refuse. To the point where she is making a minimum of $1500 per week, after expenses!

Of course I was intrigued. Anyone I meet or hear about who is mastering their industry, I have to learn more about them.

I asked her several questions in our 40 minute ride from how did she develop her strategy to what does she do when people are mean. Then she said something that stunned me silent.

“Miss Tiffany, the most problems come from my female customers, I would rather drive men all day everyday than women.”

Whaaaaaat why?! “Most of the women are mean and even downright nasty to me.” She then went on to share several stories to emphasize her point.

First of all no one should be rude to a driver who is nice and doing her damn best. As we all know that’s not realistic in life, some people are just miserable and rude. What got me all fired up is to hear out of thousands and thousands of rides, that her one wish would be to only drive men, since the women are usually rude or mean.

LADIES!!!! Come on. Here one of our own is busting her ass everyday, and not depending on a man or the government for money. Let’s rise up and celebrate one another, show respect, and put our own mood and stress aside.