“Courage is fear that has said its prayers.”

We all have fear, it’s a natural human reaction. It is how we manage the fear that determines our success and mindset.

Courage as defined above, is what we must tap into in order to achieve the life we truly desire and deserve.

When fear comes up for me, which has been often as I put ProjectME out into the world, I follow my proven fear releasing technique.

First, I acknowledge the fear. Second, I break out a journal or my notes app in my phone, and free-write what is coming up for me, just word vomit it all out.

Third, I ask my self, “is this true? Is (insert fear) true?” A hint, the answer is 99% of the time a BIG FAT no.

Fourth, I ask my self, “what in fact is the truth here?” (I write all of this out)

Fifth, I take a few deep breaths, and surrender the outcome, my fears, insecurities, and anxiety to the Universe, to the God of my understanding. (This step reminds me that I’m not in charge and in control, there’s a power greater than me at work on my best behalf.)

Optional: sometimes it feels good to burn the fear pages I wrote, or feed them through my shredder. (If I type it out on my phone, I will delete what I wrote, and power it off and on.)