Do you know what your core values are, or what that even means?

It’s ok and perfectly normal if you don’t. Back when I was an employee in the pharmaceutical industry, I would get asked often during interviews and reviews, “Tiffany, tell me your core values.” ? I had some cookie-cutter BS answer, as I didn’t really get what they meant or why it was actually important to my success.

It wasn’t until my third year of running my business that a mentor of mine saw I was on the hot mess express, and sat me down to ask my dreaded question. This time, I spoke up (with a lot of frustration), “why does everyone ask me this? WTF are core values anyway, some corporate lingo?”

My mentor (who has an 8-figure biz now) told me they are my intentions, boundaries, and operating guidelines, that are at the core of your being and your business. Without them, it’s like driving across a foreign country with no GPS or even a compass.

Well fuck, now “core values” sound critically important!!!

Here are mine:
-Integrity -Financial security and responsibility
-Personal development and growth
-Being of service -Compassion for self and others
-Being aligned with God (Universe)

Success tip: If you’re creating your core values for the first time, keep them simple and straightforward.