If you don’t you this, you will never make it to you goal!

As someone who was raised in a very controlling and abusive environment, I was taught from an infant to rely on other people to determine my worth, my value, and my capabilities.

As I messily navigated my teen and adult life, I would turn my self inside out at my internships and jobs in order to get the accolades, the awards, and the promotions…..when I got them I was on MAJOR HIGH, and when I didn’t I was left with suicidal thoughts.

This is one of the many dangers of depending on people, places, awards, achievements, and things outside of ourselves to determine if we are deserving of what we desire, and if we are “good enough” to make it.

The problem is when we constantly seek and depend on outside validation; we are putting our happiness, livelihood, and wellbeing in the control of others.

I had ZERO CLUE that I was living this way, I didn’t know any better. I was trained by many abusers to operate this way, so they could have total control over me. And it works, which is why they do it!

Seven years ago, I set my self free by recusing my self… being my own advocate, my greatest cheerleader, my own hype-girl, and CLAIMING my worthiness to have the best and get it.

So to all of those people who thought I was stupid and wasting money to start a podcast teaching and empowering people to make BIG BANK, and to never depend on a person, job, or intuition for money ever again >>>>> A GIANT ZERO FU*KS GIVEN CHEERS TO YOU!

I’ve used all of your “no’s,” your patronizing comments, your gossiping about me, your passive aggressive responses as further fuel to light this bitch on fire.

Because of you, I’ve helped thousands of people start business, grow businesses, quit soul-sucking jobs, write books, start podcasts, open boutiques, build their dream houses, take their kids on incredible trips, make enough money to leave their crappy husbands, and donate thousands and thousands of dollars to beautiful charities all over the world.

Set yourself free by not needing anyone’s damn approval to build your dream life, regardless if you are married to them, related to them, or respect them.

You make the decision to go for it, and I will happily show you the way, step-by step.

If you’ve ever wondered why success seems to happen much faster for some people, while you feel stuck in the struggle of it all, listen to this episode where I break down the four key reasons that I’ve discovered going from 17K a year to a multi-millionaire.

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