People suck.

That was going to be my entire post, but I thought that was a bit dark.

You know those weeks where you feel like you’re getting whacked in every area of your life, and you literally can’t have one more thing go wrong…then it does?!

I call those “Fu*k everything and everyone” moments. We don’t actually mean it, but we just want to be left alone with in pure silence, no responsibilities, and copious amounts of carbs for two days.  Is that too much to ask Universe?!!!!

As much as these seasons suck, when were are getting buried in all of the crap all at once, it’s happening to wake us the F up.

God and the Universe gives us many hints and even nudges on things we need to change, shift, let go of, take action on, etc… When we are too busy running around like a spaz to notice them, or are too paralyzed in fear to take action >>> this is when Spirit BRINGS ON THE STORM.

If you’re in the middle of a downpour right now, ask yourself, “What is God trying to show me here?”

We don’t take scary action typically unless we are highly motivated, and that usually comes in the form of PAIN.

Great pain has lead to the most beautiful things, people, and achievements in my life:

  • The discomfort and lack of fulfillment in my corporate career, lead me to building two 7-figure businesses.
  • The absolute hatred of my life, and planning my death >lead me to my greatest inner healing and finding my true self.
  • The pain of never feeling heard lead me to a career in TV journalism and hosting a world-renowned podcast.
  • Being gut-wrenchingly abandoned by the people I loved the most, led to the beautiful secure and loving relationships I have today.

Allow your pain to pave a new way of existing.

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