You know what irritates me more than anything in business?

I can’t stand how so many uber successful people give evasive and vague answers to specific questions about how they achieved their success, or how they created their following, their YouTube channel, or whatever. Why be so mysterious about it? I don’t get it.

This is where I saw a hole in the coaching space, and I also saw a great need. These two things combined almost always create an incredible business. I decided almost ten months ago that I would be the coach, the keynote speaker, the mentor, the guide, and the teacher who took the mystery out of making big money and how this success game all works.

My goal every day is to break it down for all of you and keep my lessons straightforward, simple, with no bullshit. If I want to see you all succeed in doing something you are passionate about, don’t I also need to help guide and direct you on how to best do it in an efficient, effective, and enjoyable manner? I think so.

In honor of my hundredth podcast episode, today listen to my seven secrets to seven figures, the real shit no one tells you about achieving great financial success.

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