You only see what people want you to see.

Quite frankly all of us do it…we could of had a major fight with our partner, and run into someone at the grocery story…they ask us how we are doing and we say, “oh I’m doing great thank you.” 

Meanwhile the truth is that your entire life feels like it’s crumbling.

It’s no different on social media, it’s just easier for people to lie or highlight only the pretty parts of their world. 

The basic boss babe who makes it look like all she does is travel in 5 start first class luxury, while her “team” does all the unsexy work, and all she has to do is the fun and glamorous stuff. 

Or Sarah the Spiritual Guide who micro doses, injects frog serum, and magically “calls in” all the money into her life effortlessly. Her posts make it all look so simple and mesmerizing, leaving you wanting to know Sarah’s secret ways.  

The reason why this one-sided portrayal of growing a business irritates me to no fucking end is because it makes you feel like you’re doing something wrong since it isn’t happening so easily & effortlessly for you as it is for them.

You scroll and fall into the comparisonitis trap, I do it too…There is no faster way to lower your vibration and confidence than to get into the Scroll Hole (as I call it).

Yet before we even know it, we end up in it again and again!!!

Please know this, coming from someone who has built two multi-million dollar businesses:

> Entrepreneurship ISNT easy, but it also doesn’t have to be as hard as your may be making it. 

> It will ALWAYS take way longer than you are comfortable with, and if you can stick it out, YOU WILL find success on the other side (most people quit during the “dirty diaper” period)

> You do have what it takes…we all do. You must be willing to do the fun stuff, the interesting stuff, the tedious stuff, the scary stuff, the boring stuff, the adulating stuff, whether you have a team or not.. as it is YOUR business.  If my introverted, pretty lazy, highly sensitive, risk adverse ass did it, you sure as hell can.

There is ALWAYS more to everyone’s story. The more someone paints a perfectly pretty dream-like picture, the more skeletons they have in their closets. 

If you want a dose of the real deal of what it took to reach my highest income month, listen to this episode. Beware it ain’t all Bali and Butterflies.


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