The lies we tell ourselves are truly incredible and are often dream killers.

“I’m too young,” “I’m too old,” “everyone is doing this already,” “I don’t have a degree,” “I’m broke, “other people have more experience than me,” I could keep going but you get the idea here.

All of these excuses are lies we tell ourselves are born out of fear. Fear of failing, fear of success, fear of looking stupid, fear of being exposed, and so on.

If we latch onto any of these limiting beliefs for too long, we will end up never going after what we want in life. Playing small is not on option here on ProjectME. We weren’t put on this planet at this time to play it safe, or be stuck in a dead end job. We are meant to thrive not merely survive.

So I brought on a guest who will help show you what’s possible and what a winning mindset and motivation will do for you. Leland Jones is a19 year-old who has accomplished more than most people do in their entire lives. He is a three-time published author, an international motivational speaker, and founder of the Multi-Motivation Movement.

You can connect with Leland Jones at:

Instagram:  @TheLelandJones



His book series is called “A Journey with Purpose” and is available on Amazon.

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