Do you have a cool idea for a business or an invention filed away in your crazy brain that no one knows about?

Or you are that person who watches Shark Tank and goes, “why didn’t I think of that?”

Well I qualify for both. The thing is, ideas are the fun and easy part, which is why a majority of people have just great ideas and not a business. To take a product idea and turn it into a prototype, to then do all of the things required to turn that product into a successful business takes guts, resourcefulness, and a belief so deep that not even your mom or significant other would deter you.

So if you want to learn step by step how to take an idea and turn it into a thriving business in under a year, you must listen to this interview.

Yoga instructor turned inventor, Julie Westervelt is literally making thousands while she sleeps and while YOU SLEEP!. She is the Founder of Sleep Crown (@sleepcrown).

Julie had a wild idea all stemming from childhood, and decided to go all in and share this unique and much-needed product with the world. All of this was achieved with no business experience, little money, and no help from some Insta-famous family friend.

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You can connect with Julie and buy a Sleep Crown at:


IG @sleepcrown

FB @sleepcrown

Twitter @cozysleepcrown

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