Pure craziness… This was repeated at least 27 times a day in the last three weeks. 

You know how you watch highly successful people online, and it seems like everything comes so easily and effortlessly for them? Meanwhile you are over here hanging on by a thread of sanity…

This is something that made me feel like crap when I was thinking about starting a ProjectME with Tiffany Carter. Here I already had a multi-million dollar business, so I wasn’t new to the wildness of entrepreneurship…but this personal brand thing, the podcast; the making money on Instagram stuff was new and terrifying to me. 

When all of these “Boss Babes” (and dudes) were making it look so simple, I started to think, “Maybe I’m just not smart enough or tech-savvy enough to do this.”

I knew starting and growing a business regardless of what model or industry is hard….it’s worth it…but it will test your patience and sanity on the regular. So what did these chicks know that I didn’t ?

THIS thought kept me from fully diving in. Along with…well maybe you have to be white but with a great spray tan, long blonde hair, skinny, have a hot and loving Instagram husband, plus a extrovert sexy lifestyle to have success in this space. 

Then on one summer night after my second glass of Rosé (optimum buzz situation for me)….IT HIT ME. 

“This is the hole in the online coaching market….no one is keeping it super real and sharing exactly how to do the damn thing! They are showcasing and showing off a desired lifestyle without telling the people exactly how to create it for themselves.”

I went to bed all excited to do all the things…then of course I woke up in a self-doubt spin thinking, “well maybe there’s a reason no one is doing it, cuz it doesn’t work and people don’t want the truth, only the fantasy.”

Finally I said F IT, the cost of me continuing to think about creating this dream business was draining more energy than if I just went for it. 

No it won’t be easy. 

No it won’t happen as fast you would like, EVER!

No it isn’t as simple as these marketers want you to believe, so you will buy their stuff. 

But if you don’t go for it, you’ve already lost. 

If you don’t stop toe-dippin’ on your dreams, you have zero chance of making them into your reality. 

If you knew that in two years from now as showing up as the best you can on any given day would generate at least 25k a month in revenue, would that be worth it to you?


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