I didn’t think I was dying, I knew I was.

After seeing countless specialists, giving vials of blood, changing my diet, everything kept coming up “normal.” Well nothing was normal anymore, as I could barely find the energy to shower, and even then I had to sit down to do it.

The last straw was when I got sent to a Psychiatrist and they based my symptoms on having ADHD, and put me Adderall. I spent the next month feeling like I was on crack-cocaine, but inside the body of a dead person. I knew this wasn’t the answer either. 

I had heard of Breast Implant Illness, but there wasn’t much scientific data out there, so I didn’t think it was a real thing. Part of me didn’t want it to be real, as that would mean I had to have major surgery to remove my implants. That sounded scary to me.

Just as how all things work in my life, God made it undeniable that these saline sacks had to come out. My breasts kept getting bigger and bigger, they took on a life of their own; my body was holding onto weight and inflammation that I couldn’t shed no matter what I did or didn’t eat. My mind felt like I was losing brain cells daily, to the point of me thinking I had early onset dementia. 

So in the middle of the pandemic lock down on December 2, 2020 I put my life in Dr. Elliot Hirsch’s skilled surgical hands. He preformed an Explant surgery, and reconstructed my breasts and areola’s (the areola’s are a whole different crazy situation, you will hear about on this episode).

Now that I’m 6 months post-op the only thing I wish I did differently, was to have done it sooner. I would have, if I heard a real and raw podcast episode between a patient and her plastic surgeon…which is why Dr. Hirsch and I created this special episode for you. 

If you don’t have implants or any symptoms, please share this episode with anyone who does, it could save their life. 

Surgery Details:

En Bloc Capsulectomy• Breast Lift• Areola Reduction (surgery on 12/2/20)

*no fat transfer 

** had saline Allergan smooth 300cc under the muscle 7.5 years ago.

>>>8-Weeks post-op episode I reference in show is Episode #264.

You can connect with Dr. Hirsch on:

Instagram: @hirschplasticsurgery

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Website: hirschplasticsurgery.com

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