Money is easy to make….WE are the ones who make hard.

Do you feel like making big money seems so far out of reach sometimes?

Then you see other people who appear to have all the abundance come to them so quickly and with such ease….it frustrates you like, “what in the hell am I doing wrong?”

You see, I’ve made a lot of money the haaaard way…. forcing, grinding, working 7 days a week, being miserable kind of cash. This my friend, is not abundance.

I would be so bewildered and low-key jealous of friends and strangers on the internet who seemed to attract all the money, opportunities, and experiences without even trying very hard…. meanwhile I was over her spinning my wheels, in a constant state of anxiety, and on a speed train heading to burnout city.

When I begged the Universe for a sign, for help, for some kind of break….it delivered, but not in the form I was asking for (of course).

When the student is ready, the right teachers appear. I’m honored and privileged to be that teacher to so many of you. At this time, the Universe sent me my Spiritual and Manifestation Coach Tony to Gold’s Gym in LA, as that was only appropriate given I spent at least 2.5 hours a day there!

As soon as he told me what he did for a living (insert his niche statement), I word-vomited him all of my frustrations with the Law of Attraction and Manifestation…I was in 100% pity party, head-spin mode and ready to give up on everything.

In his calming Lebanese accent Tony said to me, “why do you believe that having great success has to be hard for you?”

Ummmmmmm….this got my workout leggings in a bunch.

For the next three days I couldn’t sleep after that conversation….so I would take these midnight walks around my complex. I had a major AH-HA moment.

I was so focused on trying to MAKE MONEY instead of being in the energy and belief of ATTRACTING MONEY.

There’s a balance that needs to be managed between control and surrender. The guided abundance manifestation exercise in this podcast is designed for you to listen to daily, so you can stop energetically chasing and pleading for what you desire and start welcoming it into your life.

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