Get in the game Sis; it’s time for you to start cashing in on your intellectual property.

Millions of people every week buy digital courses, classes, and programs, making it a 200 plus BILLION dollar per year industry.

I hear that inner critic of yours LOUDLY right now…

“But Tiff, I don’t have the proper credentials or degrees.”

“Who would anyone buy a course from me, when they could buy one from someone with far more experience, followers, and testimonials?”

Bottom line: They would buy from you, IF…you can teach them something they believe they need to know to improve their life, and IF you package your program in a way that is attractive to your ideal client.

  • Your life experiences are your credentials.
  • All of the time and energy you have put into learning how to do something, or improve something in your life is of high value.
  • Your unique personality, tone of voice, & delivery style are what make your product unique; no one can copy your vibe!

It can be as simple as resume writing, how to start & navigate difficult conversations, decorate your home on the cheap, crafting, etc..

I bought a digital course, and then a high ticket in person day-long class for hand embroidery two years ago…this teacher is now making multiple 7-figures a year!!!

Don’t know where to start or how to create a program that people will be excited to buy? Listen to this episode, and I will break it all down for you.

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