Stop putting all of your eggs in one basket with your marketing strategy.

You wouldn’t invest all of your savings into one stock, so why would you pour all of your time and energy into social media platforms that you have ZERO control over?

I know….you have limited time and energy, so the thought of focusing on another lead generator for your business is enough to make you say “SCREW IT ALL!”

In running two million dollar businesses, plus my passion for luxuriating, I don’t do anything that doesn’t bring me joy or move my bank account in the right direction. More is not a profitable business plan. 

But I need you to make smart and strategic moves, so you aren’t entirely dependent on social media for your sales.

Even if you’re currently operating as a solopreneur, you can do these two things….in fact, you need to so you don’t F yourself:

  1. Pick one social media channel that you spend the most time on, go ALL IN on mastering that platform, and forget the rest. Toe-dipping on multiple social channels won’t make you any consistent cash.
  2. Create one lead generator that isn’t a social media platform, and is searchable on Google. Ie. podcast, blog, vlog on your own website. If you pour into this and use my proven strategy, your business will show up when your ideal client is searching for a solution to their problems. 

You don’t need to hire a website developer to start a blog, you can use existing platforms like Medium, or you can buy an inexpensive blog template website that is plug and play from companies like Squarespace (no high tech stuff involved). 

Blogs have made a huge comeback! They aren’t for your bored 2005 stay at home mom sharing muffin recipes anymore. To save you a ton of time and mistakes, I’ve brought on a Worldwide Top Blogger and Toxic Relationship Expert, EB Johnson, who will share exactly what it takes to make major money with a blog. 

Connect with EB on:

Medium Blog:  www.eb-johnson.com/

Instagram: @TheRealEBJohnson

Buy Her Books at: TheRealEBJohnson.com

Practical Growth Podcast: www.buzzsprout.com  

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