The thing that magnified my client’s results in their businesses and bank accounts.

Even though I’ve coached more than 1500 people privately, and well over 100,000 in-group settings, I am humble enough to know, there is always room for improvement and growth.

If you truly operate out of integrity in your business and personal life, you are strongly committed to learning everything you can to best serve and impact your people.

I don’t give a sh!t how much money you have in the bank, how many followers, or fame…if you aren’t grounded enough to know, there’s always more to learn, then you are underserving the humans in your life.

Learning how to use Enneagram personality typing to enhance my leadership and coaching skills has been a game changer. There is no one that teaches this better than Tracy O’Malley. I brought her on the podcast today to break down all of the types for you, and how to leverage this tool in your business and personal life.

Tracy O’Malley is a well known Enneagram Expert, Millionaire Entrepreneur, and Top Performance Coach….she’s also my ride or die by the way.

Get prepared to have your mind fu*king blown, go press play!

You can connect with Tracy at:

Instagram: @tracy_omalley

Enneagram Typing Session: Book Here

Website:  http://tracyomalley.com/workwithme/

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