woman entrepreneur smiling at camera while sitting with open laptop on her lap. text in sparkle gold says build, launch, scale your brand without losing your mind
If you build it they will come, is a fantasy. Business simply doesn’t work that way.

It’s more like, before you build it, make sure the people want it and need it, then once you build it, you will need to let specific types of people know about it, over and over and over again in a variety of ways.

In coaching thousands of people, I have seen a pattern where solopreneurs can get to about 250K a year, and then they get stuck at that point. Many of you reading this right now may the thinking, “ Tiffany I would love be stuck at 250K.” Yes, reaching that financial milestone is impressive, but if you are a true entrepreneur and want to help the most people possible, you need to have a vision well beyond a quarter of a million dollars.

If you don’t plan how you will scale, you will fail.

You are going to learn about scaling your business for success on today’s podcast. I invited on a business strategist who helps dozens of companies across the US build and scale their businesses.

Adam Flores is a young revolutionary leader in business. For years he struggled to get his message and business out into the world. His frustration led him to become a radical student in leadership, social media, and internet marketing. Now his marketing consulting business, The Dream Factory has over a million dollars in sales.

Connect with Adam:

Instagram: @AdamImobFlores

Facebook: Adam iMob Flores

Personal Website: Adamimobflores.com

Blueprint Strategy Session: http://dreamfactoryco.com/blueprint

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