The greatest act of neglect is to settle for less.

Many of us where taught in childhood to “suck it up,” and to “just be happy you have a roof over your head.”

This creates a sense of shame for wanting anything more than the bare basics, because after all there are starving children in Africa (who heard that one growing up?).

My childhood on the outside looked pretty damn privileged, and in many ways it was. I had the private piano lessons, dances classes, a nanny, and got a brand new car when I was 16… BUT there was a catch. As long as the things I wanted were what my mom approved of and made us look good, I could do them…anything else was OFF THE TABLE. Like don’t you dare even ask, off the table.

This taught me to stuff my deep desires, banish them from my mind, as they would never be allowed to even be attempted. So as an adult, I made sure to follow the society-approved program of climbing the corporate ladder, playing the office politics, and never going outside of the damn box.

If you know me or have been listening to my podcast, you know that I am all about being OUTSDIE the box…in fact FU*K the damn box and burn it!

This didn’t happen overnight. I got to a point where staying in this safe “box” sucked all of the joy out of my life, and if I didn’t give my self permission to disappoint others, permission to fail, permission to set my self free, I was going to end up an old lady with a crap ton of regrets.

My loves, one thing we can never get back is time. Give yourself the best gift of your life, and let yourself out of this box…..you have the key…in fact the door isn’t even locked.

Yes it will feel awkward and down right terrifying at times, but living another year in that joyless box will be far more painful.

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