Communication is the key to making sales

Your inability to communicate effectively with your ideal client will cost you money. Sales are actually quite simple, but if you use language or communicate in a way that is off-putting to your potential clients, they will likely leave.  The same can be said for online conversations or content. 

We must learn how to communicate effectively verbally and non-verbally in order to establish a connection with potential clients. The key to success is understanding their communication style and adapting when necessary. So how do you understand someone’s communication style?

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Communication equals Sales

You’re losing $1000s…

It still blows my mind when people have already spent a ton of money on hiring marketing companies and coaches, yet still have zero ideas on to sell their offers, products, and services in an effective genuine way. 

This needs to be your number one priority if you’re building any type of business. Otherwise, you won’t make it no matter how many followers you have, how great your stuff is, or how much you spend on ads. 

If your growth feels stagnant, you have a marketing & sales problem…and it won’t fix itself with time, more posting, or by “trying harder.”

The good news, after 15 years of teaching sales to well over 150k people, I know what will get you results. 

Sales are actually simple

Sales are actually simple, it’s your resistance to them and your beliefs around them that are making it hard. 

I brought on a client of mine on the pod today to give you some much-needed clear and actionable direction. Heather Lisle is a Communication and sales expert for service-based business owners. She specializes in teaching people how to adjust their verbal and non-verbal communication to quickly & sincerely connect with their potential clients. 

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