One of the worst forms of metal abuse is the kind we inflict upon ourselves!

I was the MASTER at making my self feel like crap. The weird thing is I had zero idea that it was self-inflected…which is why I’m sharing this story with you today, as a mentor pointed it out to me several years ago, and it hit me between the eyes.

Comparison is form of self-sabotage and self-abuse. The scary reality is that is can be addictive.

The definition of addiction is you are doing something repeatedly that is robbing you of your health, mental wellbeing, spirituality, and/or livelihood, yet you continue to do it anyway. Going online and ending up in the Comparasionitis spin cycle and sink hole, and not doing anything to stop it, is a HUGE RED FLAG. The same holds true for doing this in person….you are at a networking event or at the gym, you find yourself comparing and making yourself feel less than, and yet you do nothing to stop this “habit.”


I even would know that I needed to get off social media, it wasn’t making me feel good, yet I continued to scroll-compare-critize my self on repeat. I sub-consciously would be looking for a “shame hit” as I call it, like a heroin addict is looking for a needle. Pure insanity, not healthy, yet I was in this addictive loop of self-abuse.

If you find yourself in this negative Comparasionitis spin once a week or more, do yourself a favor and listen to this episode. I will teach you how to stop this cycle, plus what to do when you find yourself in it. Otherwise the negative committee in your brain will continue to sabotage your dreams, and that my loves isn’t an option.

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