A dangerous lie that is killing dreams every single day.

What if I told you the market being “too saturated” is bullshit?

Would you come up with a new story to tell yourself, or you would get mad at me and spew off all of your evidence as to why I’m wrong.

Countless times I hear people who are passionate and talented stay stuck because of this lie. My heart sinks every time I hear someone tell me, “I would love to be a health coach but there are too many people already doing it.” Or, “I want to start a podcast, but everyone has a podcast now.”

If you have been telling yourself this lie, let’s bury it together today. Are you really going to let the fact that many other people have gone after their dreams in a similar genre or specialty, stop you from perusing your own?

Imagine if Pink, Beyoncé, or Alicia Keys decided not to pursue their singing career because there are too many professional singers already.

Imagine if Oprah, Dan Rather, or Diane Sawyer decided not to pursue their journalism passion because there were already so many journalists out there.

Imagine if the highly influential people in your life, from the medical professionals who have helped you heal, health experts, business mentors, and teachers decided not to pursue their passions because there were too many people doing it already.

Got your mind flipped upside down now don’t I? Go listen to this episode for a strong dose of dream motivation.

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