When is the right time to run Facebook ads for my business?

This is a question all entrepreneurs asks themselves at some point. Usually this point comes when you are tired of hustling for leads, purchases, and sales calls.

I mean, you see all of the “big” online coaches doing it, so you think, “they must work.” But then you also probably make the assumption that it requires a lot of money and skill for it to pay off.

Here’s my take on it, organic traffic and sales are great, but why not have paid traffic making you money too? As long as you are making more than you are spending….those paid ads are worth it don’t you think?

All of your Facebook and Instagram ads questions will be answered in today’s podcast episode. I brought on Danielle Klemm, an Instagram and Facebook Ads Expert to teach you exactly how to fill your coaching calendar with calls, and your PayPal with dollars, using her signature P.A.C Method

Danielle helps service based entrepreneurs create a stream of ready to buy leads, sell out services, while getting their time back. Through strategy, educating, and creating content all around these topics, she’s helped women be seen as an expert in their field and make more sales in their business.

You can connect with Danielle here:

Instagram: @iamdanielleklemm 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iamdanielleklemm

Free Training: danielleklemm.com/freeigtraining

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