If you try to help everyone you will end up helping no one.

The most common mistake I see business owners making online is they aren’t 100% laser focused on speaking to one specific person, so their content is all over the place and so are their offerings.

This mistake comes from a beautiful place. You don’t want to leave anyone out. You want to help the most people possible. So to really niche down on your ideal client feels counter-intuitive.

You don’t want to just market to women because you can help male clients too, or you don’t want to women who want to lose their muffin-top as you can help them with their gut health too!

Here’s the issue…. we are getting bombarded with information from all directions all day long. In fact, we consume on average 100,000 words per day. So if you want to  get that scroll-stopping attention, you MUST be addressing someone’s specific perceived issues and the emotions around them, or it simply won’t connect.

Otherwise it will cost you a ton of time, energy, money and stress to try and attract customers; eventually you will burn out and quit. If you’re part of my ProjectME Posse, I won’t allow it.

Once you have gained strong traction and success with that one specific niche and ideal client, you can then start slowly expanding IF you have created a solid brand for yourself.

Easiest way to start figuring out who is your ideal client, is to learn my IDEAL Method. On this episode, I will walk you through the key questions and components so you can clearly identify and determine who is the heck you are talking to.

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