If your business is in a slump, we’re going to reignite it today. 

Did you know, for many industries and niches that July and August are notoriously the slowest months of the year?

Slow doesn’t need to equal zero dinero, so don’t let your ego use this as an excuse to blow off the rest of the summer.

In fact, I want my clients to launch in August. When you zig and everyone else is zagging, you will make money!! (As long as you do it strategically).

Here’s how to set yourself up for a successful August launch:

  1. Make your offer timely. What does your ideal client struggle with most during summer months? What are they the most concerned about right now?
  2. Build major hype for your launch. Tease it, build anticipation for it, and show your sincere excitement. The more enthusiastic you are the more excited they will be to buy.
  3. Show ‘em don’t just tell ‘em. Visually show in your content the desired life, outcome, and results that your offer can help create. This social proof shows your IC the life they want is possible, and it will get them feeling extra hopeful and eager to sign up.

For 5 more things to get more cash flowing into your business right now , listen to this new podcast episode. You can DM me to thank me later 😉

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