At least 10% of your email list should convert into cash.

“But Tiffany I only have 50 people on my email list!”

That’s great!!!! So, at least 5 of those people will be buying from you using my proven strategy.

It’s amazing how much time, energy, and effort most people put into growing their social media audiences, ONE FLIPPIN’ PERSON AT A TIME, when only 3% of your total social audience will convert to buying from you, versus the 10% conversion rate of your email list. 

If you didn’t realize that, now you know. You’re welcome. 

Before you start building a story that I make all of this money because I have some GIANT email list, not facts. In fact, I didn’t start building my email list until the end of 2019 (NOT RECOMMENDED). So my list for someone at my level is small, but it’s filled with ideal clients, and most importantly it converts into BIG CASH.

The average email open rate for 2020 was 18%. Guaranteed your social media posts aren’t getting an 18% engagement rate!

Email converts 40% higher than Facebook posts and videos!!!! (source: Snov Labs)

For every $1 you spend using your time and resources to build and manage your email list, the average return on your investment will be 4200% (no that isn’t a typo!)

To get these money moves going…listen to this podcast episode where I break down how to write emails that convert into CASH MONEY on repeat, while you are off doing other things like luxuriating. 

Profitable content marketing is a key component of what I will be teaching you step by step inside my Six Month ProjectME Mastermind. Everything in this safe and supportive container is strategically designed to bring fresh cash into your business consistently, so that 2022 WILL BE the most successful and profitable year of your life. 

The catch….

You have to take BIG action before you feel magically ready or certain it will work. I can promise you that having me by your side for six months learning my proven techniques and strategies, you WILL NOT FAIL unless you chose to not show up. 

Set yourself up right now for success, instead of setting yourself up for more of the same. Only 6 spots left in my ProjectME Six Month Mastermind. The link is below to apply. 

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