The Syndrome that is keeping you STUCK.

It’s not entirely your fault, so please give yourself some grace around this blind spot I’m about to share with you…

You want to get consistent clients and cash online, and see real life-changing growth in your business like NOW except…

It feels like you are taking in so much information, have “tried” so many things, and nothing is really converting aside from Coach Sara trying to sell you her shiz in your DM’s. 

Then you start doubting your dreams, yourself, and wonder “WTF are these other “bosses” doing differently online, where everything seemingly comes easy for them?”

First thing…Scaling a business and brand to high six-figures and into the millions doesn’t come FAST or EASY. Most of these online marketers are using the “ease” lifestyle and language in order to appeal to your ego of so you will buy. AND YOU PROBABLY HAVE, and wasted your money!

Second thing…Here’s what you are likely doing “wrong” (based the over 150K people I’ve coached worldwide in both group and private settings):

  • You are trying to start and grow a business without a proven customer acquisition strategy (fancy term for…a clear way to attract and convert people into buying from you). 

When people come to me so fed up because they can’t attract a consistent flow of clients, their answer when I ask them what their strategy or system is to get customers…they really don’t have one. 

Me teaching you how to create a customized system that feels good to you and your ideal clients can’t happen in a podcast or a post, you have to pay for that shiz, and you would be crazy not to, given that is how you will make all of those $$$$$$$$ for decades to come.

  • You have Shiny Object Syndrome. One online coach tells you to that Instagram Reels are the magic answer, so you buy the course and spend tons of time on Reels with maybe some results, but no real money being made. 

Because that isn’t working for you, then you listen to anther online coach telling you that Text Message Marketing is the way to go, you invest the money and end up in the same place…maybe some results but no real money being made. 

Stop falling for the next “magical solution,” and invest your time, focus, money, and energy into developing the solid foundation of your business. Yes it’s less sexy, yes it’s a bit more tedious, more “adulty,” no it doesn’t magically come in 30 days, BUT it is what will get you the RESUTLS and cash RECEIPTS. 

Don’t crash diet your business and expect to see healthy growth. Shiny things are temporary, solid things are what change people’s lives. 

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