Our default programming is fear. 

Unless you were blessed to be raised in a highly conscious healthy environment. 

My guess is you weren’t. Neither was I, and I was raised with money. 

Having money doesn’t mean you automatically have a great relationship with it. Notice all of the celebrities and mega lotto winners who file for bankruptcy or get in trouble for tax evasion. 

When we operate out of this fear of it never working, fear of no one buying, fear that you’ve wasted your time and money….you end up taking fear-based actions:

  •  Playing cheap with your business and not investing in it, for fear you won’t make the money back. 
  •  Showing up half-ass on your social media accounts, because you’re mentally fried from living in that anxious state.
  • Spinning out in analysis paralysis because you are frantically trying so hard to make it work. 
  • Coming across as desperate or needy when sharing your offers, which only repels clients. 

Answer this question every day for yourself: What actions would I take right now if I had complete faith that this or something better was going to happen? THEN TAKE THEM. 

Otherwise, you’ll continue to flounder, digger yourself deeper and deeper into that fear energy, which will end up in failure.

Faith builds empires.

Fear keeps us stuck.

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