My Annual New Year’s Eve Manifestation Ritual:

People have intense feelings around New Year’s. Some people are obsessed with this celebration of time, and others find it to be filled with pressure and even triggering. 

I chose to look at it as an excuse to realign my energy for the abundance I want to be attracting into my life today. 

No need to look at it like you are setting your 2022 goals, or your intentions…look at it as a fun way to get into the “Abundance Zone” just for today, for this minute, for this hour even….every second you spend in this highly magnetizing attraction energy the better. 

Select the area of your life that you want to have the most substantial growth in right now…..the first thing that pops into your mind. 

I want you to pick an area where you can visually display your desires freely…. You can create a private spot in a desk drawer (if that makes you feel more free), use a shoebox, or have it out and proud in your bedroom, kitchen or office. 

Starting today and over the course of the year, or as long as you feel called….I want you to curate items, photos, crystals, candles, toys, magazine clippings, that visually represent your desires in this area of your life…and place them in your literal “Abundance Zone.”

There is no rush; there are no strict rules, other than these things must put you in the “feels” of your deepest desires. If something doesn’t or no longer does, then remove it. 

At least once in the morning and once at night, I want you to visit your “Abundance Zone,” pay it respect, maybe light a candle, blow it a kiss, say a prayer, smile…acknowledge that IT IS HAPPENING…pay respect to the Universe for helping you bring it to life. 

My Exclusive 2-Month Private Business Coaching Program Application:



For the entire month of December, I will be donating $20 to my prime charity, Children of the Night, for every written Apple podcast review of the show. 

All you need to do is:

  1. Listen to an episode
  2. Leave a written review on the show inside Apple Podcasts. Be sure to include your name or IG handle in the review.
  3. DM me on Instagram with a screenshot of the review (so we can verify) and I will donate $20 to Children of the Night. 
  4. Bonus if you share this podcast in your IG Stories, so more people can donate. 

I will be featuring the donors in my Instagram Stores throughout the month, as my way of saying thank you for being of service.  

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