If you’re looking for the short cut, you will end up at a dead end.

We’ve all done it many times, bought the product that helped hundreds of people lose weight, the $49 course that said it would tell you all of the secrets to growing a massive Instagram following, and then say to ourselves, “ugh that was such a waste of money.”

The reason marketers come at you with the short cuts and the easy way to accomplish your goals is by nature, humans are lazy, and we want fast, cheap, and easy.

You can’t create great wealth by taking cheap actions.

Sadly all of these shortcuts you are trying to take are actually delaying you from making the money you want. I’m writing this to you today, to shock you back to reality.

Anyone who’s alluding to or making claims that they build a highly profitable business with little effort, only working when they generally felt like it, IS NOT TELLING YOU THE FULL STORY.

Of course the fantasy land part of our brains wants to buy into this illusion that you can simply post when you feel aligned, mention your product or offer a couple times a week, all while traveling the globe…this is also part of the manipulative marketing that is working on many people.

It sounds a lot nicer, more comfortable, and a hell of lot more fun then how I paint the picture getting to 25K, 50K, and 100K months. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not available for doing anything that is unnecessarily hard, but to say that I’ve built this level of wealth without any hard work, would be straight up BULLSH*T.

If you want the cash, the lifestyle, and the freedom that I’ve got….here’s what it took to build it and maintain it:

  1. Show up on repeat regardless of whether I felt like it or not that day (I’m not talking about abandoning my health or needs here…I’m not talking about showing up for your dreams on the crappy and unmotivated days).
  2. Investing back into my business. The best shortcut is to hire coaches, contract workers, and employees who have done it and made the mistakes. This way you can leverage their knowledge and skill sets to save time and money.
  3. A heaping dose of patience and determination. Without either of these, you will end up quitting, because not everything you touch will turn to gold no matter if you are Rihanna, Oprah, or Kim K. The down times really suck, and the results never happen as quickly as you want them to.

I go into more detail on this podcast episode of what is really required to make it big in business, and then you can decide if it’s still a ride worth taking.

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