No longer impressed with this…

It blows my mind to think that I used to wear my level of extreme busyness and hustle-induced exhaustion like a badge of honor. 

When I would see other people grinding away, I would be impressed and sometimes envious if I felt they had the ability to work harder, longer, and more often than me. 

This applied to every area of my life: at the gym I would do all the classes at max effort, in my personal life I was doing the responsibilities for 7 people, and in my business life, if I wasn’t working I felt like I could lose everything in an instant. 

While most people who wear this Busyness Badge get a high off it and a sense of control….it all turns to sh!t because you end up feeling resentful, exhausted, depleted, and angry when you don’t achieve your desired result. 

This is how I built my first business….on pure grind, self-will, and hustle….

This is also how I ended up almost dead by grinding my body and brain into the ground. 

Hustling is a scam. It is NOT required for success. In fact, you DOING ALL THE THINGS is repelling your success. That needy, chasing, forcing energy repels abundance. But I didn’t know any better either…I thought I was doing the required work. 

Working strategically to build your business to enhance your life, to give you more time to luxuriate, play, create, and travel is how I generate millions of dollars today, and how I help you do the same for your life.

Starting today, your focus is to relax your nervous system, and get into energetic alignment with your desired outcome. The less you work, the more you make. 

THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE until late next year to work with me at this level. 

Six months of dedicated guidance, strategizing, and support to scale your business to MILLIONAIRE STATUS. 

> We start in September 


My Summer Abundance Walk: Guided Meditation Series 

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