2022 has brought up DEEP PAIN for me.

We all go into a new year filled with hope, excitement, and intentions for great accomplishments. The part that we seem to forget every year is in order for our intentions to manifest, PAINFUL STUFF WILL OCCUR.

Look back on anything major you’ve attracted into your life….none of these things happened without any detours, roadblocks, craziness, bumps, bruises, or even life-changing catastrophes.

When we want to call in something or someone new into our lives, typically the Universe requires us to let something go that we’ve been holding onto for far too long. That could be a belief, a habit, a relationship, a career, or literal pounds on your body.

It would be nice if God had this all happen at a pace that was manageable and not so disruptive to our lives…but that’s not how BIG REQUIRED CHANGES unfold.

We end up having a season, sometimes a month, a year, or a few weeks where we get hit with one major blow after another, forcing us into a place of complete surrender, as there is no other option or explanation for all of these painful things.

I walked to 2022 saying this is my year to take my life to the next level. 22 is my angel number and lucky number…so I felt this to the core.

Here’s a snapshot on what’s unfolded FOR ME:

  • Broke off my engagement and moved to the beach alone.
  • Internet went out during my big annual launch + the sales page platform we use had a worldwide outage for 48 hours.
  • I spent 25K on advertising (first time doing this level of ad spend on my own business) with crap results due to the above drama.
  • My mom got into a relationship with a dangerous ex-felon (still ongoing).
  • Deeply painful abandonment issues being triggered regularly.
  • My PTSD night terrors started again.

I’m not listing all of these out for sympathy…these are all highly stressful things that clearly were and are required for me to reach that NEXT LEVEL I so deeply desire.

Do I feel a bit beat up? Yes…. Do I pray to God daily asking for a reprieve? Yes…

I am able to keep showing up, because I’m choosing to believe this is all happening for my greatest good.

If we want what we say we want, then we have to be willing to go through the necessary crap to get it, no matter how messy it is.

Know that I see you, feel you, and get it more than you probably realize.

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