Explosive diarrhea, 7 meltdowns, and a GIANT weeklong hangover…

Talking about your BIG dreams is essential, but it’s also the fun and easy part.

Taking BIG action that’s required to achieve your BIG dreams is where the BIG payoff occurs, but there’s a BIG ‘ole catch. 

If you want what you say you desire so badly, then you will be willing to take the terrifying and wildly risky actions that are required…. otherwise you’re all talk sis. 

My biggest motivator to diving in on hosting my first in person event under this brand was YOU!! I can’t sit here with any integrity and preach how you’ve gotta show up for yourself, take the risks, and stop toe-dippin’ on your dreams, if I’m not willing to show up and do the thing that scared me the most. 

It didn’t matter how many of you told me how badly you wanted me to host a live event over the last four years…my ego convinced me that being a speaker and guest expert at other people’s live events was enough. LIES LIES LIES!!!

This of course felt safer to me as there was no risk involved. 

No risk of my biggest fears happening…no one showing up, people thinking I’m a narcissist for hosting a live event, trusting people to help me with it and then having them bail on me. 

It would have been easier and even more profitable to launch anything else… but your business shouldn’t just be about the money first, it needs to be about the people you serve. 

The repeat consistent cash and clients come when you focus on what your ideal clients needs first, over your selfish financial desires.

The catch of truly going 100% ALL IN on your goals physically, spiritually, financially, and emotionally is you will be forced to process your insecurities, deeply buried beliefs, and a lifetime of stored trauma in your body (hence the explosive diarrhea).

I did the scary thing on repeat for weeks in order to serve those women who trusted me to guide them to achieve their dreams. Even though, I’m still emotionally and physically drained from pouring my heart and mind into these souls, plus all of the mental gymnastics of my own fears…..I WOULD BE HONORED AND PRIVILEGED TO DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN.

You must believe in what you do and who you help so much, that you are willing to feel earth-shattering uncomfortable in order serve for the greater good of all. 

You must also believe that you are worthy of the best, which you are!

If you want to hear the behind the scenes of hosting a profitable event, and why you need to prioritize the people over profits…. listen to this episode. 

My guess is you know that you’ve been playing it safe, and it’s time to take the real scary action, otherwise you will stay stuck right where you are now.

Allow me to guide you for the next six months into having the greatest year of your life! If you 100% jump in with me, and follow my proven strategies with a humble willingness to learn, you WILL NOT fail. 

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